Straight Fraternity

Real straight fraternity guys having their first gay experiences. College men, military guys, boys next door, ripped gym bodies, roughnecks and everything in between!

Straight Fraternity: Shane & Bruce

Shane & Bruce at StraightFraternity

These guys need money, and they can get it if they give each other handjobs and are willing to take a whole lot of dick in the face…

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Straight Fraternity: Garrett & 4 Guys

Garrett & 4 Guys at StraightFraternity

Watch Garrett, Dax, Nikko, Spence, & Robbie at StraightFraternity

Dax, Nikko, Spence and Robbie draw ‘jobs’ to see how they are going to get Garrett off. Each of them goes to work on this hot college student with his huge uncut cock until he pumps out gobs of jizz…

Watch Garrett, Dax, Nikko, Spence, & Robbie at StraightFraternity

Straight Fraternity: Cisco Fucks Spence

Cisco Fucks Spence at StraightFraternity

Cisco has never been with a guy before, so I brought Spence in to do a scene with him. It was Cisco’s first time fucking a guy and he was pretty nervous. After the two guys kissed and blew each other Spence sat on Cisco’s cock and then Cisco started pounding him hard. It felt so good that Cisco nutted first – a little early – and then Spence shot his own big load…

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Straight Fraternity: Turk (Fucked For The First Time By Carter)

Turk (Fucked For The First Time By Carter) at StraightFraternity

Carter & Turk came over to shoot their first fuck scene. They drew from a jar to see who was going to top and bottom. Turk drew the ‘bottom’ card, so he started out the encounter by getting Carter’s 8-inch cock hard with a blow job. “Fuck! It’s fucking HUGE!” Turk said as he got ready to sit on Carter’s cock. With some pain and fear, Turk slowly lowered his ass onto Carter…

Watch Turk (Fucked For The First Time By Carter) at StraightFraternity

StraightFraternity: Leon (Leon’s Anal Adventure)

Leon (Leon's Anal Adventure)at StraightFraternity

When Leon called looking to make some money with a shoot I knew just what I was going to spring on him. He said he had never experienced any anal play before, so he got his first rim job. Check out his face when he realizes how great it feels! Then I finger-fucked his tight ass and massaged his prostate until he shot his load – literally screaming with pleasure…

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StraightFraternity: Turk, Carter & Nikko Alexander (Play Truth or Dare)

Turk, Carter & Nikko Alexander (Play Truth or Dare)at StraightFraternity

These 3 hot guys whip their dicks out and play Truth or Dare. The loser has to get 2 loads of cum in the face from the other guys. The dares include toe sucking, ass licking, dildos, cock sucking, french kissing and more. Who will cum out of top?

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Straight Fraternity: Turk (Hazed By Nikko Alexander)

Turk (Hazed By Nikko Alexander) at StraightFraternity

Twenty-one-year-old college student Turk is what I would call an ‘otter’ – he’s very tall, lean and hairy. He was willing to come in and have Nikko get him off because he is needing some money for school. Nikko straps him to the chair and blindfolds him. Just a little bit of playing with Turk’s cock makes it spring to attention. he strokes and sucks Turk’s hard cock and then licks his sensitive nipples – which gets a great reaction. Turk is a pretty vocal guy and it was very clear he was getting close to blowing his load by the panting and moaning. Nikko got a massive load out of Turk – it shot all over the place! It’s one of the biggest loads on the site – from one of the biggest guys. Super Hot!

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Straight Fraternity: Laurent (Cocky Marine Serviced)

Laurent (Cocky Marine Serviced) at StraightFraternity

Cocky Marine Laurent came in for an audition & agreed to let me go farther. He was in heaven as I sucked off this hot New Yorker, licked his balls, played with his nipples & made him shoot a huge load…

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Straight Fraternity: Jeremy & Spence

Jeremy & Spence at StraightFraternity

Jeremy called me back willing to work with another guy because he had some bills to pay. I paired him with Spence. I wanted to see him suck on Spence’s big dick as well as get off with another guy. After undressing each other the guys kissed for a while and then Spence started sucking Jeremy’s cock. The nervousness disappeared as Spence’s expert mouth and tongue had Jeremy squirming and moaning with pleasure. Jeremy shot a big, big load while Spence sucked and licked on his balls. Next it was Jeremy’s turn to do some sucking. He was on Spence’s cock like he belonged there. It didn’t take long before Jeremy pushed Spence over the edge and got a hot stream of jizz out of him too…

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Straight Fraternity: Nito’s Audition

Nito's Audition at StraightFraternity

Nito’s friend was going to do a shoot, but when he chickened out, Nito showed up instead. I’m so glad he did! This hot Latino is sexy as fuck…

Watch Nito’s Audition at StraightFraternity

Straight Fraternity: Garrett (9-Inches Sucked By a Married Man)

Garrett (9-Inches Sucked By a Married Man) at StraightFraternity

Even though married guy Frank was nervous about sucking cock for the first time, I could tell he was looking forward to it too. He couldn’t have had a more impressive member for his trial run. Garrett is HUGE!

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StraightFraternity: Leon (Cum-Gushing Audition)

Leon (Cum-Gushing Audition) at StraightFraternity

Gorgeous 6’2″ student Leon was quite a find. This tall, built and handsome stud shot one of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen before!

Watch Leon’s Video Clip | Visit StraightFraternity Hazing Alex

Hazing Alex at StraightFraternity

Even before I finish talking with Alex he’s hard in his boxers. I oil him up and get him to start beating his big mushroom meat. Alex likes the cock sleeve, but he likes my hand better. Watch him get hard again while I stroke him.

I suck on Alex’s big cock for just a few seconds, but he can’t keep from cumming. Look at those fountains of jizz he squirts! After a minute of rest, this straight stud is hard and ready again. I sock the hot juice right out of his cock and balls.

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Memphis at StraightFraternity

Straight stud Memphis is back and this time he’s alone with me. In this scene he strips and pumps iron for you. After being nervous jacking off with his brother in his last video, Memphis seals the deal here and shoots a huge load.

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