Military Classified

They represent what “All American” is and cover the gamut of the USMC, USN, ARMY and AIR FORCE including some guys from Special Forces Divisions within each branch. These guys are NOT actors or porn stars. They’re real straight, active duty military and HOT! They’re marines and sailors mostly who just happen to come across a pervert like me who has opened a different world that they otherwise would never have encountered but have enjoyed “trying” while in the military. They’re farm boys, Mormons, Irish and Catholics, some conservative, some rough the edges, and some even kinky by gay standards but most of them are 1st timers who are innocent and shy but best of all…horny!

Military Classified: Antonio (Civilian)

Antonio (Civilian) at MilitaryClassified

Today I’m introducing, Antonio (Ollie of Sean Cody), a new recruit and this straight boy is a looker! His body is smooth and muscular and he even participated in the Olympics (more on this later). I’ve convinced this straight stud from SoCal into letting me go down on him with some monetary motivation. Watch as this straight stud is flabbergasted, that’s right stunned, at the bj he received. The look on his face is priceless! Check this one out and let me know what you think.

MilitaryClassified: Brubaker & Thalius (Anal-Group)

Brubaker & Thalius (Anal-Group) at MilitaryClassified

Today I’m really excited because I have been trying to get these two guys together to shoot a scene but could never schedule them, their both very busy now! Ha! Regardless I did and today Brubaker and Thalius will team up to go a little ‘gay for pay’ and stroke each other’s cock, get their dick’s sucked by a gay dude (me) and finally watch Brubaker lose the bet and get bent over by Thalius and fucked him in many positions before making Brubaker nut and Thalius nut all over Brubaker’s face. Lovely!

MilitaryClassified: Beau (Married Marine)

Beau (Married Marine) at MilitaryClassified

Today I’m bringing back a Marine who is not only married but has never been with a guy ever but has been having curiosities. As you remember, Beau received his first blow job from a guy and now he’s back to cross the line…

MilitaryClassified, NADER (Civilian)

NADER at MilitaryClassified

Nader is back and I’ve made this straight boy my pet project because I’ve seen him go from a simple handjob to convincing him to finally to the ultimate in hetero betrayal, fucking a guy in the ass! I’ve convinced him for the right price to stick his 8 inch cock up a guy’s ass and take out his aggressions. To his own admission, the only thing motivating him today is the money we’ve agreed to prior so today you’re really going to see a nervous straight guy react to having his cock up another guy’s ass! check it out!

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MilitaryClassified: LORENZO

Lorenzo at MilitaryClassified

I want to introduce a new guy that I think is absolutely HOT HOT HOT! I love Italians and this boy has all the right traits for tall, dark and handsome. He’s 19, tall, lean and with a beautiful smooth body and a very large weapon! Although he’s not military, I really thought that he epitomized the types of guys I put online that are in the miltary and decided to try my luck at convincing him to do some work. He was very very hesitant to let me go down on him but he did agree to handjob and a visit with my Fleshlight pussy!

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MilitaryClassified: Barrett

Barrett at MilitaryClassified

Barrett is a young little straight stud I met online. I responded to an ad he had online looking for girls. He thought it was odd to receive a solicitation to do porn out of the blue which is why he responded and decided to meet. What happened a few weeks later was very different to what I think he was expecting when I mentioned porn but thought the money was right so he agreed to get his cock sucked for the first time by a guy… me!

MilitaryClassified: Randall Returns

Randall Returns at MilitaryClassified

Randall is one of the few red heads I’ve had on the website and I’m sure you all remember him from his debut video here a few months back. As I’ve mentioned before I have a soft spot for red heads and I’m not sure what it is but for some reason I find them interesting. Randall is quite a Marine…. that is a quite proper, polite and respectful Marine and it’s those that I always find out later are the nastiest. Randall came back for another one of my famous blowjobs that apparently he hasn’t been able to find elsewhere…

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MilitaryClassified: Manny Returns

Manny Returns at MilitaryClassified

It’s another round with Manny who has come back several times now because the poor kid needed the money bad and didn’t know where else to turn. I have a little thing for Manny mainly cause he’s straight, hot and really knows how to fuck and today was proof that this boy is all man and ready for just about anything. Manny fucked the living shit out of me today and I was sooo ready for it!

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MilitaryClassified: Slade (USMC)

Slade (USMC) at MilitaryClassified

Slade is a new recruit to the MC line-up today and this boy is typical of what a mid-western young blooded all American straight male who is 21 and in the military…horny 24/7! At the time of this shoot, Slade was a virgin, not to sex mind you, but to gay sex and today we’re all about to witness how a real straight guy reacts to getting his cock sucked by a guy for the very first time in his life. What Slade delivers today is probably one of the HOTTEST blowjob scenes I have to date…

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MilitaryClassified: Jackson (US Navy)

Jackson (US Navy) at MilitaryClassified

Jackson is a little Navy Seabee who is out in California from the East Coast. Rob liked this kid because he had a sort of attitude that a lot of these over confident straight boys have because they get so much pussy. Today Rob have talked this little stud into getting his cock sucked by a guy for the first time and you’re really going to be witness to this on tape today!

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MilitaryClassified: Jake (USMC)

Jake (USMC) at MilitaryClassified

Jake was referred to me by a friend up in Los Angeles who does a little Marine chasing and comes across a few little studs that he refers my way. Jake got my number and then called me and asked if he could do some work for me. When I saw his pictures and especially his dick pics, I immediately said yes. This all happened rather fast because the same day I talked to him for the first time was the same day he came to my place and shot this video. We talked money, work and came to a agreement and within minutes of his arrival I had his stiff cock in my mouth giving him the blowjob of his life.

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MilitaryClassified: Davis

Davis (Civilian) at MilitaryClassified

Davis is a little civilian stud that I met online while I was in San Diego. He goes to the local college, plays lots of soccer, fucks his girlfriend constantly and still has time to be horny enough to do a video for my cameras today. This little whippersnapper was sporting a HUGE cock between his lean body that floored me when he whipped it out. I had a hell of a time suckin this piece of meat but as you’ll see in this video, nothing’s too much for Rob!

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MilitaryClassified: Frankie’s Massage

Frankie's Massage at MilitaryClassified

Frankie is back and this open minded straight guy is returning for one of my famous massage blowjobs. Frankie now claims that he can’t find a chick that can suck his dick the way I do. We talked about the video over the phone and before long we had arranged a day and time for him to come down and take care of business. Frankie is a beautiful crotch rocket driving straight boy that loves to fuck pussy and will sometimes forgo the latter if the incentive is feasible. Within days I had Frankie at my facility horny and naked as a jaybird ready to be pleased.

MilitaryClassified: Becker (USMC)

Becker at MilitaryClassified

Every once in a while I bring in a true Jarhead and Becker is definitely one of those. HE stands pretty beefy at 5’11” and 185 with a mammoth cock that he claims makes every girl he fucks walk funny afterwards. When we initially spoke he told me that he was pretty desperate to make some money and was willing to do just about anything to make some cash. I accommodated Becker and offered him a substantial amount of green to let me de-virgin-ize him. Yep that’s right, This is Becker’s very first time on tape and I’ve got it exclusively here at militaryclassified.

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MilitaryClassified: Chip Returns

Chip Returns to MilitaryClassified

I was online one night and I was in the chat rooms and came across this straight guy who was advertising for girls but by the looks of his pics I knew that he probably wasn’t going to get much game because his marketing package was all wrong. Chip is the kind of guy that looks a little nerdy, kinda the beauty and the geek type, but with a shaved head and a dick… wow! What they say is true about geeks, they may look nerdy but damn if their not all hung like mules and Chip was no exception!

This is an older video shot in the early days but man does this kid put on a sucking and fucking performance that rivals the best on the website.

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MilitaryClassified: West /3

West /3 at MilitaryClassified

West is back for another session. This reserves Marine shot the shit with me this time as I tried to get the viewers to get to know this little straight stud. We talked about pussy of course and his latest conquests which he proudly spoke highly of. Today I asked West to come over and let me suck his straight cock to one of the best orgasms on tape to date for this boy.

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MilitaryClassified: Fitz

Fitz at MilitaryClassified

I want to introduce to you guys one of my true great finds..Fitz! Fitz is a beautiful straight boy, a real hard ass, although now in the Marines, has taken on a more refined look in his Charlies today. I worked this kid for weeks and weeks until I finally got him to agree to make a video for the MC cameras today. I gave Fitz a once in a lifetime amazing blowjob that I have to say made Fitz re-evaluate what good head really is.

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MilitaryClassified: Evan

Evan at MilitaryClassified

I met Evan online who is actually a native Californian and comes from a military family. A true Italian this little stud LOVES to fuck, I mean LOVES to fuck, in fact he’s like a fucking machine. I could tell because this boy had some stamina when I sucked his cock and although as talented as I am, it was work to get this dude to blow his load but blow it he did as you will all see!

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MilitaryClassified: Kobe Returns

Kobe Returns at MilitaryClassified

Kobe is back and now he’s returned in his Navy Blues. As you all remember this stud, he graced the cameras in a great performance where he had his meat handled by a guy for the first time. Now, leave it to ole Rob to push the limits, have convinced Kobe, with some cash motivation of course, to get his nice thick cock sucked by a guy for the very first time in his life and especially for my cameras.

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