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Andy Roddick: Never Short on Hotness

Andy Roddick in Shorts

Never short on hotness is Andy Roddick.

Andy Roddick In Shorts [via A Socialite’s Life]

Hookup of the Week: RippedMuscle

>> RippedMuscle's profile <<Call it a weakness. We call it a fetish for spray-on tans and lots of baby oil. But our love for bodybuilding has more meaning today because of a chance encounter with RippedMuscle on our Hookup Now! pages. RM, we’ll call him, strikes us as a real thinking-man’s musclehead: “I am the type of person that loves interacting with all types of people, so feel free to ask me anything, very open-minded.” How hot is that? Almost as hot, surely, as his stats: “6’3, 258, 56 pecs, 33w, 19 ‘ceps , 29 quads.” RM loves running on the beach and the water, just as much as he likes aerobic sex partners, fur, footballers, fisting, and using his huge endowment on “guys that grin a lot.” Well, who wouldn’t be smiling?

RippedMuscle []

Hookup of the Week: PrairieJock

>> PrairieJock's profile <<You don’t have to be in New York or L.A. to line up hot ass on your next trip. We offer up PrairieJock as proof, though we’re not sure where the prairie in Houston might be, other than down his toned, rippling stomach. The versatile Gemini can be found on Hookup Now! looking for pics of other guys who respect his open relationship and have a thing for public sex and anal, just like he does. Leather, married guys, police and rugby players won’t turn him away, either. Here’s a tip: chat him up about gardening, traveling or eating out, then politely suggest some eating out that doesn’t take place in a restaurant. See, we told you we had mad skillz!

PrairieJock []

Hookup of the Week: Gymman22

>> Gymman22's profile <<We appreciate a good, sweaty Latino guy. In fact for the past half-hour we’ve been “appreciating” all over the pic of Gymman22 at Hookup Now! The 40-year-old bi Latino guy has one of those chests that makes you think genetics are a dirty trick of nature. Papi says he’s shaved on top, smooth all over (it makes it easier to read his tattoos), and most important, he’s versatile. So if you see the rest of him around Phoenix, know that he’s a Cancer (they can be moody) and know the best way to get him to look up is a nice pair of Speedos. On second thought, maybe you want him to keep looking down?

Gymman22 []

Getting to the Point: Dolce & Gabbana Ad

The ever watchful eyes over at Bitchless Blog were kind enough to lead us to this provocative ad campaign by Dolce & Gabbana. We’re trying to figure out if the older gentleman to the right is pointing(if so, at what?) or if he’s going in for a little onesy, prostate-massaging, finger-fuck action.

Dolce & Gabbana Goes Nip/Tuck for Spring 2006 [Bitchless Blog]

Hookup of the Week: Boone

>> Boone's profile <<Go bottom hunting at your average online site and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything in Albany, New York. Period. But not only does Hookup Now! have guys ready and waiting for you in the capital region–we’ve got our hopefully new best fuckbuddy Boone, a big-hung bottom with enough tongue-teasing fur to cover the massive meatrack he calls a chest. The 37-year-old pierced and inked Pisces says he’s in a monogamous relationship, but maybe you can corner him in a darkroom somewhere and discuss the finer points of bears, porn, public sex, truck drivers and cops. We plan on all of the above–just as soon as we figure out how to lure his partner out of town for a few days.

Boone []

Jake Delhomme’s Football Pants Malfunction

Starter Jake Delhomme, during a Panthers/Falcons game, tore his pants and had to leave the field to find a replacement pair. After the incident, the Fox cameras zoomed in to give us all a closer look. Enjoy!

Jake Delhomme's Football Pants Malfunction
Jake Delhomme's Football Pants Malfunction
Jake Delhomme's Football Pants Malfunction

Hookup of the Week: RugbyJock81

>> RugbyJock81's profile <<Chicago ranks in the gay world’s top five for hunky, hirsute guys–so say we at Waybig. So we weren’t surprised to find RugbyJock81 hanging out, face down and face up, over at our own naked locker room in the sky, otherwise known as Hookup Now!

This 24-year-old stud says he’s bi, but that doesn’t get in the way of a good guy-on-guy time. With blue eyes, a tight hairy ass and a 6’2″ frame, he’s looking for other “real men who want to have some fun” — which by his definition includes football, underwear and real man smells. Dare we say scrump-tious? Yes. Of course we’ll stop. Thank you.

RugbyJock81 []

The Half-Brothers Martin

It was brought to our attention by Just Jared that the unidentified person with Ricky Martin on the beach is in fact his half-brother, Eric. This ‘fact’ was brought forth by one or two of JJ’s readers. Maybe it’s fact, maybe it’s fiction. Truth is, who cares?

Ricky and Eric Martin Vacationing

Just Jared: Ricky Martin Eric Martin

Ricky Martin and ‘Friend’ []

Ricky Martin and ‘Friend’

We came across these images yesterday of Ricky Martin doing a little Yoga prep with a close ‘friend’ while on holiday on the island of St. Barts. Enjoy!

Ricky Martin and 'Pal'
Ricky Martin and 'Pal'
Ricky Martin and 'Pal'

Ricky Martin and 'Pal'
Ricky Martin and 'Pal'
Ricky Martin and 'Pal'
Ricky Martin and 'Pal'

Hookup of the Week: TroyanHorse

>> TroyanHorse's profile <<About this time of year, you don’t have to do much to get us on a plane to south Florida. Throw in the chance of meeting a hot piece of Latin beef like this week’s Hookup Now! man TroyanHorse–and maybe a cocktail on the plane on the way down–and we’re already packing our travel lube.

Troyan’s a 37-year-old single man, medium height with tattoos and the skill to work a mirror in his profile pics. He’s all about playing safe–but he won’t turn down some old-fashioned armpit fun or a pair of sweaty socks, either. So do this top Gemini a favor and accept whatever packages he offers you, okay?

TroyanHorse []

Hookup of the Week: HotGardener

>> HotGardener's profile <<If you’ve had a thing for the yard boy on Desperate Housewives or just generally go for sweaty, shirtless guys who hang around your house, you’ll appreciate the green thumb stuck up by HotGardener, this week’s top pick from Waybig’s Hookup Now!

The 31-year-old, six-foot, hung Libra obviously knows how to get things to grow–but he’s a sensitive thinking man, too. “I’m a politically liberal, self-aware, curious and adventurous kind of guy. I tend to make myself available to all kinds of experiences especially involving other men.” This tattooed dude is also into camping, sports, farmers, anal and water sports–basically, anything that’s better done outside. Hit him up here today – before some lucky guy asks him to plant his seed.

HotGardener []

Vinícius Postiglione is The Boy

TheBoy Vinícius Postiglione
TheBoy Vinícius Postiglione
TheBoy Vinícius Postiglione

Vinícius Postiglione, 23, is the new model for December and our christmas present in advance over at Terra’s The Boy. Enjoy!

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Hookup of the Week: Lacostered

>> Lacostered's profile <<If you go for the blond, chiseled, hung type, our Hookup Now! page has some great eye candy for you–and maybe a long, sweaty night filled with something young and hung. Here at Waybig, that potential goes by the name of Lacostered, possibly named for the teensy bathing trunks he dons in the first of his sizzling pictures. Lacostered describes himself as “muscular, smooth, got one tattoo on the side of my ass and always ready for action!” Catch him before he moves to the U.K. soon – until then, this 24-year-old big-hung Aquarius is living single in New York and sounds eager to explore toys, uniforms, leather, and tattoos with you. You can hang the suit over the shower to let it drip-dry while we roll the camera, okay?

Lacostered []

Hookup of the Week: ColtmanDiego

>> coltmandiego's profile <<Ready, set, run: if you haven’t put ColtmanDiego on your friends list at our HookUp Now! Page, you need to. Because this single guy just can’t be long for the lonely world–not with Colt modeling credentials to go with his adorable Puerto Rican features. “I was born in the luscious island of Puerto Rico, surrounded by the beautifully refreshing blue waters of the Caribbean Sea,” he says. “I’m proud to be Puerto Rican, but also delight in being a man of integrity, who highly values intelligence and enjoys the company of those whose intelligence resonates with my own.” Sold!

This thirty-five-year-old hung Scorpio adds that “I take care of my body as well as my soul. I am a man’s man, not a girl dressed in muscles, who likes a man whose hand shake is strong, firm and hot. I truly delight in laughter, romance, deep conversations, but mostly in sensual passionate moments. My life is one with a rich history, a great spiritual adventure. From a family of eight I’ve experienced great adversities yet great joys too. Finally, I love to have a good time, but I also want to make a difference in this sad, beautiful, tender and sexy world.”

Take him clubbing or to the movies – or dress him up in chaps and jeans or a tight Speedo, which he also likes. Just remember: hands off if you see us with him, whore.

ColtmanDiego []

David Chaloub is The Boy

TheBoy David Chaloub
TheBoy David Chaloub

The Boy of the River, David Chaloub, seduces in this month’s edition of The Boy. David has the most beautiful bronze skin that continues under the shade cast by his clothes. An avid surfer, he has salt water and paraffin flowing through his veins(figuratively of course). Chaloub takes trips out of the country to campaign for international brands such as Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. But if he moved away, even temporarily from the classroom, or the sea, he says he would feel an impossible sense of deprivation. “Surfing since I was 8 years old. She(surfing) is one of the things that makes life worth living.”

Other sites to check out:
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Rafael Franskowiak is The Boy

TheBoy Rafael Franskowiak
TheBoy Rafael Franskowiak

Born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil, Rafael Franskowiak is 29 years of age, 6’1″ and 167 lbs. Rafael believes that common sense is the best religion.

More of Rafael Franskowiak at The Boy

Gilmar Rodrigues is The Boy

TheBoy Gilmar Rodrigues

A Waybig reader just alerted us to the fact that we hadn’t posted on Gilmar Rodrigues, The Boy for the month of May. I don’t see how we could have possibly missed Gilmar Rodrigues, but we did. So Gilmar, if you’re out there, we sincerely apologize! It wasn’t intentional.

Angeli del Rugby Calendar

Angeli del Rugby

Internationally acclaimed erotic photographer Lee Andrew Giabenelli spotlights a national Italian professional rugby team composed entirely of firemen! The subjects are the Italian National Vigili del Fuoco (firemen) Rugby Team who in July 2005 won the gold medal of their division against Australia in Quebec, Canada. The erotic and sensual photo series spotlights real men worthy of recognition for their exploits on and off the field. This dossier is an exceptionally unique sensual look at firemen that we doubt has ever been presented in this format before. The women of Italy call firemen ‘Angeli/Angels’ of fire thus the title of the project. They are champions on the field and heroes as first responders in these times that we live. You can be certain that this is a must have collector’s edition.

Angeli del Rugby
Angeli del Rugby
Angeli del Rugby

Their efforts are to raise funds for the Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims of Lee Andrew’s home (birth) state. His family orginates in New Orleans and he was born in Mississippi. Although his family moved away from N.O. when he was three years old, he still has many relatives there.

We wish Mr. Giabenelli much luck!

Check out the calendar (Amazon) or view a Quicktime Video Clip

Lee Andrew Giabenelli’s Website

Mateus Verdelho is The Boy

TheBoy Mateus Verdelho
TheBoy Mateus Verdelho
TheBoy Mateus Verdelho

At 22, Mateus Verdelho is a sensual masculine man. A native of São Paulo in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Mateus Verdelho already had posed naked, but for a good cause. He was one of the models photographed for Cristiano in a book published in Brazil this year called Confiança (the word means “confidence”), who’s profits were given to charity. Currently spending most of his time in Europe, divided between Italy, France and Germany, Mateus started the model career by chance. He travels quite a bit and one of his goals is to learn another language and understand their culture.

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