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Big Dicks At School: Campus Cruising (Derek Nocturne & Nicoli Cole) (Flip-Flop)

Campus Cruising (Derek Nocturne & Nicoli Cole) at BigDicksAtSchool

Cruising on campus is one of the best parts of college life! Derek Nocturne & Nicoli Cole let you watch their hot hookup. Derek’s big dick fucks Nicoli hard deep inside his Columbian bubble butt and then they switch positions!

WankThis!: Andrew Doncaster & Derek Nocturne

Andrew Doncaster & Derek Nocturne at WankThis

Andrew Doncaster is watching porn on his laptop, huge cock in hand, just enjoying himself on a lazy afternoon. Derek Nocturne walks in on him, and he shyly asks if he can watch, too. Doncaster consents, and Derek sits down on the couch next to him. As he settles in, Derek pulls off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest, and this prompts Doncaster to get rid of his clothes as well. Of course, with a stiff cock next to him, Doncaster’s attention soon turns away from the video. He grabs Derek’s cock and begins pumping it with his hand as well – he is filled with delight!