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ChaosMen: Shea & Solomon (Raw)

Shea & Solomon (Raw) at ChaosMen

Shea is still working through his abilities and skills to play around with another dude. He has got cock sucking down pretty solid, in fact he looks downright eager to suck on Solomon’s dick.

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ChaosMen: Jet & Shea (Raw)

Jet & Shea (Raw) at ChaosMen

It wasn’t until about halfway though Shea’s first sex video that he “let go” and got into doing his scene with Kelton. I figured he would struggle again at the beginning of this one, then he would ramp up as we went. It didn’t take him nearly as long!

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ChaosMen: Kelton & Shea (Raw)

Kelton & Shea (Raw) at ChaosMen

I couldn’t believe Shea wanted to come back and do more video work. He seemed so checked-out during his massage/oral video that I thought for sure something more interactive would be beyond him.

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