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Colby’s Crew is the namesake gay porn site of top gay porn star and professional rugby player, Colby Jansen. With, Colby will be offering his fans around the world the best of what Colby does and provide a hot and unprecedented look into his fantasy world.

Teddy Torres and William Moore Flip-Fuck in ‘Room Service’ at Colby’s Crew

Room Service (Teddy Torres and William Moore Flip-Fuck) at Colby's Crew

Lounging in his hotel room, scruffy Teddy Torres is one horny fuck jacking off his thick fat uncut cock while watching porn on his computer. Swept away in a porn-induced trans, he appears to have forgotten about the room service he ordered. When the door knocks, he’s pulled out of his daze and quickly zips up to hide his brief-busting cock.

Colby Jansen Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Pre-Break Up Pleasures’ at Colby’s Crew

Pre-Break Up Pleasures (Colby Jansen Fucks Skyy Knox) at Colby's Crew

Colby Jensen is at the cottage, tending to the fire in the wood stove when a knock at the door breaks the stillness of the air. He answers the door, eyeing a hunky Skyy Knox stranded as his car is stuck in the snow down the road. The winter may be cold, but things in the cottage have just heated up a notch. Hospitable host that he is, Colby offers the stud a beer while he waits. Wondering what this hot specimen of a man was doing so far from anywhere, Colby asks him what brought him so deep in the middle of nowhere. Skyy explains that he just came by to break up with his boyfriend, He’s just too eager to slut around with other dudes.

Teddy Torres Barebacks Zac Hunter in ‘Cabin Buddies’ Part 2 at Colby’s Crew

Cabin Buddies (Teddy Torres Fucks Zac Hunter) (Part 2) at Colby's Crew

What do boys and winter have in common? A desperate need for the hotness of a stiff wood in a hot fire! After settling in at the cabin, the guys had a good night’s rest and headed out to the wintry wonderland for some fun in the sun and snow. A little bit of horse play, a little bit of piggyback play and all were bonding admirably. But before that was to happen, morning wood would have it’s say, as it always has a way of kicking things off on the right foot.

Colby Jansen Fucks Cory Kane in ‘Strip Football’ at Colby’s Crew

Strip Football (Colby Jansen Fucks Cory Kane) at Colby's Crew

Colby Jansen is playing foosball with his newest conquest, Cory Kane. After a few rounds, he suggests that they up the ante. With every loss, they strip a piece of clothing. Cory is first to peel off his top, then comes Colby. Finally, Cory loses the next round and removes his sweats, announcing that he’s got no briefs. He unveils a stiffening and sizeable cock that leaves a definite impression on Colby. The game abruptly stops and their lips connect. After a brief kiss off, Colby goes down on the young Cory’s now massive uncut boner.

Colby Jansen Fucks Zac Hunter in ‘Cabin Buddies’ Part 1 at Colby’s Crew

Cabin Buddies (Colby Jansen Fucks Zac Hunter) (Part 1) at Colby's Crew

Colby Jansen and the crew arrive at a rented cabin for a short getaway from the city. As the boys marvel at the place, Colby’s focus is on the bar downstairs, to which he draws Zac Hunter to see what spirits await. Having no mixers handy, Colby suggests that they get started on vodka shooters, which seems quite fine with his partner in lust.

Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler Fuck Abe Andrews in ‘Don’t Tell Mom’ Part 3 at Colby’s Crew

Don't Tell Mom (Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler Fuck Abe Andrews) at Colby's Crew

Revenge is sweet. After Colby Jansen admitted to Jaxton Wheeler that he had to fuck his stepson to protect their secret little affair from the dark-haired jock’s wife, Dad promptly calls home the devious Abe Andrews for a scolding. But no typical scolding that will be! Confronted by his stepdad about blackmailing Colby, the wicked teen denies any wrongdoing. This only pushes the two jocks into horny anger. They manhandle the kid, tearing off his jeans, hitting his butt hard and getting him to suck some serious man cock. While he’s sucking on Colby’s stiff boner, Jaxton strips down and starts fucking his stepson’s burning red marked ass.

Aleks Buldocek Fucks Drew Hill in ‘My Little Secret: The Plumber’ at Colby’s Crew

My Little Secret: The Plumber (Aleks Buldocek Fucks Drew Hill) at Colby's Crew

Drew Hill is in for a rough ride today. He’s hanging out alone at home, playing games on his smartphone, when the doorbell rings. He’s not expecting anyone, but runs for the front door to see who’s there. It’s the plumber. Aleks Buldocek tells Drew he’s been called to service a water problem. With an unexpected and puzzled look on his face, Drew tells the guy that his parents are out with his twin brother at a hockey game, but he’ll gladly show him what’s up.

Jonah Fontana & Aleks Buldocek Tag-Team Brett Dylan in ‘You Bet Your Ass’ at Colby’s Crew

You Bet Your Ass (Aleks Buldocek & Jonah Fontana Tag-Team Brett Dylan) at Colby's Crew

It’s poker night and Brett Dylan is not having a good night. He’s down to his last chips and goes all in. And, he loses. As he announces his withdrawal from the game, Jonah Fontana raises the specter of Brett betting his ass for the next round. Aleks Buldocek voices his agreement. Brett seems pretty comfortable with the idea and decides to stay in the game. If he loses, his ass is theirs. First cards are dealt and his prospects appear pretty dim. Compared to his opponents’ high pairs, he only musters low single cards. As the round progresses things are only looking worse.

Drew Hill, Joey D & Scott DeMarco in ‘The Ball Boy Gets Tag-Teamed’ at Colby’s Crew

The Ball Boy Gets Tag Teamed (Drew Hill, Joey D & Scott DeMarco) at Colby's Crew

Studly Joey D and handsome Scott DeMarco are facing off on the tennis court as young Drew Hill chases the balls back and forth on the hard surface. As the guys wrap up the game and congratulate each other, Drew announces that he’s heading to the showers and parts company with the two jocks. Joey and Scott both longingly watch the kid leave the court and admit to finding him to their liking.

Kaleb Storm Fucks Colby Jansen in ‘My Best Friend’s Step Dad’ at Colby’s Crew

My Best Friend's Step Dad (Kaleb Storm Fucks Colby Jansen) at Colby's Crew

When Kaleb Storm stops by Marko’s place to visit, Marko’s step dad, Colby Jansen, answers the door. He tells Kaleb that his step son isn’t there, but he can wait for him in his room. Kaleb accepts. As Marko’s buddy patiently waits, Colby arrives in the room and tells him that Marko won’t be arriving anytime soon. He’s carrying a couple of beers and offers one to Kaleb. Kaleb takes him up on the offer. Colby then sits next to him on Marko’s bed and starts chatting. Kaleb tells him that Marko is now doing well in school. It seems, according to Colby, that Marko had been struggling and not adjusting well when he started seeing his Mom.

Mateo Fucks Kevin David in ‘The Hockey Tournament’ Part 2 at Colby’s Crew

The Hockey Tournament (Mateo Fucks Kevin David) at Colby's Crew

Mateo is a hockey player who’s just finished fucking his teammate hunky Tobias James. He’s on his way to grab a shower to cool off. With those hot earlobe piercings and his sexy accent, this dude is one fine piece of Italian maleness. Wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist, he opens the bathroom door and unexpectedly comes face to face with his other teammate, Frenchman Kevin David, who’s lounging in the tub.

Colby Jansen Fucks Kevin David in ‘The French Exchange Student’ Part 2 at Colby’s Crew

The French Exchange Student (Colby Jansen Fucks Kevin David) at Colby's Crew

A few weeks back Colby Jansen did a casting session with his new cash-starved roommate, Kevin David, a French exchange student. Since then, Kevin has been waiting to see if he would be picked to shoot a scene. Today, Colby enters the kid’s room to give him the good news. He’s in.

Colby’s Crew: The Hockey Tournament (Mateo Fucks Tobias James)

The Hockey Tournament (Mateo Fucks Tobias James) at Colby's Crew

Tobias James and Mateo have gone out of town for a hockey tournament. They’ve just arrived, exhausted, at the condo they’re staying at. Talking about chicks and tits, they open some beers and hang out around the dining room table. From afar, the coach berates the and orders them to bed as they have a game early the next day.

Colby Jansen, Brett Dylan and Drew Hill in ‘The Internship: Part Four’ at Colby’s Crew

The Internship: Part Four (Colby Jansen, Brett Dylan and Drew Hill) at Colby's Crew

Colby Jansen’s interviews for a new intern are going well. In typical Colby fashion, he’s done some up close and personal interviews. At this point he has he’s let go of Jackson Grant, his intern of the past two years and narrowed down his choices for a replacement intern to Brett Dylan or Drew Hill. Now he’s having to decide which of the two newbies it will be. As a successful athlete, Colby knows the virtue of healthy competition.

Colby Jansen Fucks Alexander Pierson in ‘Frat House Initiation’ at Colby’s Crew

Frat House Initiation (Colby Jansen Fucks Alexander Pierson) at Colby's Crew

Alexander Pierson is seated on an outside bench texting. He’s waiting for The Call. His phone rings, he answers and then receives his instructions. As it turns out, Alexander just joined a fraternity on campus and it’s time for his initiation. He’s told to get his ass back to the frat house, head to the basement, strip naked and put on a blindfold.

Colby’s Crew: The Ex-Girlfriend (Colby Jansen Fucks Tobias James)

The Ex-Girlfriend (Colby Jansen Fucks Tobias James) at Colby's Crew

Women. Ugh! Colby Jansen is really frustrated with his girlfriend. He’s on the phone with her haggling over unpaid bills and her non-stop long hours at the job. And, obviously too much work means too little sex. Colby hangs up, knowing nothing has been settled. She’ll be home late, exhausted and ready for bed. Breaking this mood of desperation, Tobias James walks in with beers in hand. He gives one to Colby, and sits next to him and asks, “what’s up?”.

Colby Jansen Fucks Jackson Grant in ‘The Internship: Part Three’ at Colby’s Crew

The Internship: Part Three (Colby Jansen Fucks Jackson Grant) at Colby's Crew

It’s bummer news! As Jackson Grant plays chess with his boss Colby Jansen, his boss informs him that times up and he’s on the chopping block. After two years as Colby’s intern, this isn’t what he was hoping for. But, he appears resigned as Colby tells him it’s time to move on and go for better things.

Colby Jansen Fucks Seth Knight in ‘The Greek Bathhouse’ at Colby’s Crew

The Greek Bathhouse (Colby Jansen Fucks Seth Knight) at Colby's Crew

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Seth Knight rises from the waters of a Greek Jacuzzi tub, angling to service a relaxing yet horny Colby Jansen. Colby, for his part, is just laying back and enjoying the mood, eyeing the young hairless stud. Seth makes his move and starts giving Colby one intense blow job, deftly alternating between hand and mouth action and keeping his mature partner in a slow motion trance.

Colby’s Crew: Party On (Jack Hunter and Colby Jansen Flip-Fuck) (Part 1)

Party On (Jack Hunter and Colby Jansen Flip-Fuck) (Part 1) at Colby's Crew

Partying and visiting Vegas seem to go hand in hand. After a night on the town, Colby Jansen and his buddies Matt Hart, Dominic Pacifico and Jack Hunter return to his place for a nightcap, if you can call it that! Colby’s runs out glasses, so they chug straight from the bottle instead. While Dominic and Matt seem to be eyeing each other, Colby has his sights set on Jack. As he gets up and heads toward his bedroom, Colby eyes Jack to follow him.

Colby Jansen Fucks Aiden Woods Flip-Fuck in ‘Shooting Hoops’ at Colby’s Crew

Shooting Hoops (Colby Jansen Fucks Aiden Woods Flip-Fuck) at Colby's Crew

Colby Jansen is hanging out, shooting some hoops, with Aiden Woods at his Las Vegas lair. Sweltering under Vegas’ scorching summer desert heat, the guys peel off their jerseys for some reprieve. As they’re practicing their dribbling and Colby attempts to dunk the ball, he actually challenges himself by telling Aiden that he’ll need to blow his him if he makes the next shot.