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BentleyRace: Blake Davis (Shower Time)

Blake Davis (Shower Time) at Bentley Race

Blake Davis (Shower Time) at Bentley Race

Blake Davis (Shower Time) at Bentley Race

Blake Davis (Shower Time) at Bentley Race

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Earlier this year I featured my 22 year old straight mate Blake Davis on BentleyRace. We had met up while I was on vacation in Chicago. When Blake turned up for his first shoot he was even more nervous than the first time we met. I’ve shot with nervous guys before but Blake was really worried about how he would go getting nude in front of the camera, and in front of the gay man taking the photos! And there was no hiding when I asked him to model in a skimpy speedo. Of course the nerves soon went away once he was completely naked and soaking himself in the hot shower. When I saw Blake’s amazing muscly hairy body there’s no way I was going to let him off lightly. Eventually Blake was flexing and posing like a pro. He even asked about doing more as we were wrapping up our afternoon session.

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  • dio

    mmm, mmm good. *slurp*

    • AssLover

      Hot Hairy guy Yum!!!!!

  • von schlomo

    How did I know he was going to have whacked pubes, course they could be a lot worse, like the Europeans. Ugh

    • Beetlejuice


  • SuperDuper

    Yeah, I’d totally fuck him.

    • richie


    • swim400

      in a minute

  • Hot

  • bob80

    Sexy guy with sexy thighs.

  • themaskedman55

    Pure sex. OMG. I hope he does a scene with someone soon!

  • DaveAtom

    Damn you hot hairy hunk! Luv ya!!!

  • Raihan Delano

    Wow I think he is a sexy guy

  • Bob-omb

    Cute face with a smokin’ body. Did I really just say smokin’? Whatever. I want him in my bed, now.

  • Daniel