Men Of Montreal

Jimmy Dube: J/O For The Fans at Men Of Montreal

Jimmy Dube: J/O For The Fans at MenOfMontreal

Jimmy Dube was pinch-hitting today for a solo performer who couldn’t make it in at the last minute. So, all comfortable he was when he settled onto the sofa, Jimmy quickly started to pull on his sizable cock. He was horny and he let it be known that he hadn’t let one go in several days…

Men Of Montreal: Craving Eyes (Micke Stallone Fucks Brandon Jones) (Part 2)

Craving Eyes (Brandon Jones Fucks Micke Stallone) (Part 2) at MenOfMontreal

Brandon Jones just got back from the gym and is horny as hell. Micke Stallone walks out of the shower simply wrapped in a towel when the 2 of them come face-to-face in the kitchen. The guys stare and lock lips and when Brandon removes Micke’s towel a hard boner is waiting for his talented attention. Brandon pushes his newfound partner onto the bar stool and zooms right in for his buddy’s stiff prick.

Men Of Montreal: The Journey (Gabriel Clark & Brandon Jones) (Episode 1)

The Journey (Gabriel Clark and Brandon Jones) (Episode 1) at MenOfMontreal

Gabriel Clark is a happy straight man living with his girlfriend of two years. On this day, just as much as any other day, Gabriel’s loins are stirring. He’s in the mood for some good sex, but the girlfriend is on her way out the door. Before leaving, she mentions that her brother will be passing by to pick up a computer.

MenOfMontreal: Ben Frey: From Fan to Performer

Ben Frey: From Fan to Performer at MenOfMontreal

Ben Frey is a Scandinavian guy who travels to Montreal regularly and contacted us a couple of months ago, expressing interest in doing porn with us. As a dedicated fan, the idea of shooting with MoM came to him naturally. Ben is 29 y.o., measures 5’8′ and weighs in at 165 lbs.

MenOfMontreal: Less Talk Is the Best (Emilio Calabria & Samuel Stone) (Round 2)

Less Talk Is the Best (Emilio Calabria & Samuel Stone) (Round 2) at MenOfMontreal

So this time the tables are turned. Last month Emilio Calabria hooked up with Brandon Jones and few words were exchanged but the action was intense. This month, our Italian stallion got together with Brandon’s BF Samuel Stone. Samuel couldn’t talk during this shoot because most of the time his mouth was filled with Emilio’s long and thick dick, if not in his ass. Emilio has been taking a liking to topping guys of late and we are quite happy about that as his hefty tool pleases the most cock-hungry bottoms around.

Men Of Montreal: Did You Say Straight?! (Marko Lebeau & Dustin Holloway)

Did You Say Straight?! (Marko Lebeau & Dustin Holloway) at MenOfMontreal

In this scene, Dustin Holloway and Marko Lebeau get it on. And boy do they get it on!! You wonder when a guy says he’s straight and then get fucked like there is no tomorrow… When you see Dustin in this scene it will leave you wondering about where this guy tilts. He loved getting sucked… bone hard all the time. He loved to get fucked… The smile on his face every time Marko plunged his dick up his ass was a telling sign. He enjoyed getting rimmed…. And he came while being fucked by Marko.

MenOfMontreal: Dustin Holloway (On Display)

Dustin Holloway (On Display) at MenOfMontreal

Dustin Holloway contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we would be interested in shooting with him. He pointed out that he had been living in the US Midwest had has shot a few scenes with a major gay porn studio State-side, but had recently moved to Toronto, facilitated by his dual citizenship. We figured this hot dude was a prime candidate to bring in to shoot, so we met up with him in Toronto last month and lined him up for a couple of scenes in early May.

MenOfMontreal: Marko Lebeau & Samuel Stone: Quick Massage

Marko Lebeau and Samuel Stone: Quick Massage at MenOfMontreal

Finally good weather in Montreal, so I was taking a short walk to enjoy the sun. After only 10 minutes I came face to face with the beautiful Samuel Stone. Easy to guess the result. So I decided to take my camera and invite my good friend for a little massage back at my place.

MenOfMontreal: Roomies Bare It All (Sonny Stewart & Cedrick Dupuy)

Roomies Bare It All (Sonny Stewart & Cedrick Dupuy) at MenOfMontreal

This was Cedrick Dupuy’s first time shooting porn with a partner. So, for the occasion, he wanted to hook up with his roomie, Sonny Stewart, as they are occasional fuck buddies and his presence would be a reassuring one for his first time.

MenOfMontreal: Taking Turns (Marko Lebeau & Kyle Champagne) (Flip-Fuck)

Taking Turns (Marko Lebeau & Kyle Champagne) at MenOfMontreal

Kyle Champagne has been quite busy these past couple of months traveling back to France for a bit then starting his own landscaping and cleaning company here in Montreal’s suburbs. But he was able to find time to hook up with Marko Lebeau. Sporting a new lumber sexual look, he arrived on this early spring day riding his new racer motorcycle.

Men of Montreal: Pounding Brandon’s Ass (Brandon Jones & Mam Steele)

Pounding Brandon’s Ass (Brandon Jones & Mam Steele) at MenOfMontreal

We know very well that Brandon Jones loves to get his ass pounded. Hence the term power bottom is often associated with him. But, we were wondering how he would handle Mam Steel’s 9 inches of fat cock. Well, the answer lies in this scene.

Men Of Montreal: Sun Before Cum (Dominic Pacifico)

Sun Before Cum (Dominic Pacifico) at MenOfMontreal

Marko Lebeau was in Las Vegas last month for a bit of a holiday (no he didn’t gamble himself into oblivion), but he needed to get away from Montreal’s coldest winter in years. This is when he met up with his friend well-known DJ and porn star Dominic Pacifico.

Men Of Montreal: Mickelo Evans Tops Emilio Calabria

Mickelo Evans Tops Emilio Calabria at MenOfMontreal

Emilio Calabria is continuing on his quest to bottom for all of Men of Montreal’s models. This time it was Mickelo Evans who had the honours. And, who could have ever thought that a Bodum coffee maker could serve as inspiration for a good fuck. Then again, when Emilio is involved you don’t need much to find inspiration. His huge bubble butt and nice long dick are inspiring enough.

Men of Montreal: Cedrick Dupuy’s First Time in Porn

Cedrick Dupuy's First Time in Porn at MenOfMontreal

Cedrick Dupuy is a charming and handsome 22 y.o. gay guy who is new to porn. This was his first time ever in front of a camera and he was quite nervous on the set. He hadn’t shot his load in several days, he’s been keeping it for all for our cameras. Even though he was nervous, this dude really wanted to bust his nut. When he did finally shoot, what a hefty load oozed down his fat uncut dick.

MenOfMontreal: Speechless Romp (Marko Lebeau & Darius Ferdynand)

Speechless Romp (Marko Lebeau & Darius Ferdynand) at MenOfMontreal

No words were necessary between Marko Lebeau & Darius Ferdynand to get things going. After a hot solo performance by Darius, Marko was more than ready to spend some hot time with the Hungarian Hunk while he was in Montreal enjoying the winter wonderland… if you can call a sustained -20 degrees stretch as a winter wonderland.

Men Of Montreal: Private Encounter (Alexy Tyler & Emilio Calabria)

Private Encounter (Alexy Tyler & Emilio Calabria) at MenOfMontreal

Ok. So two hot guys. Two similarly shaped guys, equally inked and hunky. Both primarily hungry bottoms… So who goes to the top?

In this case, Alexy Tyler pops Emilio Calabria’s hole. When they both arrived, there was little time to waste (in their opinion) with preliminaries. So right down to business here. They get it on and this all starts with Emilio servicing Alexy’s bone hard cock after they lock lips passionately for a while.

Men of Montreal: Darius Ferdynand Performs For Marko Lebeau

Darius Ferdynand Performs For Marko Lebeau at MenOfMontreal

Darius Ferdynand and Marko Lebeau met last month in Las Vegas and talked about him shooting with Men of Montreal in the near future. This week, Darius was in town working with another studio when he decided to extend his stay for a while and hooked up with Marko, who invited him to show off for our audience.