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CockyBoys: Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Watch Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby and Ricky have wanted to get together for a while, and not just because their fans have been dying to see them in action. These two have real chemistry — Colby is one of the hottest tops in the business and Ricky one of the hottest bottoms. And when two guys know exactly what they want from each other, the sex just gets hotter and hotter.

For their first time fucking, the guys wanted to do something a little out of the norm. So Colby whipped out a penis pump for them to play around with (not that either of these guys actually needed it), and things took an interesting turn. It’s hard to believe that Colby’s cock could get any bigger than it is, but it really inflated like a balloon. The pump almost broke open actually, much to Ricky’s delight!

Both Colby and Ricky were really given a boost after their dicks were pumped up to capacity, and Colby pounded Ricky hard. From the noises Ricky was making, he enjoyed every inch of Colby’s rod inside of him. And their climax was unreal — whether it was their great chemistry together or the help of the penis pump, we’ve never seen two guys produce such big cumshawts!

Watch Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

25 Responses to CockyBoys: Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman

  1. avatar scottnyer says:

    two hot bodies and hot guys. Looks effin’ hot!!! I admit bareback would make it incredible.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      The pump is as dismaying to me as the condom. Why would CK even think about letting anything but a hand, mouth, or hole pull on that majestic piece?

      Pesky plastic and latex aside, I’m glad he’s with CB because there are very few companies with the photographic and art-design skills to do him justice. This layout is breathtaking, though RR does nothing for me except receive CK’s perfection with appropriate gratitude.

    • avatar swim400 says:

      so succinctly put moondoggy!

    • avatar Guy says:

      Totally agree moondoggy.

  2. avatar slipperyslope says:

    I am head-over-heels in love/lust/adoration/infatuation with Colby, and I sincerely pray his comments about castration were not serious, as there are probably some sicko perverts out there with enough money to take him up on it.

  3. avatar dio says:

    this is fucking awesome.

  4. avatar elmtree says:

    Colby seems to be making the rounds showing off that hot bod of his in a lot of updates lately…yeah!

  5. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    Colby Keller? Hell fuckin’ yes.

  6. avatar ero1233 says:

    Sorry,it seems this is not the right topic here.
    But I want to say what’s wrong with CF? They learn from SC and put off the comments?

  7. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Both of them have the sex gets hotter and hotter.

  8. avatar jazz says:

    SC’s Ajay is back and getting fucked!! Xmas came early!!!!

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Well Ajay being back and bottoming is indeed reason to celebrate. BUT he’s paired with some unknown, average (at best) looking model! Really SC?

    • avatar dio says:

      yep. ;__; RB tried it, tho.

    • avatar dio says:

      eh, SC’s Steven kinda reminds me of AD’s (gorgeous) Brian… he can stay, if he’s good @ it, tbh.

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      Fuck yesssssss to Ajays sexy ass!!

    • avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

      This is such a fuckin awesome surprise. I thought he was completely over porn, the way he talked about it in some interviews. Much less returning to his old home and going full bareback bottom? Hope this means more vids and not a one time thing like Mitch (cruelly) seemed to be.

    • avatar Guy says:

      Wish it was Jarek doing his last scene at SC with Ajay but yes indeed it’s great he’s back!

    • avatar endeeeff says:

      Yay for Ajay’s return! But…Steven? MEHHH.

  9. avatar Daniel says:

    Ajay needs a shave. Hot otherwise.

  10. avatar freater says:

    What’s happening with Colby’s nails? Otherwise he’s perfection as always.

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