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Aleks Buldocek Fucks Lorenzo Flexx in ‘TSA Checkpoint’ Scene 3 at Raging Stallion

TSA Checkpoint (Aleks Buldocek Fucks Lorenzo Flexx) (Scene 3) at Raging Stallion

Lorenzo Flexx and Aleks Buldocek are airline baggage handlers and when they take it upon themselves to have a little fun going through some bags, they find a few things to make their day a little brighter…

Aleks Buldocek Fucks Drew Hill in ‘My Little Secret: The Plumber’ at Colby’s Crew

My Little Secret: The Plumber (Aleks Buldocek Fucks Drew Hill) at Colby's Crew

Drew Hill is in for a rough ride today. He’s hanging out alone at home, playing games on his smartphone, when the doorbell rings. He’s not expecting anyone, but runs for the front door to see who’s there. It’s the plumber. Aleks Buldocek tells Drew he’s been called to service a water problem. With an unexpected and puzzled look on his face, Drew tells the guy that his parents are out with his twin brother at a hockey game, but he’ll gladly show him what’s up.

Jonah Fontana & Aleks Buldocek Tag-Team Brett Dylan in ‘You Bet Your Ass’ at Colby’s Crew

You Bet Your Ass (Aleks Buldocek & Jonah Fontana Tag-Team Brett Dylan) at Colby's Crew

It’s poker night and Brett Dylan is not having a good night. He’s down to his last chips and goes all in. And, he loses. As he announces his withdrawal from the game, Jonah Fontana raises the specter of Brett betting his ass for the next round. Aleks Buldocek voices his agreement. Brett seems pretty comfortable with the idea and decides to stay in the game. If he loses, his ass is theirs. First cards are dealt and his prospects appear pretty dim. Compared to his opponents’ high pairs, he only musters low single cards. As the round progresses things are only looking worse.

RagingStallion: Hung Americans: Part 2 (James Ryder & Aleks Buldocek) (Scene 1)

Hung Americans: Part 2 (James Ryder & Aleks Buldocek) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Visions of Aleks Buldocek and James Ryder fill the screen, each one revealing more than the last, until they are fully erect and ready to rock.

RagingStallion: Timberwolves (Shawn Wolfe & Aleks Buldocek) (Scene 4)

Timberwolves (Shawn Wolfe & Aleks Buldocek) at Raging Stallion

Aleks Buldocek and Shawn Wolfe eye each other in the murky light of a gay bar nestled in the woods. They are shirtless, and both have torsos covered with hair. Their hands grope and squeeze their crotches until it’s clear each man has a serious boner in his pants. Aleks makes the first move, crossing over to Shawn giving him a bear hug…