CircleJerkBoys: Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels

Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels at CircleJerkBoys

Open the windows cuz it’s gonna get hot here at as we welcome back Ridge Michaels and Cliff Jensen. Cliff and Ridge are on the couch as Ridge starts to comment on his body looking so much better. Ridge attributes it to working out and a good diet as Ridge lifts Cliff’s shirt up to get a better look. Ridge starts to lick his nipples as Cliff moans. They kiss and explore some more before setting their cocks free.

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CircleJerkBoys: Aiden Lane & Captain Smirk

Aiden Lane & Captain Smirk at CircleJerkBoys

Aiden Lane is back in the house after way too long and we’re definitely glad to have him back. Aiden’s in for a special treat as he meets his 22 year old co-star, Captain Smirk who hails from Lakeland, FL.

CircleJerkBoys: Dylan Roberts & Cameron Adams (Flip-Flop)

Dylan Roberts & Cameron Adams at CircleJerkBoys

It’s been far too long since we at have seen California native, Cameron Adams. Wanting to make it comfortable we invited along another California native, Dylan Roberts, to help out.

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CircleJerkBoys: AJ Banks & Jarred King

AJ Banks & Jared King at CircleJerkBoys

AJ Banks is back in the neighborhood and we are always happy to see him. AJ’s here to help us welcome a new face to the circle, Jersey’s own, Jarred King.

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CircleJerkBoys: Christian Ray & Jacob Ryan

Christian Ray & Jacob Ryan (Flip-Flop) at CircleJerkBoys

Today has two new additions to the Circle. The first is a Cuban delight by the name of Christian Ray. We also have Jacob Ryan representing the US in this international tryst.

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CircleJerkBoys: Gavin Waters & Sebastian Keys

Gavin Waters & Sebastian Keys at CircleJerkBoys

We couldn’t be happier with the two studs we have sitting before us this afternoon as we kick off 2011. Mr. Gavin Waters is back in the house; but wait–there’s more. Sebastian Keys is also here to help spice things up.

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CircleJerkBoys: Kurt Wild & Kirk Cummings

Kurt Wild & Kirk Cummings at CircleJerkBoys

It’s been way too long since seen this week’s morsel, Mr. Kurt Wild. Kurt needs no introduction and it’s nice to have him back. We also have another blast from the not so recent past, Mr. Kirk Cummings.

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CircleJerkBoys: Ridge Michaels & Michael Dora

Ridge Michaels & Michael Dora at CircleJerkBoys

This week west coast meets east coast as we welcome back two of Florida’s finest, Ridge Michaels and Michael Dora. Ridge and Michael make it home and Michael is freezing. Ridge takes off his jacket and puts it over Michael.

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CircleJerkBoys: Richie Sabatini & Noah Springs

Richie Sabatini & Noah Springs at CircleJerkBoys is here with help for all of you out there wondering just what it is you have to be thankful for this year. Richie Sabatini is back just in time for Thanksgiving and to make things even spicier we’re happy to have Noah Springs making his debut.

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CircleJerkBoys: Santos Dumas & Logan Drake

Santos Dumas & Logan Drake at CircleJerkBoys

The last time we saw Logan Drake, he was on the receiving end of a Dayton O’Connor fuck session. That scorching scene was so hot that we just had to have him back. Considering that had been Logan’s first shoot ever, we knew then that this 21 year old Virginia Beach native had wonderful things in store. Among those wonderful things, in his much nearer future, is a compact hottie named Santos Dumas.

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CircleJerkBoys: Cliff Jensen & Hunter Vance

Cliff Jensen & Hunter Vance at CircleJerkBoys

Have we got a hot episode in the making this week on as we welcome back Hunter Vance. Hunter couldn’t have come at a better time as we introduce recent discovery Cliff Jensen to the site.

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CircleJerkBoys: Chad Davis & Tony Douglas

Chad Davis & Tony Douglas at CircleJerkBoys

ExtraBigDicks fan favorite Chad Davis makes his debut on today and we are SO excited to have this hung, 21 year old with us. Also with us to join the circle is 22 year old newcomer Tony Douglas.

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CircleJerkBoys: Brandon Lewis & Michael Dora

Brandon Lewis & Michael Dora at CircleJerkBoys

Well once again All Hallows’ Eve is upon us and this week at we have two ghoulish little morsels that take us back to that ageless quagmire: Is he a trick—or a treat. Well, this week, Brandon Lewis is helping us welcome Michael Dora to CJB.

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CircleJerkBoys: Richie Sabatini & Ridge Michaels

Richie Sabatini & Ridge Michaels at CircleJerkBoys

Today we have a special episode on as we finally get to welcome Ridge Michaels to the site. Fortunately we invited another Florida boy, from right here in the MIA, Richie Sabatini to help us out. They’re sitting on the couch discussing what they like to do on Saturday nights and Ridge tells Richie he prefers to stay home. Well, staying home can be fun too as Richie moves over to show him some fun things to do. They make out as Richie undoes Ridge’s jeans

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CircleJerkBoys: Dayton O’Connor & Logan Drake

Dayton O'Connor & Logan Drake at CircleJerkBoys

Dayton O’Connor is the flavor of the week and everyone knows that this sexy, smooth 25 year old San Diego native never fails to please. Joining Dayton this week is Logan Drake. This is Logan’s first shoot anywhere. A VIRGIN?! How often do you hear that on a porn site? Logan is 21 and from Virginia Beach, VA. With his clean cut looks and room brightening smile he’s in for quite the career. Dayton is a seasoned veteran and admits he remembers his very first scene.

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CircleJerkBoys: Christian Wilde & Sebastian Keys

Christian Wilde & Sebastian Keys at CircleJerkBoys

We have two hotties back in the house this week and with the likes of dreamy Christian Wilde and Sebastian Keys we know it’s gonna be a scorcher. Blue-eyed and inked, Christian is 21 and originally from San Francisco. Christian is back after taking some time off from porn land. We’re glad he missed the adventure and entertainment that is our industry; because he’s on our couch today. Sebastian Keys is 20 and from Cincinnati, OH and these days he’s rockin’ it solo. He is a free agent and no longer with the girlfriend. We asked these growing boys what their favorite pizza is. Sebastian likes it supreme…

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CircleJerkBoys: Tyler Andrews & Jake Steel

Tyler Andrews & Jake Steel at CircleJerkBoys

Two brand new faces this week and we know you’re gonna love these two. Our first debutant is Tyler Andrews. Tyler is 21 and originally from the ATL. Jake Steel is the second half of our duo and this 22 year old, tall stud hails from Philadelphia.

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CircleJerkBoys: Richie Sabatini & Hunter Ford

Richie Sabatini & Hunter Ford at CircleJerkBoys

This week we have a special treat for you so grab your junk cuz this one’s gonna wear you out. Richie Sabatini is back with us this week; and he’s not the only one that’s gonna make your blood pressure (among other things) “rise”. Making his debut on CircleJerkBoys this week is Hunter Ford.

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