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Jocks Studios: Glen Santoro & Chris Hacker

Glen Santoro & Chris Hacker at

Today’s lesson is ManLove 101 and both Chris Hacker (aka Colin Foster) and Glen Santoro are eager to get their schooling on course. Probing tongues and inquisitive hands launch the action as the pair passionately kiss and fondle each other.

JocksStudios: Tucker Phillman Fucks Jimmy Fanz

Tucker Phillman Fucks Jimmy Fanz at

Knockout & Takedowns packs a powerful sexual punch. The guys in this kick-ass gymnasium keep fans’ blood pumping and cocks throbbing. This team of wrestlers and boxers get horned up with all the intense action in the ring, and they use each other to relieve their pent up sexual energy. From sex on the ropes to the locker room, and from the boxing ring to the coach’s office, these scenes play out highly charged college athletic fantasies.

Watch Tucker Phillman Fucks Jimmy Fanz in this scene from ‘Knockouts & Takedowns at