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BaitBuddies: Manny Diaz (Str8) & Zach Alexander (Bait)

Manny Diaz (Str8) & Zach Alexander (Bait) on

Zach contacted us wanting to know if we could help him fulfill a fantasy he has had for several years. Intrigued, we found out that since college he had a secret desire to have sex with his best buddy and hoped we could capture it on film. As soon as we saw how incredibly good looking Zach was, we had to try this out! He has stunning hazel eyes, a RIPPED physique that shows off his 8 pack, huge low hanging balls, an enormous uncut cock and one of the most beautiful asses we have ever seen!

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BaitBuddies: Trent Diesel (Str8) & Tucker Forrest (Bait)

Trent Diesel (Str8) & Tucker Forrest (Bait) on

Trent is the fantasy straight guy we would all love to take home with us. He is kind of the apple pie, boy next door type, cute, tall and sexy. But once we opened that dream boy package he transformed into a butch, muscular stud with a thick sculpted body, huge shoulders, thick arms, tattoos, just the right amount of chest hair, a thick manly voice and an even thicker cock. Who woulda thunk? Even our hot Bait boy Tucker was stunned to see what he had to look forward to (watch “after the shoot” or check out our Blog to hear just what he said).

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BaitBuddies: Travis West (Str8) & William Vas (Bait)

Travis West (Str8) & William Vas (Bait) on

Travis is a stunning red headed, fair skinned, straight dude who loves nothing more than scoring with women. This 20 year old college student was in need of some cash and lucky for us he was willing to make the switch and go Gay4Pay!…

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