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Straight Naked Thugs: Sean Johansen (Loves Performing For You)

Sean Johansen (Loves Performing For You) at Straight Naked Thugs

It’s hard to believe how quiet and uncertain straight thug Sean was when he started out. These days he gets off on seeing you guys talking about his videos and enjoying him jerking his big dick. He’s got another load to splash out of his cock in this update, after saving it for a while he really can’t wait to get his hairy dick out and stroke himself to a jizz shot. Make sure you leave a comment and tell him what it did for you!

Straight Naked Thugs: Jake Reid (Straight Boy Fucking A Fleshlight)

Jake Reid (Straight Boy Fucking A Fleshlight) at Straight Naked Thugs

We knew Jake Reid was getting off work in an hour so we sent him a text with a photo of a new fleshlight, offering him the chance to break it in. Of course, he was soon knocking on the door. Watch him getting out his thick load after a long day, sliding that big cock into the plump opening and fucking it. It’s so hot seeing his perfect ass pumping while he slides his big dick in and out to get his cum load ready to spew from his helmet!

Straight Naked Thugs: Cum Play (with Devin Reynolds)

Cum Play (with Devin Reynolds) at Straight Naked Thugs

Devin Reynolds is back to stroke a load from his hairy uncut cock, and play with his jizz!

Devin Reynolds & Brian Strowkes in ‘A Friendly Cock Stroke Between Friends’ at Straight Naked Thugs

A Friendly Cock Stroke Between Friends (Devin Reynolds & Brian Strowkes) at Straight Naked Thugs

Loads of straight boys jerk off together, but fewer are willing to lend a friend a hand. Devin Reynolds is pretty experienced when it comes to mutual jack off sessions, he doesn’t hold back. He’s easily convincing his straight buddy Brian Strowkes to get his hand on his big uncut cock, returning the favor of course.