William Higgins

William Higgins features sexy amateur, uncut European models in raw gay sex scenes.

William Higgins: Boda Nurak (Erotic Solo)

Boda Nurak (Erotic Solo) at

Boda Nurak is aged 21 and lives in Brno. This handsome and well built guy is a bartender who enjoys sports, bodybuilding and fitness. He looks so good as he stand and begins to feel his chest through his tee shirt. His biceps bulge as he rubs the chest, lifting the tee shirt and showing some skin.

William Higgins: Mara Osman (Erotic Solo)

Mara Osman (Erotic Solo) at

Mara Osman is aged 19 and lives in Plzen. This very handsome and well built str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, soccer and fitness.

William Higgins: Oleg Hubert (Erotic Solo)

Oleg Hubert (Erotic Solo) at

Oleg Hubert is aged 19 and lives in Ostrov nad Ohri. He is a very handsome strwight guy who is a student. In his spare time Oleg enjoys, sports, rugby and fitness. He looks so good as he sits in the chair for his interview. Then Oleg stands and starts to feel his body, removing his tee shirt to show off his sexy chest…

William Higgins: Erik Jarek Fucks Franta Tucny (Cherry Busting)

Erik Jarek Fucks Franta Tucny (Cherry Busting) (Bareback) at

Erik Jarek is a very hot str8 guy who gets his cherry busted by Franta Tucny. They start off by sitting on the bed as Franta does a brief interview with Erik. Then he leans over and they kiss rather noisily. Erike learns quickly and follows Franta’s lead as they pull off each other’s tee shirts. As they continue to kiss the guys feel each other. Franta lays down as Erik kisses his chest and works his way down the body.

William Higgins: Ondra Black Fucks Jan Bavor (Full Contact)

Full Contact (Ondra Black Fucks Jan Bavor) at

Two hot straight guys, Jan Bavor and Ondra Black are up for some great sex. Ondra wakes Jan and begins kissing him. As they kiss Ondra opens Jan’s shorts and feel inside them. The shorts are pushed down and Ondra releases Jan’s cock from the underwear. He starts to suck on the cock, getting it nice and hard. As he sucks the cock he wanks it too and kisses the balls.

William Higgins (KINK): Paul Hunter, Robin Valej & Rosta Benecky (Bonus Bareback Scene)

Paul Hunter, Robin Valej & Rosta Benecky (Bareback) at

In a lovely bonus Dream Set from we have an airport security featuring Rosta Benecky, Robin Valej and Paul Hunter. Paul Hunter is in charge of Airport Security today. As he sits at his desk his assistant Robin Valej brings in a traveller, the very sexy straight guy, Rosta Benecky. Paul decides he needs to check Rosta’s luggage. He opens the suitcase and begins to root through it. He finds a dildo, which Rosta insists is for his girlfriend. Then he finds some rope as well and something very sharp, which they think could be used as a weapon.

William Higgins: Ondra Faber (Erotic Solo)

Ondra Faber (Erotic Solo) at

Hot straight guy Ondra Faber is so very handsome. Not only handsome but with a very good body too, as well as other wonderful attributes. We get to enjoy ourselves as Ondra gradually strips off to show his wares. He poses well and we watch as he shows off his ass, spreading his cheeks to show off his tight hole.

William Higgins: Tomas Fuk Bareback Igor Galek (Full Contact)

Tomas Fuk Bareback Igor Galek (Full Contact) at

Tomas Fuk is enjoying his e-cigarette as he sits in the garden. He is soon joined by Igor Galek who shares the vape. Soon the two guys are kissing each other and Igor goes down on Tomas’ thick, hard, cock. He sucks that dick so well.

William Higgins: Alex Stan Fucks Alan Carly (Bareback)

Alex Stan Fucks Alan Carly (Bareback) at

Dreamsets are suggested by our members. Alan Carly is busy cleaning the apartment when Alex Stan opens the door and surreptitiously watches him. Alex keeps watching him and then removes his tee shirt and starts to rub his chest. Then he gropes himself and opens his jeans to let his rock hard cock flop out. He takes hold of his cock and wanks it as he keeps spying on Alan.

William Higgins: Bradley Cook, Martin Gajda & Milos Ovcacek (Threesome Raw)

Bradley Cook, Martin Gajda & Milos Ovacek (Threesome Raw) at

Milos Ovcacek is on his bed. He is soon joined by Martin Gajda. Milos leans over and starts to rub Martin’s sexy body. He opens Martin’s jeans and releases a big, hard, cock. Milos starts to suck the cock as Bradley Cook arrives too.

William Higgins: Milan Manek Fucks Bened Faust (Full Contact)

Milan Manek Fucks Bened Faust (Full Contact) at

Milan Manek is up for a screentest with Bened Faust. We find them on the sofa will Milan sitting between Bened’s legs. Bened’s hands are feeling over Milan’s body and his lips caress his neck. Milan pulls off his tee shirt to expose his sexy chest as Bened’s hands run over it. Milan turns his head and they kiss.

William Higgins: Tomas Fuk (Massage)

Tomas Fuk (Massage) at

What a handsome guy Tomas Fuk is and he happily agreed to a massage. He looks so good as he lays on the bed, wearing only his underwear. The masseur arrives and gets to work on Tomas’ back, oiling it and massaging all over. The hands work the back and shoulders, gliding all over. As the hands work to lower back the fingers slide into the underwear too, squeezing the butt cheeks.

William Higgins: Dusan Polanek (Massage)

Dusan Polanek (Massage) at

Dusan Polanek is in for a massage. He looks great as he walks in, wearing just his underwear, and lays on the bed. The masseur arrives and gets right to work, taking oil in his hands and massaging Dusan’s back. The hands work all over the back and up to the shoulders. Dusan enjoys the feeling and his ass keeps lifting slightly from the bed as the hands work over his back…

William Higgins: Adam Rupert, Robert Drtina & Ruslan Tarovsky (Full Contact 3-Way)

Adam Rupert, Robert Drtina & Ruslan Tarovsky (Full Contact 3-Way) at

What a hot trio we have brought together, in Adam Rupert, Ruslan Tarovsky and Robert Drtina. We find them kneeling on a bed checking out each other’s muscles. As they feel each other’s bodies Robert and Adam kiss each other. Ruslan Tarovsky dips a hand into Robert’s underwear and then he starts to kiss his neck and body. They all continue to grope each and lose their underwear.

William Higgins: Taran Malek (Erotic Solo)

Taran Malek (Erotic Solo) at

Taran Malek is aged 27 and lives in Prague. This handsome straight guy works as a sales advisor and enjoys sports, gymnastics and fitness. He looks so good, and is smartly dressed as he starts his shoot. Opening his shirt he shows off a nicely developed chest as he poses for the camera.

William Higgins: Honza Onus & Martin Gajda (Full-Contact Raw)

Honza Onus & Martin Gajda (Full-Contact Raw) at

Martin Gajda is one very sexy guy. He agreed to a screentest with Honza Onus. Martin stands against the mirror, enjoying the reflection as he runs his hands over his sexy chest. Honza walks in, with his pants already bulging. He starts to rub Martin’s chest and leans over to kiss his nipples. Then he moves up to kiss Martin on the lips. Martin’s jeans open and his cock comes out with Honza dropping to his knees to suck it.

William Higgins: Kolja Muskanec (Massage)

Kolja Muskanec (Massage) at

Kolha Muskanec looks so good in just his underwear as he lays on the bed for a massage. Filip Cervenka arrives, also in just his underwear. He takes some oil and gets to work massaging Kolja’s back and his shoulders. As the hands glide over Kolja’s back they slide under the waist band and onto his ass cheeks.

William Higgins: Petr Zuska Fucks Alex Stan (Bareback)

Petr Zuska Fucks Alex Stan (Bareback) at

Alex Stan has come in for a Screentest. This sexy straight guy is paired with Petr Zuska for his very first time with another guy. Now we have already seen Alex, on in another scene, which was filmed after we did this screentest. So here on we get to see his very first time. He is such hot guy who made a big impression in his erotic video when he shot a big load while someone was fingering his hot ass. For this scene he sits on the bed for a brief interview by Petr where he explains that he does want to try sex with another guy. At that Petr leans over and begins kissing Alex.

William Higgins: Martin Plar

Martin Plar at

Martin Plar is aged 23 and lives in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. This sexy straight guy works as a carpenter and enjoying mountaineering, swimming and jogging. He looks very good indeed as he poses for the camera, giving a lovely smile as he takes off his tee shirt and shows his fit body. Removing his jeans he teases us, lowering the underwear to show his hot ass.