SeanCody: Cam Crawford [Uncut Versatile Hunk]

Cam Crawford [Uncut Versatile Hunk] at SeanCody

Cam Crawford [Uncut Versatile Hunk] at SeanCody
Cam Crawford [Uncut Versatile Hunk] at SeanCody

Cam Crawford’s Debut Solo at Sean Cody:

World traveler and Sean Cody newcomer, Cam Crawford, has a shaved head and a laugh he’s been told sounds like a mad scientist, and you’ll want to learn more about his sexual experiments.

“I’m pretty dominant, a little bit rough when I top,” Cam says.

“When I bottom I can be a little submissive.”

This uncut hunk is ready to get started, stripping off his shirt to caress his chest and pinch his nipples, then pulling his hard dick out of his jock strap and stroking it. Cam bends over to slap his ass and tease his hole on the couch, then jacks off till he cums… with unexpected results!

Watch Cam Crawford at Sean Cody

Watch Cam Crawford at Sean Cody

sasuk388 says:

wrong studio. bring some hot first timers again. how HARD IS IT SC. HOW?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Gazzaq says:

Em I not too keen on this guy Cam looks wise, as after Ozzy I was expecting more. And also after seeing Kieran on Instagram, who I missed the first time I was thinking wow Sean Cody are back on roll.

Lets see how Cam performs though as I was same with Holden, and he manage to change my mind after seeing him perform with Ozzy!

Bair says:

My guess is that Cam will change your mind, just as Holden did. There have not been a lot of hairy men at SC to satisfy those who enjoy Otters. Pavel and Archie and that’s pretty much it, until Holden. My sense of Cam is that he’s well practiced at sex and is good at it. He has, to me, a handsome face, beautiful body, and I like the Vin Diesel thing he has going on. He feels sexually exciting to me. I feel like he knows what Gay men want to see and will visually play to that, as he performs.

Gazzaq says:

B mate after that gif I am starting to change my mind about Cam lol!

Fummer43 says:

But will he let someone cum in his bunghole?

Bair says:

I suspect that he will and he HAS, in his private life. Tehehehehe! BUT will SC push for that or even allow that, is the question. The new owners have been very prudish about Internals. At one time internals were often included in the scenes to the point they became expected.

Tempest says:

Girl even the merch is tacky as hell

Eduardo says:

I liked him. He got me with that smile and his big nose.
Wish him back in a flip scene with the right partner – but we’re so lucky SC will pair him with Brysen…

Tim says:

I think he’d look better with some hair, even if it was really short.

Capello says:

I’ll be happy if in in his scenes, top or bottom, he sucks and get sucked and also, kiss, rub, rim and embrace his partner.