Corbin Fisher: Jax Returns for Finn August’s Double-Load

Finn August's Double-Load with Jax at CorbinFisher

Finn August's Double-Load with Jax at CorbinFisher
Finn August's Double-Load with Jax at CorbinFisher
Finn August's Double-Load with Jax at CorbinFisher

Finn August's Double-Load with Jax at CorbinFisher
Finn August's Double-Load with Jax at CorbinFisher
Finn August's Double-Load with Jax at CorbinFisher

Finn August’s Double-Load with Jax at Corbin Fisher:

From the start, Finn August sets the scene ablaze with an impressive display. As Jax’s (formerly Maddox at SeanCody) prowess takes center stage, Finn’s response is nothing short of spectacular. Each moment is a testament to their incredible chemistry.

Dynamic Duo

The return of Jax to Corbin Fisher has fans buzzing. His reputation as a top performer is well-earned. This session with Finn marks a memorable first. It’s clear from the get-go that both models are in for an exhilarating experience.

Stellar Chemistry

Throughout their encounter, Finn’s reactions speak volumes. His moans and the joy on his face say it all. Jax, with his unmatched skills, ensures Finn knows the extent of his capabilities. By the end, both sport satisfied smiles, signaling a session well enjoyed.

Conclusion: A Match Made in Heaven

Finn and Jax prove to be an exceptional pair. Jax’s comeback highlights his top-tier abilities, while Finn showcases his remarkable responsiveness. This scene at Corbin Fisher isn’t just memorable; it sets a new standard for excellence

Watch as Jax Fucks Finn August at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Jax Fucks Finn August at Corbin Fisher

Northboy691 says:

I’ve skipped over Finn’s scenes up until now. Just hadn’t been that drawn to his pictures.

Having viewed this scene, that behaviour will stop immediately! If this is representative of how he regularly bottoms, he’s just won himself a fan.

Seriously hot.🥵

Quietist says:

All Quiet on the Western Front
Or is this the first time we get to see some decent kissing by Jax? (Still no sucking though 😕.)
How about that double load? Badly recorded or only in Jason’s fantasy?

sasuk388 says:

jax needs to dom dylan. dom dallen. dom rocky again chris. cherries. barron. jordan. any hot new first timers

Jack T says:

Stud Jax is quietly confident and very accomplished in his role as top at Corbin Fisher. It’s nice to have him back in front of the camera, leaving gorgeous Finn breathless and happy.

As someone else suggested, Dylan and Jax would be an exciting pairing. I’d also think Grayson and Jax would be exceptional together.

BeeBee says:

It’s good to see the lusciously submissive Finn taking the consistently steady and deep pounding of Jax. A good match! 👍

Scrapple says:

The return of Jax to Corbin Fisher has fans buzzing. His reputation as a top performer is well-earned.
Either Jax must be an incredible toesucker, or this writeup was written by Rocky’s asshole. Buzzing? Like wasps?

It’s sad that Jax has almost reached Dixon’s record as being the longest tenured Black (or Black-ish) model at CF, and other than maybe his scene with Kyler/Ashton, this is the most engaged he has been in a scene. That’s a shitty legacy. Dixon had his issues but at least he progressed. Yeah, Jax was heavy on the kissing here (even that has been like pulling teeth) but he’s still not sucking dick. For all the feels he was feeling here, he didn’t have a desire to go that route. Maybe after they’ve done several scenes together he’ll throw some tongue in that ass like he did Rocky.

DeeGee says:

CF has really never got race or diversity. I think Latino Marc was darker than Dixon. My hunch is they like Jax’s mean bully vibe, but I think he’s just giving anywhere-but-here indifference.

Scrapple says:

They’ve dabbled here and there with varying degrees of success and cringe. I still recall when the original writeup talked about Dixon being a mulatto (actually I thought they originally said quadroon but I think I’m remembering that wrong). Pete used to have a Black boyfriend and talked about the racism hurled at their Black models. They didn’t have much incentive to hire those men, although there were a few who stayed for a while. I’d rather they didn’t if it’s going to be a fetish thing. Like how at the end of Roman’s run they had all those cringe Cuban comments. Meanwhile, I still don’t remember them ever telling us Rocky’s ethnic background.

Jax has been doing this waaay too long to be this stunted. If you don’t want to be here, don’t be here.

DeeGee says:

Precisely this.

C A says:

Sadly they settled on going with the Mandingo fetish for their older white customer base.

porndrifter says:

Honestly, I think this scene is among Jax’s greatest hits, if you ask me. The lengthy make-out session that sets everything in motion really caught my attention. And about Finn, true to the title, he delivers not one, but two climaxes – the first takes you by surprise with its subtlety, while the second is just explosive. Finn never disappoints, that’s for sure.

Mark Coppola says:

From what I’ve seen, he’s not exactly topping the charts at corbinfisher, acting-wise. The guy just doesn’t deliver on sucking, rimming, or sparking any real chemistry with other guys. Plus, there’s talk about him not staying hard, at least that’s what a bunch of past reviews suggest. Has he improved recently? I couldn’t tell you. To me, CF just hasn’t been hitting the mark with their quality and consistency. And don’t get me started on those unnecessary straight scenes they throw in.

Jack T says:

Wow. You’re so pathetic you can’t even post anything original. Just read the same trashy review on another website. Do better!

C A says:

Is this CF’s answer to SC’s Landon? Because this ain’t it. SC Landon did everything. Well, not the whole racplay thing CF has going, but he sucked, fucked, kissed, and bottomed for half a scene once…once. Landon was also good looking. Jax also looks like he needs lotoin. Is there a basket around somehwere? They must keep Jax in a hole and only lets him out twice a year. Both times in Black History Month.

Jason says:

Beautiful pairing. Finn is such a beautiful bottom and sexy Jax destroys him.

Jorden says:

Finn is so hot
Jax is boring to me maybe he’ll be better as a btm