JakeCruise: Criss Strokes (Serviced)

Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise

Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise
Criss Strokes (Serviced) at Jake Cruise

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Jake wrote:

Criss first shot 3 scenes for my straight porn for gay men site, When I saw that monster cock, I knew I had to get my hands and mouth around it some day. It took a few months, but finally I got Criss right where I wanted him: deep inside my mouth.

Criss is very nice and we had a lot of fun. At first I didn’t know what to do with that mammoth piece of meat. Do I put it over my shoulder and burp it? Do I rub it until a genie pops out? But my instincts soon took over and I had ten inches of hard cock sliding down my throat. I have to admit I’m very proud to have deep-throated the incredible Mr. Strokes several times. I guess practice makes perfect.

  • Eric

    I`m the first.I really don`t like that old guy.Such a stupid

  • brandon

    criss has probably the best body I’ve seen in porn I even like that he is pale and hot and for once I’m happy to see Jake bc it takes a true cock slut to deep throat that cock and this is the first time I’ve seen him deep throated

  • pete

    when will that old asshole jake get out of town or better still throw himself off santa monica pier but his rotten body would kill sea life just clear out you old turd

  • whoa

    i feel so sorry for criss.

  • RJ

    Two fuglies, though at least that Criss guy has a good body. And thanks to Jake for keeping his clothes on again!

  • Josh

    Poor Criss must have been broke.

  • BLAH

    ::sigh:: I give up . . . . .

  • pete

    has that old turd jake hit the road yet? if not today tomorrow please

  • MM

    hold on golden girls- criss is hot, i just wish he’d go gay and leave the poontang alone. as 4 jake , *if you have nothing nice to say …. put criss w/ college dudes 247 ace- 2 big dick guys and have him bone ace. and bone supertop aj.
    i would put him with corbin fisher guys but they are so

  • mizbehavin

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not Criss! omg i just threw up. he is my favorite. but now….het is tainted. omg.

  • Vic

    I’m with you BLAH.

  • moondoggy

    Am I missing something? Has Jake Cruise done something to earn the scorn that people heap on him on pages like this, besides get older? “Throw himself off Santa Monica Pier”??

  • chriso

    What the fuck is wrong with you little whiners? Why do you ALL feel the need to comment on shit you don’t like? If you don’t like it – PASS IT THE FUCK BY. It sounds like every single one of you is just massively jealous because you don’t get to suck big dicks for a living and Jake Cruise does. Get the fuck over yourselves, seriously.

    • eatmyplis

      I was unaware I had a twin in this world O:

  • bruno

    well said, chriso
    don’t like a freaking FREE PORN Picture? Click to the next one, duh.

  • Sick_Of_UR_Bitching

    Hey guys – I’ve got an idea – let’s all team up and hate all the old guys – It’s not like any of us will ever be old so what the hell difference does it make – they are only fellow humans.

  • Jace

    Love the photos where Criss is tenting in his shorts. Good for Criss, he is a true sexual performer…he can do it with anyone…

  • bigwad

    Is Jake checking Criss for athlete foot?? Irregard of this latter coments, we are here to get excited with porn. Jake is not exciting actually he is a turn off. He looks like our dads in a bad day.

  • pete

    jake cruise is big fat old turd i repeat what i say he can throw himself in front of bus on santa monica blvd i dont like anyone who takes me my wood

  • Disappointed

    It is sickening and sad how little human life means anymore – And I do mean VERY sickening and VERY sad. Making statements that certain people should die, or be killed or kill themselves because others do not look the way you think they should, and couldn’t stay 20 years old forever.
    Some of you really have some hard lessons to learn. With the right to make comments at will and exercising free speech comes with responsibility. Spewing venomous statements forth can be very hurtful to others – it’s obvious though, that means nothing to most people today. Just remember when someone says something that really hurts you someday, how you didn’t hesitate to hurt others.
    Peace, love and hopeful enlightenment to all

  • pete

    guess some guys are just old turd lovers its the first amendment i will say what i want good or bad i find the pictures of jake cruise deeply disurbing he he wants to show his vile self on the internet then he should show himself alone so those who desire the aged can tune into that site maybe a few bad words will bring this old bold headed bowel motion to his senses i am old my self a vietnam veteran that is my last word on the suject it leaves a real bad taste in my mouth

  • Disappointed

    I will just stick to looking at the pictures, and will skip the comments, forevermore thinking of the comment section as a nasty snake pit full of vile, hateful, vicious, selfish and self-centered jerks. Enjoy each other’s company you evil fucks.
    I will miss some of the guys that make comments, because some of them are actually quality people.

  • Caelus

    jake is the only reason i never download his videos, without him his site is actually pretty good, he is the biggest turnoff in gay porn history.

    and criss is one of the hottest in straight porn, he’s been in Brazzers & Naughty America many times

  • boxer

    i don’t hate older men. guys are guys. but i don’t particularly fantasize about them. and i don’t like to see them in porn. especially ugly older dudes. i mean hell he’s probably the age of george clooney but i’d take porn with george clooney over this gross guy anytime.

    just because i don’t like this guy doesn’t mean i’m a vain, youth obsessed weirdo. i just think he’s gross.

  • bobby joe

    so, I know I’ve seen Criss around before in the amateur porn world, but i didn’t realize till right now who he is! he’s one of my friend from high school’s ex boyfriend. His tattoo on his chest says “Ferran”, that’s my friend’s name. I just found him on myspace too, no way he’s in gay porn!

  • jerry

    bobby joe, you just posted a comment that you found criss strokes on myspace. What is his profile name on myspace??? I want to add criss strokes as a friend there. please help me find him on myspace. thanks.

  • Anton

    I loathe Jake Cruise and desperately wish he would stay the fuck behind the camera.

    I don’t hate him because he’s old or out of shape (I actually happen to often be totally hot for older men), I hate Jake Cruise because he’s deeply FUCKING CREEPY!

    Not only does the man himself exude a disturbing vibe, but his interaction with his models is also particularly unsettling. He doesn’t engage with them in as sexual equals in any way–he objectifies and infantilizes his models in a manner that’s actually quite troubling. There’s something very pedophile-like about how he treats his models.

    Jake’s very presence onscreen in an absolute boner-killer. It’s impossible to even willfully ignore him and focus on the model–something that’s actually very easy to do with the women in Straight Guys for Gay Eyes.

    So yes, Jake can fuck off and die. Don’t fucking accuse me of prejudice against older men or some such bullshit. It’s Jake himself who’s worthy of utter disgust.

  • Pututoy

    He doesn’t engage with them in as sexual equals in any way–he objectifies and infantilizes his models in a manner that’s actually quite troubling. There’s something very pedophile-like about how he treats his models.

    My sentiments exactly! Older men can be hot, and Jake himself isn’t that bad-looking, but the way he treats his models just stops short of outright molestation. It’s just creepy.

  • David Edwards

    This vid is haunting Criss and his career. All his fans are squawking about it (and it’s not going away.) No one can believe Criss needed the bucks so bad as to agree to do a scene with that disgusting old faggot Jake (who everyone vilifies.) Criss stinks at gay porn and is usually mentally absent, but with Jake it’s even more evident. What a creepy fucker that Jake is – real jail bate pedophile material. His site isn’t popular because of who he is as a creep – some go to his sg4ge site because he’s behind the camera not in front of it. But this vid with Criss and Jake is really a turn off…FUCKIN’ YUCK!

  • LT

    poor Criss – you could sooo see in the pictures he was so not down for this I’m certain that he had a fattttt paycheck though!! the things we do for money!!! he is one ht mofo though most definitely!!

  • Kim Sugar

    why? I love him.

  • Luca

    Jake Cruise is a good porn realisator , he made a good site ( SG4GY) but he disgusts me..He uses his money, his power to corrupt the actors, to ” buy them” because he can’t fuck in the real life; I love your post Brandon haha :d

  • me

    with all the $ jake has, he should hit the gym…at least!

  • mimi33

    why do you bastards choose to comment hatefully? i can see if it was constructive criticism but come on now, this goes to show you the true nature of people. if you don’t like it, stop carping and shut the hell up. why do you people even look at this if you hate it so much? stop being a hypocrite. thanks to the legit commentors for acting with sense.

  • Bill

    I find Jake pretty damn hot myself. True, he’s no Adonis but so many gay men aren’t (me included). He’s a nice looking middle aged man who enjoys the hell out of sex, treats it like the not-so-serious human activity that it is, while being passionate, masculine and adventurous. From what I’ve seen he’s pretty damn good in the sack (0n his knees, etc.) and I’d bed him in a New York minute. I also like that he takes the time to explain his position and precautions re. unprotected sex. All in all, he seems like an all around hotty. Guys – get off the beauty trip, will you????

  • Kevin

    Jake gets what the haters on here fantasize about having and can’t get. I think it’s so funny when younger guys say they wouldn’t have sex with anyone over 40 but as soon as the wallet comes out they turn into little whores begging for daddy’s dick. My advice: save your pennies cos the only way any of you would get a guy like Criss Strokes in your bed is the same way Jake did it; cold hard cash.

  • texdem20

    This is great! Jake is a great guy and it looks as though he has fun doing what some of us WISH we could be paid to do… suck off hot young guys. I’m 34 and yes, I will be 45 or 50 soon.. BUT JAKE… KEEP THE HOT GUYS WITH HOT GUYS… LOVE YA’ BUT YOU’RE A BONER KILLER!

  • texdem20

    …one more thing! You dont see Chi Chi Larue trying to suck off Roman Heart… at least on film! We like Chi Chi behind the camera, not in front. Its a formula that works. lol

  • Stephen

    I don’t care how many cocks he sucks. Big ones, long ones, short ones, fat ones, white ones, black ones, latino’s – whatever. He would not be sucking these guys off if he didn’t pay them to sit still and let him have his way. They don’t make that much money, believe me, I know. Suck all you want to, Jake! Just keep writing the checks. Anyone with money can find a big dick to suck.
    Has this guy ever been tested for std’s? Ooops!
    Did I ask that?

  • Chris

    I think Criss is one hot guy. Just my type, tall, toned. MMMM! Love it! I like how he leaves a little pubic hair down there ;] TASTY!

  • tom

    I´ve seen this guy chris stroke in a straight webpage with beautiful girls and OMG, he´s here now with this old guy and showing his precious hole, i love him!!

  • joe

    criss stokes is major homophob, why do gay people continue to support him

  • Someone with a brain

    We don’t hate him because jake cruise is old, we hate jake cruise because he’s disgusting.

  • Scott

    Well, put Someone. Just because someone is older doesn’t mean he has to let himself go. Jake’s flabby and ugly, and the way he drools over these guys who are the living embodiment of people WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY is creepy and disgusting. And he can talk about how his models are AIM tested all he wants, the fact is, the test is not full-proof and he promotes unsafe sex. Hope that dude above has some health insurance, though I guess he can get treated for STDs at a free clinic.

  • LIkeAHorse13

    It is said that money is the root of all evil. Or is that Stupidity. Criss Stokes, hell if I would let that old FART Jake tug on my “Phallus.” Criss,Stokes; You can do much better than that. Are you that desperate for “Cashola.” Yeah, I know for you it’s just business. But come on Criss, have some standards. Old man don’t interest me at all. I don’t care what they have to offer. AMEN! Good-Luck, Rick

  • theebigdaddy

    What a stupid cock. Hot. And gay all the way. Fag all day.