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Tegan Zayne & Rikk York Flip-Fucks in ‘The Thirst Is Real’ Scene 4 at RagingStallion

The Thirst Is Real (Tegan Zayne & Rikk York Flip-Fucks) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Passionate kissing has furry Tegan Zayne and tatted bad boy Rikk York ready to fuck! Tegan gets down and dirty with a blowjob for Rikk’s big, veiny cock. Spit flies as Tegan takes in Rikk’s member all the way to the back of his throat. Tegan lays back and holds his legs in the air to let Rikk pile-drive his hairy hole with his tongue. He moves from Tegan’s hole to his cock, then sucks on Tegan’s heavy balls.

Sebastian Kross Fucks Brogan Reed in ‘The Thirst is Real’ Scene 2 at Raging Stallion

The Thirst Is Real (Sebastian Kross Fucks Brogan Reed) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

Tattooed stud Sebastian Kross is making out with beardy, pierced Brogan Reed. Their cocks are hard and ready to get some action. Brogan sinks to his knees and slurps down Sebastian’s massive tool. Washboard abs flexing, Sebastian relishes the blow job. Brogan works the whole shaft, moving from teasing the tip with his tongue to deep throating the entire shaft. It’s an impressive feat, but Brogan manages to swallow Sebastian’s whole manhood.

Scott Demarco Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘The Thirst Is Real’ Scene 1 at Raging Stallion

The Thirst Is Real (Scott Demarco Fucks Bruno Bernal) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Sun-kissed hunks Bruno Bernal and Scott Demarco are thirsty for each other. Their lips lock and they explore one another’s chiseled physiques. Bruno, the Brazilian power-bottom, descends to his knees and takes a mouthful of Scott’s fat cock. After the hot hummer, Bruno gives his lips a rest and bends over exposing his hole for Scott to power rim. Now, Bruno’s ass is fully lubed with saliva, and Scott doesn’t waste any time driving his girthy meat into Bruno’s waiting man hole.