CockyBoys: Angel Elias Fucks Daniel Evans in ‘Baby Loves To Run’

Baby Loves To Run (Angel Elias Fucks Daniel Evans) at CockyBoys

Baby Loves To Run (Angel Elias Fucks Daniel Evans) at CockyBoys
Baby Loves To Run (Angel Elias Fucks Daniel Evans) at CockyBoys

Angel Elias Fucks Daniel Evans in ‘Baby Loves To Run’ at CockyBoys:

It’s fun down on the farm as Angel Elias fucks Daniel Evans on the field and in the back of a pick-up truck in “Baby Loves To Run”, a summer short from director Raphael Massicotte! Angel has to work for it first, giving chase to Daniel in a little hot & sweaty game of hide & seek—which ends with the two ripping off their clothes and going at it in an open field.

Daniel hungrily goes down on Angel and soon take his uncut, curved cock down his throat—with the help of Angel’s thrusting hips. Angel gets some chow time too by eating out Daniel’s hole and then plowing him from behind with true big dick energy. Daniel not only takes it, he thrusts his hole and fucks himself on Angel’s cock.

The guys move over to the tail gate of a pick-up truck where Daniel sucks Angel again and uninhibitedly rides his spit-lubed cock. Angel loves it but takes back control, picking up Daniel and fucking him on his back non-stop. Angel pounds a load out of Daniel and keeps going until he shoots his load deep inside him, leaving Daniel’s hole twitching. They’re satisfied, BUT not spent as they run off to a new adventure.

Watch as Angel Elias Fucks Daniel Evans at CockyBoys

Watch as Angel Elias Fucks Daniel Evans at CockyBoys

CM says:

The pits on these boys are to die for 😍😍

ArgleBjargle says:

Daniel Evans is so HOT!

McM. says:

I want to run my fingers softly across Daniel Evans’ fuzzy stomach.

Fuck all yall if you think it’s weird!

Curlee says:

I wish more studios would do more outdoor scenes like CB

moondoggy says:

The guys are hot, but this is a laundry list of bad choices. To name a few:

1. Unfiltered sunlight. The perfect way to make even a young model look old.

2. The Timberland boots. My least favorite thing — no, second least — about 90s porn. We know what my least is, lol! The only way you have a naked man with boots on in a scene is to undress him and then redress him in those socks and boots, which just screams “I’m trying to look sexy.” Anything you have to put ON for sex is a turn-off (which is a hint for anyone still trying to figure out my least favorite thing about 90s porn).

3. Is this a corn field???

Lastly, expanding on #3, what Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber did so well that CB so often fails at is the marriage of setting and wardrobe. Fred With Tires works because even if the model doesn’t quite look like he belongs in a tire shop, everything else in the shot does belong including and especially what he was wearing. Ritts was supposed to be doing a fashion shoot, and he rejected the clothes that they were paying him to photograph because he understood that the viewer’s eye would never stop questioning the fantasy. If you’re going to shoot models in a corn field, dress them to look like they had a natural reason to be there. If they just look like rentmen in a corn field, then what is the point of putting them there?

Fummer43 says:

A famous example of outdoor sex ruining a scene was the classic “A Sailor in the Wild”. Legendary bottom Bill Henson is wasted as shadows perpetually over his glorious hole. You can never get a clear view of him getting fucked.

moondoggy says:

Oh that’s interesting. That’s my favorite movie of all time on the standard of porn-meets-plot. (If we’re talking about what movie had the hottest sex, I would give the edge to The Bigger the Better.) I am so fascinated by what happens between Bill and Brian that I lose awareness of cinematic details. I will rewatch that scene at some point with your critique in mind. I can visualize the problems that you’re pointing to now that you mention it. God, I love that movie.

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Fummer43 says:

I would be concerned with Lyme disease her as it is flea and tick season.
Daniel Evans is too important to the gay porn community to be put at risk like this!

Sask says:

This scene is a hot re-run of the olde Falcon videopak movie with Daniel Evans in playing the role originally played by Bob Bishop. Both are hot.

moondoggy says:

Oh no you di-int compare this to that amazing classic scene!!!!! I haven’t watched the CB scene so I shouldn’t put it down any further than I did in my previous comment, but Hayride defies description it’s so hot.

I was googling Bob Bishop recently. I can’t remember why. I think it was to comment on tan lines or something. Anyway, I found this picture, with not much detail but the site implies that Bob is alive and well and looks like this now. I honestly don’t know when a “where are they now” brought me more joy. I would give anything to meet him! He still looks so handsome, omg.

DeeGee says:

Wrong guy topping.

JJ says:

More of Dan Evans on his knees sucking cock, taking it up his ass, and cumming? 🔥🔥🔥 How can I be less happy 😇