Daniel Morris

Helix Studios: Keagan Case and Daniel Morris in ‘Flip-Flopping Cuties’

Keagan Case and Daniel Morris in 'Flip-Flopping Cuties' at Helix Studios

Helix Studios: We join Keagan Case, and Daniel Morris already locked in a hot embrace. Keagan’s horniness is at 100 plus, and he tears into Daniel like a cock hungry cannibal, ripping his shirt off, and sucking Morris’ meaty dick like a demon. He stands up after unleashing the first part of his ravenous wrath, ready to be serviced, and dick sucker Daniel is more than prepared. He deep throats that thick D like a pro, working the balls as his lips touch the base.

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Helix Studios: Silas Brooks and Newcomer Daniel Morris in ‘Dirty Blond Flip Fuck’

Dirty Blond Flip Fuck (Silas Brooks and Newcomer Daniel Morris) at Helix Studios

Helix Studios: This scorcher cuts right to the chase, when we join twink lover’s dream, Silas Brooks (a.k.a. Baconator) and Daniel Morris already in cock stiffening, deep kissing, porny progress!