Bait Buddies

BaitBuddies: Cesar Rossi (Bait) and Ceasar (Str8)

Cesar Rossi (Bait) and Ceasar (Str8) on

Cesar Rossi is back and this marks his sixth return! Cesar has evolved a lot over the last year and his quest for straight cock is stronger than ever! Cesar is one hot guy and we just can’t get enough of him. He has it all going on from head to toe and his fat uncut cock is a real work of art!

Bait Buddies: Cesar Rossi (Bait) and Zeus Michaels (Str8)

Cesar Rossi (Bait) and Zeus (Str8) on

This week, Cesar Rossi is back and he’s looking to make some fast cash. The recent hurricane caused him to miss some work so he needs to make up for some lost wages and he really needs to get his rocks off too!

BaitBuddies: Maxx (Bait) and Jack Gunther (Str8)

Maxx (Bait) and Jack Gunther (Str8) on

Well, it’s happened again… We have another straight guy returning this week to get fucked in the ass for his very first time! Welcome Jack Gunther back to the studio for round two! He’s sexy, hung, horny, and ready to be penetrated!

Bait Buddies: Juan Carlos (Str8) Fucks Rico Leon (Str8)

Juan Carlos (Str8) Fucks Rico Leon (Str8) on

They’re back! Rico Leon and Juan Carlos, our hot Latino version of Sandbox Buddies, continues this week with the return of these straight studs!

Bait Buddies: Cameron Kincade (Bait) & Kacey (Str8)

Cameron Kincade (Bait) & Kacey (Str8) on

Cameron Kincade is super hot and popular and that’s why he’s back in the studio once again. Well, that and the fact that he loves having sex with straight men. Cameron just keeps getting better looking and he keeps his body hard and tight! He’s also totally versatile so that makes him a perfect choice for a bait guy.

BaitBuddies: Rico Leon (Str8) Fucks Juan Carlos (Str8)

Rico Leon (Str8) and Juan Carlos (Str8) on

Rico Leon is stunning with a great body and a beautiful uncut cock! And, his buddy Juan Carlos is a little darker skinned with a great body and an amazing thick dick! You can see the bond both guys have after years of friendship and the interaction between them both is priceless!

BaitBuddies: Conner Mason (Bait) & Timothy Rivers (Str8)

Conner Mason (Bait) & Timothy Rivers (Str8) on

Conner Mason is back as our bait guy for the third time! He loves coming to the studio for sex because he knows he’s always going to land a straight guy.

Timothy Rivers is the newest straight guy to end up on the couch. He’s smokin’ hot with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He’s tall, fit, and he’s hung! Timothy also loves sex and older women are a plus. At 23 years old, he’s already had sex with a woman in her forties!

Bait Buddies: Marc Giacomo (Str8) Fucks Austin Carter (Bait)

Marc (Str8) Fucks Austin (Bait) on

Austin is our new bait boy from Kentucky. He’s 30 years old, 5’11”, 165 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, and has that sexy Southern charm to complete the package. Austin loves straight men and doesn’t have too much trouble getting them. Today, he’s in the studio looking to fucked by a straight guy but this time he’s going to get paid for it!

Bait Buddies: Mike Maverick (Str8) Fucks Jay Alexander (Bait)

Mike Maverick (Str8) Fucks Jay Alexander (Bait) on

Caruso brings in Mike Maverick and introduces him to Jay Alexander. Jay’s face lights up as he stares at the guy who’s about to pop his man cherry! Mike is from New Jersey and says he loves to fuck so he figured he’d give porn a try so he could get paid for what he loves to do. Mike is hot! He’s 6′ tall, 170 pounds, smooth dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a fat 7.5” cock! Both guys work out so their bodies are rock hard and ripped and their asses are just a solid!

Ian (Str8) Fucks Javier Cruz (Bait) at BaitBuddies

Ian (Str8) Fucks Javier Cruz (Bait) on

Caruso brings back Javier Cruz this week as our Bait guy and it is apparent that Javier has been hitting the gym. Caruso has him flex his muscles for the camera and when Javier gives that big beautiful smile of his, you cannot help to feel your heart skip a beat. Javier is a true Latino Heart Throb for sure.

Bait Buddies: Brandon (Bait) & Seth (Str8)

Brandon (Bait) & Seth (Str8) on

Brandon is this week’s new hot bait guy. He’s been a fan of the site for a while and finally decided to submit an application because he wants to trick a straight guy into fucking him. Brandon is 5’8”, very fit, with a killer smile, and a big fat cock! He says he likes guys that are a little taller than him, he prefers blonds, and the guy has to be fit. Lucky for him Caruso has just the guy for the job!

Logan Taylor (Bait) & Mickey O’Brien (Str8) in ‘Grindr or Both’ at BaitBuddies

Logan Taylor (Bait) & Mickey O'Brien (Str8) on

Logan Taylor, one of the cutest Bait Buddies boys we’ve had recently has returned. He’s just 21 with blue eyes, brown hair, has a really nice gym body with a thick 7.5″ cock and firm bubble butt. We’re looking forward to seeing Logan fuck our returning straight ginger boy, Mickey O’Brien.

BaitBuddies: Zaq Wolf (Str8) Fucks Brayden Allen (Str8)

Zaq Wolf (Str8) Fucks Brayden Allen (Str8) on

Brayden Allen is back with a new scene partner, Zaq Wolf. If you haven’t yet seen his first video at, you might want to watch that first. It was just two week

BaitBuddies: Danny Moore (Str8) & Dylan Drive (Bait) “The Farmer”

Danny Moore (Str8) & Dylan Drive (Bait) on

The first thing you’ll notice about our 23 year old straight guy, Danny Moore – after his blond hair, green eyes and cute, all American face, is his farmer’s tan – and it’s 100% real. Danny is a chicken farmer (you know, roosters and hens) from a small hick town (his own description) in Georgia – he’s sexy, and his masculine voice and southern accent is all you need to hear to know he’s the real deal. This good looking farmer was tired of the stench from the chicken coops, so he’s come to Ft Lauderdale to try his hand in making a career out of fucking pussy as a porn star. He tells Caruso that he’s a player and loves to fuck tatted up girls, the more ink the better – and there’s no shortage of that type of girl where he comes from, but he certainly won’t find any at No, instead of a girl waiting for Danny, we have Dylan Drive, a returning 21 year old straight boy who, since being introduced to man sex at the Bait Buddies studio, has been experimenting with anal play using an assortment of toys on his butt.

BaitBuddies: Toby Springs (Bait) & Caleb Troy (Str8)

Toby Springs (Bait) & Caleb Troy (Str8) on

“Damn, you’re a fine ass truck driver” is what Caleb, a big rig driver, says he hears all the time from the girls at his delivery stops. And they know what they’re talking about! Caleb is a big boy, all muscle, just the right amount of ink, and manly handsome to boot – and when he finishes stripping down to unveil his almost 8” very thick cock, it’s apparent he’s got it all.

BaitBuddies: Adam Bryant (Str8) & Bradley Boyd (Bait)

Adam Bryant (Str8) & Bradley Boyd (Bait) on

Caruso is in hog heaven this week with not one, but two hot redneck boys… a favorite category of men for him. Our bait boy, Bradley Boyd, is a hunky dude from North Carolina who loves snow boarding in the winter, the beach in the summer and a six pack of beer or two or three, any time of they year. Adam Bryant is our straight boy and he’s to die for.

BaitBuddies: Bryan Dean (Bait) & Greyson Layne (Str8)

Bryan Dean (Bait) & Greyson Layne (Str8) on

Greyson Layne is a straight country boy, a good ol’ boy, who hunts, fishes, is a volunteer firefighter and works on cars for a living – he rebuilds classics. And, he totally looks the part, a little rough looking, a little beefy – his jeans hug his masculine thighs and a big bubble butt and his tight tshirt shows off his naturally firm physique which is covered with 13 tattoos. Typical straight dude, loves girls with big boobs – especially blonds he tells us. Caruso pairs him up with a new bait boy, Bryan Dean.

BaitBuddies: Jason Ackles (Bait) & Troy (Str8) (Magic Troy)

Jason Ackles (Bait) & Troy (Str8) on

You’ve heard of “Magic Mike”, now meet this weeks straight guy, “Magic Troy”, a nickname given to him by our new Bait boy from Georgia, Jason. Once you lay eyes on this handsome, 6′ 6″, blue eyed, blond muscle stud jock, his bubble butt and his 9″ cock – he’ll put his magic spell on you too!

BaitBuddies: Cody Avalon (Bait) & Tristan White (Str8)

Cody Avalon (Bait) & Tristan White (Str8) on

e’re always asking for guys to bring us the straight buddies they’ve been crushing on, but haven’t had the balls to approach for sex. It’s a tough thing for most guys to make the approach on their own, no matter how ballsy or out there they are – that’s why it rarely happens and many years later there’s usually some regret for not trying.

BaitBuddies: Cody Avalon (Bait) & Dustin Steele (Str8)

Cody Avalon (Bait) & Dustin Steele (Str8) on

Before Dustin Steele gets down to plowin’ some pussy, he’s introduced to his co-star, our new Bait boy, Cody Avalon. Cody is a 23 year old blond hair, blue eyed cutie who is as horny as hell for some straight boy dick. The guys are introduced to each other and you can see that Cody is immediately hooked on the masculine dude who just sauntered onto the set wearing his cowboy hat.

BaitBuddies: Andrew Collins (Bait) & Scotty Cage (Str8)

Andrew Collins (Bait) & Scott Cage (Str8) on

Andrew Collins & Scott Cage are stripped and stroking when Caruso delivers the news that the girl didn’t show and offers the boys the alternative of doing a video with each other. You’d think a cocky stud like Scott would carry on and give Caruso a hard time, but it doesn’t take too long for him to give in and go gay4 pay.

BaitBuddies: Dakota Wolfe (Bait) & Ben Reddson (Str8)

Dakota Wolfe (Bait) & Ben Reddson (Str8) on

Our straight country boy from Alabama enters the set with a bad case of nerves and has a very concerned look on his face when he sees another dude, our new Bait boy Dakota sitting on the couch, as he was expecting some hot pussy instead. And maybe he should be a little scared of Dakota as unbeknownst to him the girls in his high school nicknamed Dakota ”Home Wrecker” because as he tells us, he used to suck off their boyfriends after school…

BaitBuddies: Liam Troy (Bait) & Tony Bealize (Str8)

Liam Troy (Bait) & Tony Bealize (Str8) on

Tony Bealize is a straight, rough around the edges ‘Jersey Boy’ full of personality and sex appeal. He has a nice big almost 8″ cock and a hot, sexy body that you can only get from doing rough straight boy stuff like street boxing and shooting hoops in the park with the tough crowd he hangs with.

BaitBuddies: Drake Stone (Str8) & Austyn Onyx (Bait)

Drake Stone (Str8) & Austyn Onyx (Bait) on

Now living in northern California, Austyn Onyx a former bait boy is back visiting friends in southern Florida. And, of course he’s already out of cash from partying and stuff. He calls Caruso pleading for some work as he needs to make some money real fast, like that day!