Twinks In Shorts

Twinks In Shorts: Jason Smith Fucks Danny Mendez

Jason Smith Fucks Danny Mendez at TwinksInShorts

Jason Smith is in a daze, still thinking of the last massage he received, where he ended up bareback fucking massage buddy Jeffrey Lloyd and spewing his seed. But the moment Jason’s next massage client walks in, he’s focused and attentive to only one thing…giving slender twink Danny Mendez a great massage. Jason quickly sets Danny up on his couch and gets his hands slipper with oil before kneading the sexy, dark-haired hottie. But after massaging Danny’s back and glutes, he knows what the sex freak wants.

Twinks In Shorts: Jimmie Brown & Joel Varga

Jimmie Brown & Joel Varga at TwinksInShorts

Toned, slender twink Jimmie Brown takes a bath after getting sweaty outdoors. The trouble is, as he’s wearing a sexy pair of underwear and lathers himself up, Jimmie starts to get super horny. He also can’t reach his back so he calls for Joel Varga’s assistance.