UK Hot Jocks

UKHotJocks: Sportz (Jack Taylor and Frankie Quinn)

Sportz (Jack Taylor and Frankie Quinn) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Two horny lads in their contrasting footie kit. Jack Taylor wears his Manchester United white and red home kit, New boy Frankie Quinn in a Man-U black and orange goalie kit. They’re well suited and look ready to pounce on one another. Groping crotches through the thin fabric of the kit, both lads arebnt wearing any underwear which becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly! Tanned and buff Jack strips his top off and lets Frankie get to work with his tongue, licking down his body and biting his nips…

UK Hot Jocks: Underground (Brute Club Fucks Logan Moore)

Underground (Brute Club Fucks Logan Moore) at U.K. Hot Jocks

There’s no telling whether the bloke stood next to you at the urinal is simply having a piss or is there for something more. Toilets have a bit of reputation, some more than others for being hotbeds, original cruising grounds before technology or apps, even before it was legal to meet men in bars.

UKHotJocks: Gaston Croupier (Locker Jock)

Gaston Croupier (Locker Jock) at U.K. Hot Jocks

We flew total Italian stud Gaston Croupier in from beautiful Rome, it really is true what they say about the men from Italy, sexy and insatiable! Teasing us and flashing those eyes at the camera. Mega shiny red shorts and a tight white vest cover an inch perfect muscular body… but fortunately not for long.

Nathan Raider Fucks James Castle in ‘Grappld’ Round 2 at UK Hot Jocks

Both competitors in matching shiny black wrestling singlet’s, arses cut out of the suits, not leaving much to the imagination or much to grab onto! James Castle and Nathan Raider are pitted against each other and there’s a new addition to the ring, a big black pool. Both boys eye each other up and slowly step their way into the pool and get on to their knees. Hands go to the floor of the pool and scoop up a surprise inch deep layer of lube! So, they lube up!

Timmy Treasure Fucks Anthony Naylor in ‘Grappld: Round 1’ at UK Hot Jocks

Grappld: Round 1 (Timmy Treasure Fucks Anthony Naylor) at U.K. Hot Jocks

It’s red vs blue and Anthony vs Timmy in Round 1. The boys are pumped up and ready to get it on. Squaring up and going to the floor, foreheads pressed together and arms around the back of each others neck, they stare each other down before something snaps, the red mist descends, everything tightens and they start to throw each other around. Crotches are grabbed, bums get slapped and forced rimming submission holds… we know where this is going. Anthony seems to have won this one though he’s tenting in his suit, there’s something big in there that has a battle of it’s own to fight!

UK Hot Jocks: Nick North (Locker Jock)

Nick North (Locker Jock) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Mega stud Nick North is charming, super cool and always horny. His sports kit can barely contain his bulging muscular frame, his shorts hem straining around his fantastic thighs. Stroking his smooth hard body through his kit, it doesn’t take long for him to get worked up and stripped off.

UK Hot Jocks: David Lambert (Locker Jock)

David Lambert (Locker Jock) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Sporty, classically handsome and buff David Lambert is hanging out in the locker room after a hard workout. Caressing his solid muscle body, feeling that post pump high and after workout horn he can’t contain himself. Stripping down to his jock, he’s already hard in there! He shows off his jock-framed ass to the camera, teasing, stroking, and stretching. He’s only just started the show, reaching into a locker he pulls out 2 ass toys, one to loosen himself up and the other to really get a post workout stretch on!

UK Hot Jocks: Pumped: Hot Spotter (Kayden Grey & Yoshi Kawasaki) (Scene 1)

Pumped: Hot Spotter (Kaden Grey & Yoshi Kawasaki) (Scene 1) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Yoshi Kawasaki is new to the area and looking for a new gym to keep his hot body in check. He has a chat with the handsome owner and a tour of the new facilities available to him. It’s the middle of the day and the gym is quiet, just one other guy training hard. Kayden Grey is quick to notice the new recruit and decides to put him through his paces a little bit, an introduction as to what this gym is REALLY like.

UKHotJocks: Sex on Cars: Taking Ad-Vantage (Kayden Gray & Alexis Belfort)

Alexis Belfort (Locker Jock) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Kayden Gray places his hand over Alexis Belfort’s. There is a pause, before both boys reach in for a sun kissed kiss. Who knows when Sam could be back? He better move things along, getting him out of the car so Alexis can guzzle down Kaydens huge monster meat, working his double tongue piercing over the head and thick shaft. Alexis takes his turn to get sucked off, stroking the sweat running down his abs in the heat of the sun as he does.

UK Hot Jocks: Sex on Cars: XXX Type (Andrea Suarez & Bruno Bernal)

Sex on Cars: XXX Type (Andrea Suarez and Bruno Bernal) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Bruno Bernal has parked the Jaguar XF up in a discreet underground location with his buddy Andrea Suarez. The tension is palpable as they stare each other down, rubbing themselves through their clothes, keeping their hands off one another, for now. The nipples get tweaked, crotches tent out and the stares become even more intense. Flys undo and the throbbing cocks come out, wanking with slow determination, Bruno bashing his knob on the steering wheel…

UK Hot Jocks: Andrea Suarez (Locker Jock)

Andrea Suarez (Locker Jock) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Andrea Suárez is full of Spanish heat and a natural born model, the guy can’t take a bad photograph! Tight muscular body with all the goods destined for porn and a thick long cock that just begs to be sucked. What he lacks in the English language he more than makes up for with passionate on-screen performance. This boy is a fireball of hard fucking excitement!

UKHotJocks: Alexis Belfort (Locker Jock)

Alexis Belfort (Locker Jock) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Sexy and cute is a combination that doesn’t come around too often, Alexis Belfort is one of those rarities.

UKHotJocks: Jace Tyler (Locker Jock)

Jace Tyler (Locker Jock) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Energetic Jace Tyler can’t wait to dive into the locker room, get his gear off and get horned up for the cameras.

UKHotJocks: Locker Jock (Theo Reid)

Locker Jock (Theo Reid) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Sexy English Theo Reid is so handsome we almost can’t stand it. He’s sweet, charming with gorgeous soulful eyes. The kind of guy you could take home to meet your parents and one you’d want to take to be with you every night! He’s a proper mans man, a keen gym goer and golf enthusiast, he’s sporty, laddish and genuine.

UKHotJocks: BuzzCocks: Washed Away In A Daydream (Jake Kelvin & Jace Tyler)

BuzzCocks: Washed Away In A Daydream (Jake Kelvin & Jace Tyler) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Sometimes you get a customer you could only dream of getting into bed, Jake Kelvin is one such client of Buzzcocks.

UK Hot Jocks: Locker Jock (Jake Kelvin)

Locker Jock (Jake Kelvin) at U.K. Hot Jocks

What a fine specimen! Jake Kelvin is tall, ripped and almost too beautiful for a man! Statuesque like Michelangelo’s David, he is incredibly proportioned.

U.K. Hot Jocks: Locker Jock (Zac West)

Locker Jock (Zac West) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Sweet and innocent he is not! Turbo jock Zac West is full of fire, passion and cheeky Irish charm.

UKHotJocks: Jock Inn: Room Service (Darius Ferdynand, Diesel O’Green & Leo Domenico)

Jock Inn: Room Service (Darius Ferdynand, Diesel O'Green & Leo Domenico) at U.K. Hot Jocks

Ordering room service is a great hotel luxury and the menus are filled with treats of all sizes. Darius Ferdynand fancies something he saw in the restaurant earlier, tall, Mediterranean and tasty. A perfect excuse to get Leo Domenico in his hotel room, alone.

UKHotJocks: Locker Jock (Jonny Kingdom)

Locker Jock (Jonny Kingdom) at U.K. Hot Jocks

They don’t come any more English than the devilishly handsome Jonny Kingdom. 6ft tall, steel blue eyes and fair skin, from the outset he appears sweet and gentle but when it comes to the action he’s packing an 8+” thick ridged uncut cock…and you’ll be happy to hear he’s mostly top, so you know he can put that weapon to good use. Gym bunny Jonny ploughs through his sexual partners with deep grunts and groans. He’s perfectly lean, buff and an all round Hot Jock.

UK Hot Jocks: Toy Stories: Toys Don’t Tyre (Jonny Kingdom and Darius Ferdynand) (Flip-Flop)

Toy Stories: Toys Don't Tyre (Jonny Kingdom and Darius Ferdynand) (Flip-Flop) at U.K. Hot Jocks

It’s a sunny afternoon and romance is in the air. Yes, that’s right. Romance. This story has been adapted from our (JP and Sam) own real sex life. We introduce the story, played out by Darius Ferdynand and Jonny Kingdom.