Articles Featuring: Liam Efron Issue #61: Luca Carrera & Liam Efron (Scene 2)

Issue #61: Luca Carrera & Liam Efron (Scene 2) at

Our second Freshmen this week is Luca Carrera. Unlike Benoit, Luca only has about a half-dozen scenes with us. You will see that it was a masterstroke to pair him with Liam Efron as both boys masterfully stroke each other as totally uninhibited, energetic lovers. There’s a chance Liam has finally met his match here. What do you think?

Jerome Exupery Fucks Liam Efron in ‘A Tale of Two Boys…’ at Bel Ami Online

A Tale of Two Boys... (Jerome Exupery Fucks Liam Efron) at

Jerome Exupery actually first met Liam Efron when he was traveling back from a shoot in Budapest. Apparently, the 2 hit it off really well (or maybe I should say ‘got off together’) and the next week Liam had joined as part of the BelAmi team.

Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Liam Efron and Felix Gaul in ‘These Boys Are Insatiable’ at Bel Ami Online

These Boys Are Insatiable (Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Liam Efron and Felix Gaul) at

We decided to bring you Jack Harrer and Andre Boleyn taking on newcomers Felix Gaul and Liam Efron as our final Thursday update for 2016 here on BelAmiOnline. In this scene our newbies are determined to proved to the ‘old hands’ that whatever Jack and Andre can dish out, they can take. These 2 guys are truly insatiable.

Freshmen: Issue #8: Scene 1 (Dylan Maguire Fucks Liam Efron)

Issue #8: Scene 1 (Dylan Maguire Fucks Liam Efron) at

Some of you are under the impression that Liam Efron is a little bit hyperactive. I guess the same thing can also be said about Dylan Maguire, so we decided to try and combine their energies and see if the sexual dynamic worked. For some reason (maybe it was Marty’s sometimes sleepishness) the scene didn’t turn out how we expected it would, but it is certainly good and worth watching.