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Hard Brit Lads: Jordan Fox Fucks Matt Richie

Jordan Fox & Matt Richie at HardBritLads

Hung Stud Jordan Fox pushes muscle boy Matt to his limits in this intense scene, using his very think uncut meat as forcefully as he can, face-fucking, getting deepthroat, then ploughing him hard in three positions before shooting into his mouth. Extreme!

HardBritLads: Brute Club & Jack Green

Brute Club & Jack Green at HardBritLads

Prepare yourselves for a real scorcher, as sensational new hung hottie Brute Club gets an awesome servicing from super cute young Jack Green. Both lads are real stunners, and with his chiselled dark features, ripped body and huge cock, Brute proves himself to be a sensational top in his first sex scene. Starting off with kissing and mutual groping, Jack licks and sucks Brutes nipples as he rubs Brutes hefty swollen bulge.

HardBritLads: Brute Club

Brute Club at HardBritLads

Appearing for the first time on camera, super hot young personal trainer Brute Club chats first, about what he is into and how he keeps fit. Standing, he takes off his top to reveal his smooth fit body, nice tight pecs and great six pack. Brute rubs his growing bulge, and takes off his shorts. His semi hard cock creates a massive thick bulge in his white sports briefs, and check out his strong muscular legs, too!

HardBritLads: Luke Tyler & Oscar Roberts

Luke Tyler & Oscar Roberts at HardBritLads

Handsome and ripped young smooth hotties Luke Tyler and Oscar Roberts have an intense, passionate session here. Starting off on the sofa, they indulge in some mutual groping and nipple sucking, rubbing each others stiff bulges. They take out their big uncut cocks and jerk each other off for a bit, then Oscar lays on his side to give Luke a good deep sucking, getting his face fucked.

HardBritLads: Ryan Westwood & Kayden Gray

Ryan Westwood & Kayden Gray at HardBritLads

A really intense shoot here, with horny willing sub lad Ryan Westwood, in his first ever shoot, getting his throat and arse majorly stretched by Kayden Grays thick solid 9.5 inch monstercock. The lads start off kissing and groping each other, a little nipple-play, then Ryan drops to his knees and pulls down Kayden’s shorts to rub his big meaty bulge.

Hard Brit Lads: Luke Adams

Theo Reid Fucks Jack Green (Bareback) at HardBritLads

Blue eyed eighteen year old, Luke Adams, has super cute, boyish looks, combined with a surprisingly ripped, muscled body, for a guy his age, thanks to six months of intensive weight training. He chats first, describing himself as bisexual, he is relaxed and friendly, with a deep, sexy voice.

HardBritLads: Theo Reid Fucks Jack Green (Bareback)

Theo Reid Fucks Jack Green (Bareback) at HardBritLads

A real sizzler here, as super cute young hottie, Jack Green, gets hard and horny with manly jock, Theo Reid. Starting off with kissing and groping, they pull out each others dicks from their sports shorts, and Jack gives Theo’s nipples a good suck as he plays with his super thick uncut meat. He then drops to his knees to give it a good sucking, getting his mouth stretched wide by Theo’s impressive girth. Theo then sucks Jacks dick, which is pretty big as well.

HardBritLads: Craig Daniel and Scott Hunter

Craig Daniel and Scott Hunter at HardBritLads

Hot and hairy muscle studs Craig Daniel and Scott Hunter work up a sweat in this great new video. Getting a good feel of each others bodies, they kiss and grope each other, then get down to some horny nipple-play whilst rubbing the bulges in each others shorts. They pull each others cocks out, and Scott gets down on his knees to give Craig some awesome deepthroat sucking. On the sofa now, Scott sucks Craig some more, and gets a good facefucking from the hot rugby player. Scott lays on his back now, legs apart, and Craig works on his hole, gets it wet, then fingers him deep, giving Scott’s dick a suck as he slides his fingers in and out.

HardBritLads: Ross Drake & James Lewis

Ross Drake & James Lewis at HardBritLads

A very passionate scene here, with handsome, ripped footballer Ross Drake and cute young twinky lad James Lewis.

HardBritLads: Alexx Desley

Alexx Desley at HardBritLads

Alexx Delsey has a strong look, with dark features, a tan, shaved head, piercings, and a tight, ripped body covered in tattoos. As he lifts his vest he reveals his rippling six pack and takes it off to show us his tight pecs.

Hard Brit Lads: Brothers Lee Andrews & Sean Andrews

Lee Andrews & Sean Andrews at HardBritLads

This is a first for HardBritLads – BROTHERS! Big beefy cage fighter Lee Andrews suggested he bring his handsome younger brother Sean Andrews along, for a joint jerk off shoot, since they have wanked together watching porn many times!

HardBritLads: Jason O’Connor & Sam Bishop

Jason O'Connor & Sam Bishop at HardBritLads

A seriously horny shoot here. Masculine, fit, hung chav lads Jason O’Connor and Sam Bishop sport big bulging stiffies under their grey trackie bottoms, as they kiss and grope and suck on each others nipples.

HardBritLads: Woody Fox (Solo)

Woody Fox (Solo) at HardBritLads

Seriously handsome ripped stud, Woody Fox, chats first, barechested, and talks about the type of guys he goes for and how he keeps so fit, and its not from the gym. Then the solo begins with Woody standing, some horny bulge groping as he strokes his chest, and flexes his biceps.

HardBritLads: Dan Broughton Fucks Ben Grey

Dan Broughton Fucks Ben Grey at HardBritLads

Handsome fit stud Dan Broughton works up a sweat with highly sexed thick dicked lad Ben Grey in this sensational video with non stop action…

HardBritLads: Ryan Young and Bradley Cox

Ryan Young and Bradley Cox at HardBritLads

Usually active only, Bradley Cox was a bit anxious about getting fucked for the first time on camera, but he really had a thing for Ryan Young, who is active only. And after alot of thought, decided to go for it.

HardBritLads: Kayden Gray and Axel Pierce (Parts 1 & 2)

Kayden Gray and Axel Pierce (Parts 1 & 2) at HardBritLads

An incredible pairing here, with super hung muscle lad Kayden Gray getting a seriously hot servicing from hot little young fittie, Axel Pierce.

HardBritLads: Jordan Fox & Oscar Roberts

Jordan Fox & Oscar Roberts at HardBritLads

Thick dicked power top Jordan Fox dominates athletic young hottie Oscar Roberts in this very hot scene.

HardBritLads: Ryan Young & Anthony Cruz

Ryan Young & Anthony Cruz at HardBritLads

Super cute and ripped, blue-eyed hottie, Ryan Young, has a seriously horny session with handsome and defined, big-dicked bottom, Anthony Cruz.

Hard Brit Lads: Kayden Gray & Ben Gray

Kayden Gray and Ben Gray at HardBritLads

Prepare for one of the HOTTEST videos I have ever made. Making a spectacular debut, super hot new young model Ben Grey gets his mouth and arse seriously stretched to the max by Kayden Gray’s super thick 9.5 inch monster cock.