Man Avenue was conceived and designed in hopes of primarily capturing the everyday ‘man’ you will pass on your local avenue – whether shopping, at the beach, gym or grocery store, we all encounter men we would like to see naked. Our site hopes to provide a cross-section of hot guys that will get your testosterone flowing.

Man Avenue: Petr Zuska

Petr Zusha at ManAvenue

Another stud, Petr Zusha, stopped by and got naked for us on ManAvenue and we’re sure you’ll be glad he did.

Man Avenue: Waking Up With Adam Cub

Waking Up With Adam Cub at ManAvenue

Adam Cub is a sexy muscle guy spent the night recently and showed us everything we wanted to see…and more. Adam is so fucking sexy, but doesn’t really know it…yet!

ManAvenue: Jayden Coox

Jayden Coox at ManAvenue

Another newcummer, Jayden Coox, loves getting hard and showing off for our cameras.

Man Avenue: Luke Ward

Luke Ward at ManAvenue

Welcome our new handsome stud, Luke Ward, as he beats his uncut meat for you on ManAvenue. This sexy guy slowly teases us by laying back on the sofa and massaging his hard cock through his shorts then his underwear. Not too long in his teasing session, he completely strips and reveals a massive, muscular body and shows off by flexing and posing with a boner. Luke walks across the room a few times while his cock is fully erect, then lays back on the bed to get into some serious meat beating.

Man Avenue: Calvin King (Sexy Latino Hunk)

Calvin King (Sexy Latino Hunk) at ManAvenue

We coax young, muscle hunk, Calvin King – newcummer – into showing us his dick in the car then inviting him in for some hot stroking and cum blowing.

ManAvenue: Gabriel Ferrari (Gabriel, Blow Your Horn)

Gabriel Ferrari (Gabriel, Blow Your Horn) at ManAvenue

You guys fell in love with Gabriel Ferrari in his debut on ManAvenue and we think you will love him all over again in “Gabriel Blow Your Horn”.

Man Avenue: Dick Kassle

Dick Kassle at ManAvenue

Newcummer Dick Kassle is one hot muscle guy. He loves showing off and playing with his hard dick in front of our cameras.

ManAvenue: Ray Cutler

Ray Cutler at ManAvenue

Ray is one hot hunk and knows how to turn you on. A slow seductive strip, rubbing and tugging his cock through his underwear, exposing his hard cock, posing and flexing with a hardon, walking around with a full boner – and that’s what makes this video a 5 Star Award Winner.

ManAvenue: Mario Cortez (Hot New Hunk Gets Naked and Jerks Off His Hard Cock)

Mario Cortez (Hot New Hunk Gets Naked and Jerks Off His Hard Cock) at ManAvenue

New hunk on the block, Mario Cortez, loves beating his meat with someone watching. Glad you stopped by!!!

ManAvenue: Bruce Ford (Mega Muscle Hunk Ass Show)

Bruce Ford (Mega Muscle Hunk Ass Show) at ManAvenue

You may recall “Beefy Bald Bruce” in his ManAvenue debut a few months ago…Well, he’s back in this hot photoshoot and ass spread video.

ManAvenue: Patrick Roberts (Cock In The Ruins)

Patrick Roberts (Cock In the Ruins) at ManAvenue

Handsome muscle hunk, Patrick Roberts, jerking “Cock In the Ruins”.

ManAvenue: Jay Fisco (Jerking Off and Showing Off)

Jay Fisco (Jerking Off and Showing Off) at ManAvenue

Eager to please, Jay Fisco blows cum on himself, stands up to let us get another glimpse of his hard cock while the man juice drips down his abs. Fucking perfect.

ManAvenue: Lucas Bianco (Hot Latin Hunk)

JLucas Bianco (Hot Latin Hunk) at ManAvenue

Lucas Bianco teases us outside on the balcony on a recent balmy and sunny day. He pulls on his dick through his shorts then slowly slips his hand down to work it up a bit. Just as his beautiful cock begins to get hard, we head inside.

ManAvenue: John Valda (New Man on the Block)

John Valda (New Man on the Block) at ManAvenue

Check out newcummer John Valda getting naked and all horned up while trying to work out a bit.

ManAvenue: Ivan Houke

Ivan Houke at ManAvenue

Ivan Houke, a nasty new recruit, jerks some dumbbells around to get his muscles pumped up and sweaty. Testosterone flowing, he then forgets the weights and starts working on the man muscle hanging between his legs.

ManAvenue: Max Born

Max Born at ManAvenue

Newcummer Max Born (Max Bourne) is maximum muscle and alot of naked to make my dick hard. The fact that his own cock is erect most of the time is just a bonus, lol!

Man Avenue: Jason Boss (Waking Up)

Jason Boss (Waking Up) at ManAvenue

Jason Boss steps into the kitchen to get a drink of water, hard dick still exposed from his shorts. He flexes his hard body and gets down on the floor to perform a few pushups, his cock still at attention.

ManAvenue: Mickey Hardwood

Mickey Hardwood at ManAvenue

Holy Shit…Look who fell into our laps recently…a god-send of a naked hunk – all muscle bound, cute as fuck, talking nasty to us and showing off his hard body. ManAvenue welcomes “Mickey Hardwood” !!!

Watch Mickey Hardwood at

ManAvenue: Lucas Bianco

Lucas Bianco at ManAvenue

You gotta check out Lucas Bianco – he’s hot, handsome, horny and really likes to show off. We found him in the park as he was running the course of equipment. He does quite a few dips on the parallel bars, then moves to do some acrobatic flips. His tight ass moving around in his shorts made me curious as to what was hiding underneath.

Watch Lucas Bianco at

ManAvenue: Rambo (Straight Stud with a Rock Hard Boner)

Rambo (Straight Stud with a Rock Hard Boner) at ManAvenue

The testosterone is flowing and your heart skips a beat when Rambo lays his massive frame back on the bed. There’s a lot of heavy handed stroking, a quickened pace of breathing and before long, he blows a huge amount of cum all over himself…almost up to his neck…

Watch Rambo at ManAvenue

ManAvenue: Dante Ferrari (New Man On The Block)

Dante Ferrari (New Man On The Block) at ManAvenue

Dante Ferrari, 5’9″ / 170 lb. cutie pie was goofing around with his soccer ball when we arrived. This dark haired stud is one of those guys with penetrating, sultry eyes that you never know what he’s thinking…he may want to fight or fuck….you just don’t know.

Watch Dante Ferrari at ManAvenue

ManAvenue: Cody Dexter (Cute College Newcummer)

Cody Dexter (Cute College Newcummer) at ManAvenue

This cute little hunk, Cody Dexter, knows just which buttons to push … a bit of teasing and alot of hard uncut cock. He walks around the room after getting naked shaking his hard rod toward the camera…

Watch Cody Dexter (Cute College Newcummer) at

ManAvenue: Mark Dyckey (Muscle Hunk Jerks His Large Cock)

Mark Dyckey (Muscle Hunk Jerks His Large Cock) at ManAvenue

If you like watching lean, naked muscle guys showing off their rock hard dicks before jacking off then you’re in luck. Mark Dyckey has a rather large cock and seems to enjoy teasing us…

Watch Mark Dyckey (Muscle Hunk Jerks His Large Cock) at

ManAvenue: Rudy Bodlak & Milos Zambo (The Worship Fuck)

Rudy Bodlak & Milos Zambo (The Worship Fuck) at ManAvenue

One of ManAvenue’s most popular videos, you’ll surely bone up while these two studs are horned up filming with each other: Milos showing off his hard muscular body, while Rudy admires him before getting fucked…

Watch Rudy Bodlak & Milos Zambo at