Amateurs Do It

Amateurs Do It: Tyson Tool & Batt (Part 2)

Tyson Tool & Batt (Part 2) at Amateurs Do It

Tyson Tool is still enjoying the sweet hole between the hairy mounds of Batt’s cheeks. Batt is sucking Tyson’s cock at the same time – the two of them groaning with pleasure. Batt discovers that Tyson loves to have his pits licked so he complies with his desire and tongues his sweaty armpits.

Amateurs Do It: Tyson Tool & Batt (Part 1)

Tyson Tool & Batt (Part 1) at Amateurs Do It

Bearded Belgian Batt is back and this time we’ve paired him with nipple tweakin’ freak Tyson. This is one of the best pre-shoot interviews we’ve done as the two of them get on so well and Batt’s sense of humour just adds to the fact that he’s as sexy as hell.