Articles Featuring: Landon II (Sean Cody)

Sean Cody: Landon Fucks Shaw (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Shaw (Bareback) at SeanCody

There’s nothing like being in the mountains with Landon and Shaw, two muscle studs complimenting each other on their bodies.

Sean Cody: Landon, Deacon & Asher (Bareback Threeway)

Landon, Deacon & Asher (Bareback 3-Way) at SeanCody

Deacon and Asher had so much fun last time that they had to come back for some more threesome action…this time with hottie Landon!

SeanCody: Landon Fucks Cassian (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Cassian (Bareback) at SeanCody

Landon and Cassian seemed to be like two peas in a pod. Both of these hotties had a lot of fun playing some basketball together…but distractions were inevitable.

SeanCody: Landon Fucks Philip (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Philip (Bareback) at SeanCody

Landon and Philip have been hanging out for the past couple of days, and they get along really well. We asked what they’ve been doing together, and Landon looked at wide-eyed Philip, “Uhh, just talking mostly…playing video games…”

SeanCody: Landon Fucks Lane (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Lane (Bareback) at SeanCody

Hotties Landon & Lane felt adventurous and decided to have some fun outdoors…good ol’ sex on the beach!

SeanCody: Landon Fucks Sean (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Sean (Bareback) at SeanCody

Landon and Sean just wanted to go straight to fucking, so they played some ball for a bit before playing with each other’s balls…

SeanCody: Landon Fucks Porter (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Porter (Bareback) at SeanCody

Porter wanted Landon’s big dick in his ass and Landon wanted nothing more than to give him what he wanted…and he gave it to him good, blowing a load deep inside of him.

SeanCody: Ethan & Landon

Ethan & Landon at SeanCody

“Dude, your dick is so fucking big!” Ethan said as he watched Landon approach with a raging hard-on!

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SeanCody: Landon & Liev (Bareback)

Landon & Liev (Bareback) at SeanCody

Landon was trying to deep throat Liev. He was doing his best and almost had it. There were tears in his eyes.

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SeanCody: Landon & Connor (Bareback)

Landon & Connor (Bareback) at SeanCody

Landon slid his dick into Connor, and started pumping. Connor whimpered a little, but then threw his head back and really went for a ride!

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SeanCody: Max & Landon

Max & Landon at SeanCody

Landon’s cock was hard the entire time he was sitting behind Max, massaging his shoulders!

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SeanCody: Pete & Landon

Pete & Landon at SeanCody

Pete had heard all about Landon’s huge penis and was anxious to see it for himself!

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SeanCody: Landon & Tommy (Flip-Flop-Fuck)

Landon & Tommy at SeanCody

Up until now, both Landon and Tommy have only wanted to fuck. Whenever I’ve brought up the subject of GETTING fucked, the response has usually been “Oh, I don’t think I can do that…”

SeanCody: Landon & Jared

Landon & Jared at SeanCody

“We have to get you a big cock,” we told Jared. “At least 4 inches of it just to get past your muscle butt!”

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SeanCody: Landon & Dennis

Landon & Dennis at SeanCody

The real fun started when Landon slid his monster cock inside Dennis. Slow at first, and then he gave Dennis the pounding of his life!

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SeanCody: Landon (II)

Landon at SeanCody

Landon has a big, beefy chest, popping six pack abs, beautiful arms, and a big, thick, powerful cock!

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