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PerfectGuyz: Gavin Waters & Micah Jones

Gavin Waters & Micah Jones at PerfectGuyz

We never forget that sometimes you just need to lighten up and have a little fun. Such is the case this week in presenting Gavin Waters and Micah Jones.

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PerfectGuyz: Charlie Roberts & Connor Maguire

Charlie Roberts & Connor McGuire at PerfectGuyz

It’s no secret that the staff here at Zack Asher’s PerfectGuyz is a little smitten with Charlie Roberts. And who wouldn’t be? Each time we get the opportunity to work with Charlie he seems to get a little more buff and a little bit sexier.

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PerfectGuyz: Brandon Lewis & Bobby Clark

Brandon Lewis & Bobby Clark at PerfectGuyz

When we first got the idea for our next “duo” shoot we already had the incomparable Brandon Lewis at the top of our list of potential stars. He’s tall, sexy, hung and has a killer attitude. And so, pairing Brandon with the right guy would prove an arduous task. How do you match those kinds of attributes and add in enough cockiness to force a stud like Brandon Lewis into submission? Enter Bobby Clark.

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PerfectGuyz: Vinnie Visco

Vinnie Visco at PerfectGuyz

Some guys exude confidence; others a boyish charm. But rarely do you come across the perfect combination of both. Such is the case with Vinnie Visco. When we first met Vinnie his demeanor made us unsure of how much we might get out of him. But before long, his confidence surfaced and we were suddenly aware of just how sexual this guy can be. At 5 feet, 9 inches and 188 pounds, this 19 year old Floridian is the epitome of a college jock…

PerfectGuyz: Charlie Roberts

Charlie Roberts at PerfectGuyz

A sexy Redhead is always a treasure, and Charlie Roberts is as good as it gets! We were immediately drawn to his handsome boyish face, gorgeous blue eyes, and of course, luscious red hair. His pecs and torso are smooth and broad, with a rippled six-pack and a narrow red treasure trail going from his navel to his pubes. And yes, Charlie has beautiful cock surrounded by a tuft of soft red hair. As he began to shower, his cock instantly swelled under the wet white linen shorts. Charlie was highly sexed as he lathered his biceps, nipples and abs. The lather clung to his red pubes and spilled over his now totally hard man-sized tool. Charlie Roberts, although boyish in appearance, has a masculine sensuality that is absolutely intoxicating. Enjoy this special PerfectGuyz presentation featuring Charlie Roberts.

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PerfectGuyz: Brandon Lewis (FleshJack)

Brandon Lewis (FleshJack) at PerfectGuyz

Introducing Brandon Lewis for PerfectGuyz. With his sweet southern accent and million dollar smile you can’t help but swoon for this gorgeous guy. As we would expect, Brandon lives life Large! He’s an athlete, playing in a men’s baseball league (pitcher and center fielder) and enjoys most sports. He also trains in the gym five days a week to maintain his sexy physique. As far as sex? Brandon told us that he is “very sexually open”.

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PerfectGuyz: Tyler Saint (Fleshjack)

Tyler Saint at PerfectGuyz

Tyler Saint has a following that spans the globe. He is a highly acclaimed. His club appearances usually “sell out” or result in a line of eager fans that stretch around the block – all hoping to gain entrance to the venue. We were talking with Tyler about all the work he has done in his career and uncovered a startling discovery…

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PerfectGuyz: Jason Crystal

Jason Crystal at PerfectGuyz

Introducing Jason Crystal for PerfectGuyz. It was near the end of the day as we were sitting at our usual coffee klatch café waiting for the last model candidate to arrive. We had met with several candidates throughout the day but none had impressed or inspired us. At his appointed time, a sharp, sporty stud emerged from the parking lot and approached the outdoor sitting area where we were waiting. He spotted us and sauntered over. Reaching out his hand he introduced himself, “Hi I’m Jason Crystal”. Standing before us was a magnificent, stunning man, 5′ 11″ with an obvious athletic build, and a buoyant personality. Instantly we knew this guy was a home run!

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PerfectGuyz: Raymond II

Raymond II at PerfectGuyz

PerfectGuyz Raymond is enjoying his journey of sexual exploration. We invited him back to venture into new territory with the PerfectGuyz Blue Dildo. Our friendship with Raymond has grown over the past few months, so it was no surprise to us that Raymond was eager to tackle the daunting toy.

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PerfectGuyz: Ty

Ty at PerfectGuyz

Introducing PerfectGuyz Ty – a super hot, frat boy. Ty attends a local university where he maintains a strong academic record and is very popular. At first glance Ty seems like a picture perfect eighteen year old. Don’t let this handsome college boy fool you…

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PerfectGuyz: Justen

Justen to PerfectGuyz

Introducing PerfectGuyz Justen – 5’11”, 150 lbs, with brown hair and crystal blue eyes – the type that seem to peer straight through you. Justen has a sexy boyish appeal. He’s an avid tennis player and his body reflects the training.

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PerfectGuyz: John

John to PerfectGuyz

John is a wonderful, charming guy that is well-rounded and sophisticated. He moved to California from the East coast – where he graduated from a top university. He is very athletic and has achieved a black belt in martial arts. As with all guys that move to California, he is embracing the adventure…

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PerfectGuyz: Jeffrey

Jeffrey to PerfectGuyz

Introducing PerfectGuyz Jeffrey – a handsome, sexy frat boy. It’s often said “not to judge a book by its cover” – but with Jeffrey, what you see is what you get. Not only is Jeffrey is a gorgeous, stunning man but he is also educated, cultured and sophisticated. We especially enjoyed his whimsical personality.

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PerfectGuyz: Drew Returnz

Drew Returnz to PerfectGuyz

PerfectGuyz Drew returns for an adventure with the Fleshjack. It’s refreshing every time we introduce a Virgin to the Fleshjack. Drew is very grounded with a “down home” mindset. He’s never used a jack off toy so the Fleshjack was unchartered territory. But, like all guys, he loved the sensation and now wants one of his own. Drew told us that he really gets off on oral sex; Thus the mouth orifice was a natural choice. Drew had a lot of fun – Fleshjack-ing his cock till the very end.

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PerfectGuyz: Rodger

Rodger at PerfectGuyz

As the phrase goes, “Good things come in Threes” – but in this case “Twos” as we are proud to add another member to the famed GUYZer club – PerfectGuyz Rodger. Rodger is a California native and at the age of twenty-one is making prominent strides in the music and fashion modeling industry. Rodger is best known for his muscular, well-proportioned body, and especially for his glassy brown, long flaxen locks that fall in all the right places and looks stunning no matter what.

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PerfectGuyz: Drew

Drew at PerfectGuyz

Introducing PerfectGuyz Drew – blonde, blue-eyed, and classically handsome. Drew is new to the California scene from the East Coast. He left behind the interminable winters for a place in the sun – to take up surfing, cross training, and pursuing beautiful women. Drew has had some experience as a runway model and is still developing his career. He is guided by strong convictions and a poignant attitude.

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PerfectGuyz: Louden

Louden at PerfectGuyz

Introducing PerfectGuyz Louden – a sexy basketball jock. Louden is incredibly handsome and a big favorite of the girls and a few of the boys on campus. He’s started playing basketball at a young age and is now a big name star on the college team. Louden’s basketball skills are unmatched. He is an excellent team player and he has a rare eye for making the more challenging shots. In addition to his talents on the court, he is the uber popular kid to have at parties and is the president of his fraternity.

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PerfectGuyz: Colby

Colby at PerfectGuyz

Introducing PerfectGuyz Colby – a sexy wrestler stud. Colby is a wonderful, fresh face to the scene. At the age of 22, he is totally beautiful. His body is muscular and taught. Colby works as a bouncer at a local bar and is also a personal trainer. He is disciplined in developing his body and it shows.

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PerfectGuyz: Michael’s Massage

Michael's Massage at PerfectGuyz

seeing Michael enjoy a rubdown from our new masseur, Hunter, was a distinct pleasure. Hunter kneaded Michael’s ripped muscles from head to toe to cock! Hunter is skilled in deep tissue massage and is apt to give penetrating strokes which occasionally border on the painful. Michael groaned, and let out a few gasps – especially during the prostate massage. But when Hunter moved to his inner thighs, we could see Michael’s cock begin to swell. Hunter’s hand firmly grasped Michael’s cock coaxing it to full hardness. He squeezed his cock, stroking it, milking it, and sending Michael over the edge…

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PerfectGuyz: Aaron

Aaron at PerfectGuyz

Introducing PerfectGuyz Aaron – drop dead gorgeous with a rock hard body. Aaron is not the typical guy – he’s exceptional with dark good looks, close cropped dark brown hair, rippling abs, massive quads, and a perfect ass. His smile like his personality is very natural. Aaron has a sexy personality and really knows how to work it. We thought it seemed natural for us to capture his beauty against the massiveness of the wide open Pacific Ocean.

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