Sean Cody: Tim James [Debut Solo of a Sexy Ginger Personal Trainer]

Tim James' Introductory Solo at SeanCody

Tim James' Introductory Solo at SeanCody
Tim James' Introductory Solo at SeanCody

Tim James [Tall & Muscular Ginger Debut Solo] at Sean Cody:

The tall and muscular ginger SeanCody newbie and personal trainer, Tim James [JustForFans: timjamesfit], steps into the studio. He is ready to captivate the audience with his undeniable allure. Waste no time, as Tim sheds his tank top, revealing his impeccably built chest. With tantalizing grace, he eases down his shorts, showcasing an eager boner peeking over the top of his jock strap.

From every angle, Tim James ensures you get an up-close view of his finely sculpted physique as he sensually strokes his throbbing member. With each stroke, the intensity builds, and the anticipation reaches its climax. As the moment of release arrives, Tim unleashes his ecstasy on the table.

But that’s not all—Tim James surprises us by tasting his own load, declaring it “Absolutely delicious!” His bold exploration and uninhibited passion add a touch of spice to this sizzling encounter, making it an unforgettable experience for all who witness his uninhibited display of pleasure.

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There will be more scenes featuring Tim James at in the near future.

Coming Soon!: Tim James Fucks Evan at SeanCody:

Experience the fiery encounter between tall, shaven-headed Evan and redhead hunk Tim James at Sean Cody.

Watch Evan suck Tim’s cock, then ride him on camera for the first time. Tim’s muscles leave Evan impressed, exclaiming, “Oh fuck, you’re so sexy!” as he rides him. Tim’s intense doggy-style action elicits gasps of pleasure. Evan climaxes while Tim pounds him missionary-style, inviting the newbie to finish on his ass. Don’t miss this unforgettable studio session!

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Kj says:

Tim is a handsome addition to SC. I hope he gets to meet Lachlan, Broderick, Shaw, and Jax

Bair says:

He truly is a Handsome Hunk, and seemingly well attuned to the art of sexually “performing”. Of your list, Lachlan is the only one who has returned somewhat recently, and that was well over a year ago. BUT, there are some recent performers I fancy. Most notably Grayson Cole. He captivates me.❤️ So, if Tim happens to Top I have someone in mind for him. Grayson’s last scene was with Robbie, who had returned after several years away. HMMMMM! Another good pairing for Tim, whether he Tops or Bottoms. Robbie had become such a great, BOSSY bottom though, before he had left us. It would be great if he picked up where he left off in that way.

Kj says:

Other studios are bringing back past performers, I can only hope SC will work their gold mine of handsome men from their past.

Elza says:

Oh my god, he’s so beefy and sexy and looks so much like someone I just spent the weekend with. Yes yes, bring him back for all the gay sex!!

Elza says:

Omg, AND he’s coming back with sexy bubble-butt Evan???

This is the first time I’ve been genuinely excited about a SC scene in YEARS. Please don’t screw this up


All Tim needs is to do is trim his hair and I am all for this SEXXXY bubble butt ginger

The Goose says:

Gimme that pink deliciousness.