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CocksureMen: Michael Von Steel & Joey Trilliani

Michael Von Steel & Joey Trilliani at

Michael Von Steel & Joey Trilliani at

Michael Von Steel & Joey Trilliani at

Michael Von Steel & Joey Trilliani at

Watch Michael & Joey at

CSM wrote:

Ever dreamed of being a teacher to a hot straight hunk? Watch as Michael shows Joey how to really be with a man. Joey proves to be one hot student as he jumps into the action and takes control. Joey’s passion ignites as he touches, kisses, and fucks his teacher, Michael. You’ll agree Joey earns an A+!

12 Responses to CocksureMen: Michael Von Steel & Joey Trilliani

  1. avatar andrew says:

    both have hot bodies. not sure about the faces though

  2. avatar rayman says:

    not to worry … they have faces too!

  3. avatar oh boy says:

    CocksureMen? Wasn’t this exact scene on Jake Cruise last year sometime? Just a recycle of old footage….boooooring, its hot nonetheless anyway!!!

  4. avatar JB says:

    Yeah, exact same scene last year. Yeah BORING..

  5. avatar Rudd says:

    ok….it doesn’t seem like student-teacher anyway but glad to see Steel back….btw Steel’s cock looks bigger and thicker…think he got some enhancement or something…don’t remember him being so big

  6. avatar HUMANOID says:

    their faces have already expired…. so washed-out… time for re-botoxification!!!!

    or maybe most of jakecruise’s models have really hideous makeups all the time….

  7. avatar Texas Guy says:

    Andrew why are you so hard on the models? They are beautiful. Michael is amazing looking. His face is very handsome!

  8. avatar Mike says:

    Seriously looks like 2 crack-heads getting money for there next fix!

  9. avatar Scotts says:

    Love to see MVS getting plowed! He’s one HOT bottom.

  10. avatar ZFan says:

    i got a good laugh out of the name Joey Trilliani…

  11. avatar Drew says:

    Hot stuff. They look like two italian stallions in a crazy bonding ritual.

  12. avatar nutcracker says:

    It gets BORING to see Michael be the bottom many times already, NOTHING NEW. It could have been way hotter and sexier if the other guy “Joey” was to bottom.

    “Fuck his teacher”??? crap!!! I’d say “FUCK THE STUDENT”!

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