Corbin Fisher: Rocky Tate Tops Barron in ‘Gym Bros Fuck’

Gym Bros Fuck  (Rocky Tate Tops Barron) at CorbinFisher

Gym Bros Fuck  (Rocky Tate Tops Barron) at CorbinFisher
Gym Bros Fuck  (Rocky Tate Tops Barron) at CorbinFisher
Gym Bros Fuck  (Rocky Tate Tops Barron) at CorbinFisher

Gym Bros Fuck  (Rocky Tate Tops Barron) at CorbinFisher
Gym Bros Fuck  (Rocky Tate Tops Barron) at CorbinFisher
Gym Bros Fuck  (Rocky Tate Tops Barron) at CorbinFisher

Rocky Tate Tops Barron in ‘Gym Bros Fuck’ at Corbin Fisher:

When hanging out around the studio between scenes, you’ll nearly always find Rocky Tate and Barron pumping iron in the gym. That’s not really much of a surprise, given just how wonderfully sculpted both of these studs’ bodies are.

Rocky and Barron each like being in the gym so much that we figured it’d be rude to pull them out of it. So we’re going to let them get into some action in the place they know best!

I guess both of these guys liked the thought of getting it on with one other in the gym just as much as the rest of us did, as their cocks are pumped up and pulsing from the outset. Indeed, when Barron pulls his gym shorts down and his stiff dick snaps out, you can tell he wants what’s coming.

Barron might be a top most all the time, but occasionally he’s in the mood for – and deserves – a deep dicking himself. Rocky can deliver precisely that, and sets about fucking Barron in a way that has Barron thanking his lucky stars he’s versatile after all!

Watch as Rocky Tate Tops Barron at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Rocky Tate Tops Barron at Corbin Fisher

Mark Coppola says:

Rocky again? I wonder if he actually drives sales for CF for them to keep using him in update after update.

Curlee says:

Yawn. Over the many CF years, posters here have been whining about “X again?” with X being CF legends like Josh, Dawson, Travis, Lucas, Cain, Quinn, Marc, Connor, Harper, Beau, and so many more. CF would not still be around today if it were not for the legends.

Quietist says:

Yes, you are correct in a way. But there is a BIG difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’.
Because of the small roster the repeats of ‘today’ are all within a much, much smaller timeframe.
To give just one example: in July and August there were 6!! scenes featuring Chris. And in between repeats with the other models of the small roster.
Dawson for instance, during his heydays, appeared once a month at the most, with lots of models in many more scenes in between.

Not saying I’m not pleased with this R+B scene though.

Gazzaq says:

I upvoted you, and agree but saying that I do like Rocky just not all the time, and I said the same about Chris last week 6 times in 2 months!

JJ says:

It’s good to see Barron fucked again ❤️

Bair says:

YEP! It has been awhile since he last bottomed. Feb. 4th, 2022, to be exact. But who’s counting the months, weeks, days and minutes? Tehehehehe! Rocky was the Top in that scene as well. HMMMMMM! Should we be suspicious? They do make a good-looking couple, and CF is using that wonderful natural lighting again that shows off their bodies so beautifully the way it softly touches (caresses) their skin.

JJ says:


markjohnson22 says:

I admit I was waiting for this one. It’ll be nice to see the newer, buffer Barron bottom.

swan says:

I’m not interested in Barron bottoming, he should only Top. the camera for cumshot is also not a wise angle.. where is the face?

TomCNR says:

It had to be a gym scene…

I don’t ask much from CF. Just give us more Barron bottoming and I’m good. It’s been soooo long since I found myself excited for a CF scene.

markjohnson22 says:

The gym location and chosen camera angles block Barron’s O-face and that’s a shame… that and the lack of his signature cum eating.

dustin_jamerson says:

nice but the gym pretty annoying.

Scrapple says:

Gyms are only for working out and showing off carved muscles. Fucking on a tiny bench is rarely cute.

I do love when Barron bottoms. He has a trashy asshole.

Kj says:

You had me at Barron. Handsome, hairy, and THE BEST NIPPLES.

Flegrand says:

Hell yes. Back to the old days of dirty CF, taking off his sneakers mid-fucking and sucking his dirty-ass toes. Niceeeeeeee

Terry Hinckley says:

Rock and Barron, pure masculinity in motion,Testosterone overload. Difficult to pick between these two but Barron’s hairy body might be my favorite.