Young Perps

At Young Perps, the officers do their best to make sure the delinquent teens never steal again — by any means necessary.

Young Perps: Petty Theft (CASE NO. 1804029-03)

Petty Theft (Case # 1804029-03) at YoungPerps

This tiny Latino man thought he could sneak out some jewelry for his girlfriend. Just because he’s short, doesn’t mean the cameras couldn’t see him! After going from one case to the other, a piece goes missing, prompting the Loss Prevention Officer to get involved.

Young Perps: Case # 1803023-61 (Tanner Shields Fucks Billy Saint)

Petty Theft (Case # 1804028-96) at YoungPerps

February 25, 2018, 5:08pm. Petty theft. 21 year old latino male, 5’3″, caught on camera stealing $400.00 cash from an open, unattended cash register. The clerk claims he was distracted by the suspect (Billy Saint), prompting the intervention of the loss prevention officer (Tanner Shields).

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Case # 1804027-89) (feat. Ricky Shields a.k.a. Santino and Shay Stone)

Petty Theft (Case # 1804027-89) at YoungPerps

This young man frequents the same place time and time again, always noticing the tip jar of the staff is rarely attended. It seems like it’s just begging for someone to take it, so why not him? The first time he grabbed a couple bucks, nothing too drastic. But it seemed again and again he could get away with it and pay no consequence.

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Case # 1803026-82) (feat. Timarrie Baker)

Petty Theft (Case # 1803026-82) at YoungPerps

A young man finds the perfect gift for his girlfriend. Only one problem: he can’t afford it. Fine diamonds and gold are way above his pay grade, but the tiny jewelry pieces seem small enough to sneak out without anyone knowing. It’s like these guys have never heard of security cameras! Caught red handed, this young man finds himself at the mercy of the Loss Prevention Officer (Timarrie Baker), begging him for a way to get off without going to jail. Luckily, this officer thinks the guy has a pretty mouth…and that his big cock would look good inside it.

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Case # 1803024-68) (feat. Miller Axton and Mike Maverick)

Petty Theft (Case # 1803024-68) at YoungPerps

Looking to stock himself up for a fun weekend, this gutsy teenager (Miller Axton) heads to the liquor store with a backpack and some big balls. He’s sure he can take a bottle without anyone knowing, unaware that the closed circuit security cameras were watching him from the minute he stepped in. Caught red handed for both being under 21 and stealing, he’s looking at a big deal of trouble if the cops get involved. The horny Loss Prevention Officer (Mike Maverick) sees his hot, lean, muscular body and gets a better idea: fuck the boy instead!

Young Perps: Possession (Case # 1802021-47)

Possession (Case # 1802021-47) at YoungPerps

When this blazed up guy (aka Trelino) shows up to the mall to hang out and cause trouble, the Loss Prevention Officer is quick to haul him in for questioning! It becomes clear this stoned straight guy is too out of it to be much of a threat, but the officer knows that he’s scared of one thing: jail time. Seeing the opportunity in front of him, the horny guy offers to let the pothead go on one condition: he’s got to take a deep hit of his big, black cock first!

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Case # 1712013-91)

Petty Theft (Case # 1712013-91) at YoungPerps

In case 1712013-91, this young man (aka Kory Houston) was pulled away from his family outing when he was caught trying to shoplift. As it turns out, the security guard that detained him was a friend’s dad. He thought that meant he was going to get off easy, but the older muscle daddy saw things differently. Given the stakes of his parents finding out and the cops getting called, he knew he had the nervous straight boy right where he wanted him! He gave him a choice: suck his cock or go to jail. The young perp knew he was busted and reluctantly got down on his knees to suck the thick bear’s cock!

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Case # 1801014-98)

Petty Theft (Case # 1801014-98) at YoungPerps

In case 1801014-98, multiple end-of-day reports of short tills prompts the Loss Prevention Officer to open and investigation into the missing money. He catches a tall, handsome straight boy on camera stuffing cash into his pants, leading him to interview him one-on-one.

YoungPerps: Petty Theft (Case #1801016-12)

Petty Theft (Case # 1801016-12) at YoungPerps

In case 1801016-12, this tiny twink boy (Austin Lock) is back again, apparently not having learned his lesson from before! The Loss Prevention Officer (Drake Magnum) knows it’s his second offense and call in the boy’s step dad to alert him to the theft. The older daddy is willing to do anything to get the boy off the hook: pay for the merchandise, bribe the officer… even take his huge, bare cock! The officer can’t resist taking advantage of the situation, taking his pleasure on the tight holes of both the man and his boy!

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Officer Drake Magnum Interrogates and Fucks Two Perps) (Case # 1801015-02)

Petty Theft (Case # 1801015-02) at YoungPerps

In case 1801015-02, two buddies head to the electronics store hoping to check out the post holiday sales. But apparently, the only deal one of them is interested in is five-finger discount. He doesn’t know his friend has already had a run-in with the pervy Loss Prevention Officer and tries to swipe a tiny camera for himself. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re caught on camera stealing cameras! Not wanting to end up in jail, the two agree to the officer’s own special deal: take his big, raw cock and avoid the slammer!

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Jack Hunter Interrogates and Fucks Damien Nichols) (Case # 1710004-28)

Petty Theft (Jack Hunter Interrogates and Fucks Damien Nichols) (Case # 1710004-28) at YoungPerps

This hard up stud, Damien Nichols, has been trying to spice things up between him and his girlfriend. Some sexy lingerie would do the trick, but he can’t afford it. Thinking he can swipe the tiny, lacy item without anyone noticing, he tucks it into his pants and make for the door. It wasn’t his lucky day — the loss prevention officer, Jack Hunter, was there to grab him. Now he has no choice but to do what the officer says, otherwise his girlfriend’s gift will be bailing him out of jail.

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Charles King Interrogates and Fucks Perp Chris Abbot) (Case # 1710001-07)

Petty Theft (Charles King Interrogates and Fucks Perp) (Case # 1710007-07) at YoungPerps

A college student (Chris Abbot) into a high end sunglasses store looking to swipe a cool pair of shades for the start of school. He though the display case would make for an easy lift, but the store staff caught on to him. The loss prevention officer (Charles King) finds them on him and decides to cut him a break and let him go… he just has to take his big cock first.

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Jack Hunter Fucks Perp) (Case # 1710005-35)

Petty Theft (Jack Hunter Fucks Perp) (Case # 1710005-35) at YoungPerps

Petty theft. Young, black male, no id, 5’7″ was seen placing an object into his backpack near a display of adult literature approaching closing time. The suspect was apprehended by security and detained for questioning. In custody, the suspect was evasive and quiet while clutching his backpack tightly. Upon inspection, the backpack’s contents contained several suggestive personal items as well as an unpurchased adult instruction book. The suspect was then frisked and complied with a strip search; no additional items found on his person. An understanding was reached by the suspect and the loss prevention officer, and he was released without involvement of law enforcement. $14.95 retail value recovered for the store without incident.

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Charles King Fucks Perp) (Case # 1710003-21)

Petty Theft (Charles King Fucks Perp) (Case # 1710003-21) at YoungPerps

A teenage boy walks into a sex shop on a dare, hoping to steal something and score some cred for his bravery. Instead, his criminal behavior is sniffed out and he’s caught by the watchful loss prevention officer. He denies wrongdoing, but after a thorough search, the truth of his crime is quickly revealed. The young man is presented with a tough choice: suck off the officer of have the cops and his parents find out.