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BentleyRace: Blake Davis

Blake Davis at Bentley Race

Blake Davis at Bentley Race

Blake Davis at Bentley Race

Blake Davis at Bentley Race

Blake Davis at Bentley Race


I really do get to meet some of the nicest guys when I am travelling around the world. Blake Davis tops the list of nice guys that I’ve met while travelling this year. Blake was interested in the shoots we had planned to do during our stay in Chicago. The windy city is full of amazing looking men. So it should have been no surprise that I would get to meet this sexy 22 year old straight muscle boy called Blake. He was so nervous when he turned up at my hotel. In fact he was the most nervous guy I’ve ever met. It was Blake’s first time getting naked in front of the camera… or in front of another guy. But I really wanted to get him modelling for me. So I made it a fairly simple stripping and posing shoot in the lounge room and on my bed. Wait till that shirt comes off and you see all those fur covered muscles come bursting out. Put on a pair of black rimmed glasses and you’d swear this was Superman getting naked on camera. Blake is a super sweet guy. Apart from the nervousness at the beginning we had a lot of fun making doing this shoot. With his looks and that amazing body I hope Blake will consider doing it again.


19 Responses to BentleyRace: Blake Davis

  1. avatar DaveAtom says:

    WOW I found this dude really really sexy. I know he’s not the prettiest or hasn’t the perfect body, but damn, is super hot! Boyfriend material in real life.
    Love the attitude, the hairy body (chest, pits, legs,…), is killin’ me =D,

  2. avatar dio says:

    well, hellooooo, Blake. *adjusts tie*

  3. avatar themaskedman55 says:

    Can we have this guy do a scene with Josh Harris…pleaseeeeee.

  4. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    Heck yes! Total husband material! So perfect! :)

  5. avatar 09755 says:

    He’s cite and sexy. I’d love to have him as a boyfriend and show him off!

  6. avatar Snaggles says:

    Wow I like this one. :)

  7. avatar CA says:

    Haha, I thought the same thing. Total boyfriend material…so much so, that he looks like an old boyfriend of mine.

  8. avatar riricox says:

    With a little toning of the body, this guy can be a superstar.

  9. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Very hooot

  10. avatar johnsobe says:

    Some lovely serious body hair on a nice looking man

  11. avatar tomtomson says:

    love that chest hair big time!!!

  12. avatar landreau says:

    Yeah, he’s the kinda guy that you want to be in a relationship with — even though he’s doesn’t really get the juices flowing. The hairy chest is a plus, but I’m guessing he has a flat ass — as we don’t get much of a look at it.

  13. avatar freater says:

    If only he has a better dick! Cute face and bod nonetheless.

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