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JakeCruise: Jake Fucks Mike Roberts

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mike Roberts at Jake Cruise

Watch Jake & Mike at

Jake wrote:

Mega porn star Mike Roberts gets fucked for the very first time, and I’m the lucky guy who gets to do the honors. Mike is one of the sexiest men ever with the chiseled body of a Roman god and a cock that Jupiter would envy. He is what dreams are made of. I could never have imagined that Mike would let me be the first to pop his cherry.

To get him used to having a cock up his ass, I first use a couple of toys. But Mike surprises me by getting so turned on that he has to get himself off. With the toy still inside his tight ass, Mike shoots his load into my mouth. Then, the main event arrives, and I find myself going where no man has gone before – deep inside Mike Roberts. His hole was tight and warm and I really wanted to pound him, but I also wanted him to enjoy his first time. We kissed as I fucked him and as I looked into his beautiful blue eyes I blew my load into the condom while still inside him. I guess Mike really did enjoy his first time because he shot a second load after I pulled out. I’m sure he can’t wait for his second time.

  • brandon

    I’m glad Mike bottomed but why Jake for his first time but I guess in a way I can understand bc I was with a guy once that wasn’t at all attractive but he desired me so that it was one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had

  • Raven

    why all the hate for Jake? jealousy? He’s actually a good lookin guy, but i guess if your into twinks, the bear type guy wouldn’t appeal to you….Right on to the Jakes of the world still gettin hot young stuff..I would use a condom though! Go bears!!!

  • scott

    I cannot WAIT for some of the comments to follow. So far they’ve all been pretty positive for Jake. But I’m sure they’ll come.

    I think Mike is so hot but in these pics, he’s just ok. And I need freakin’ SUNGLASSES from the blinding white bodies. Let’s get some sun boys!!! :)

    The sound from this flick was pretty good. Unfortunately, the pic ran slow on my mac and sputtered so I couldn’t see a damn thing.

  • JJ9

    I hope this means that since Mike is 28 going on 29 that he will now be more open to being fucked and kissing and hopefully sucking some dick….he probably will get a tan before long also…I just don’t know why he went and got his forearm ‘tatted….just doesn’t seem like him. Way to go Jake!

  • chipp

    oh no.
    been waiting to see mike roberts (so damn hot) fuck but no. no. no. Not with this potbellied cheeseball. Wish I had a ton of $$ like Jake must have. Aw, Mike..
    otherwise. love to see mike roberts get fucked. I’d love to fuck mike roberts!!

  • Pluto from Siberia

    Scary Nightmare!
    why Jake???

  • GG

    Jake is disguntly gross. He is old, fat and extremely unappealing. Jake should not be naked ever even less in porn. It is like seeing your grand pa fucking or getting fucked just not what any one wants to see. I feel sorry for his models that are so poor and desperate that they need to subject themselves to Jake’s advances. I would qualify it as abuse.

  • Al

    Ewww.. SICK!

  • I used to defend Chubby McFlubber, but this being in every clip is wrong- even if it’s 2 other guys he feels the NEED to fucking Introduce them?!
    Why, Mike, why? You are now officially a WHORE- like all the guys who open their legs or their fly for Jake

  • He must pay in the 5-digit range, so i dont know if i blame these whores like Jude, Brad, James, Criss, etc….

  • Yancey

    Ahhh, how sweet. Mike looks so vulnerable as he gives up his pooper to the hairy hippo. I may cry.

  • CassieLover

    Jake was probably an attractive dude before his hair went gray and his gut grew.

  • Get’Em

    Anybody want to takes bets…..there will be 75 comments this week about this one.

  • Get’Em

    If I could get Mike Roberts to come to my house we would have lots of fun. Sun and fun here in Florida and I’d give him all my change on the dresser. Only one requirement…wash all the Jake off of himself first. Mike is such a good looking guy, I just don’t understand this. I’d do all the same things and not weigh him down with guilt and money. Mike you can come to my house anytime.

  • Bobbyd

    I think I just died a little inside

  • Jace

    It took MR all this time to decide – or rather his management – to get “manhandled” (on film…we know IRL his hole has probably experienced it already) and THIS is who he turns bitch for? lol This is more like comedy than porn. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Jay

    Fags are stupid. You all need to remember, you’re watching whores. Whores are people who get paid to have sex, often times they enjoy it too.

    Mike Roberts knew exactly what he wanted. He made a transaction with Jake who obviously met the price. Learn to deal with it.

    And Jake isn’t even that bad looking. Hell… it could have been Pharoah. LOL.

  • phunky

    Mike is one of the hottest guys in porn. Why the hell would he do this? Jake must have given him a TON of money. How depressing Mike! :(

  • Gene

    I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit

  • Javier

    We have truly seen it all now. Mike Roberts and Jake Cruise. Anything can happen on this planet.

  • JJ9

    I don’t have a thing in the world against Jake Cruise. Everybody knows what they are doing or otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it! And Mike’s dick was hard….he liked it, so there.

  • Jean Luke

    Alway’s been a Mike Roberts fan! He did a shoot with Zak Randall for X2Mag…it was awesome. He really got into with Zak…their dick’s were rubbing and hanging…their bodies were touching but unfortunately, they didn’t have sex. They did fuck at one of those other sites and pee on one another…strange but whatever floats your boat. So, maybe now, we can see Zak and Mike together…hopefully filling one another up and Mike sucking some penis…some rather fat Zak Randall penis that is!

  • martin

    mike roberst finally bottoming is hot, hopr it’s not the last time,mike blowed by zeb would be even hotter.

  • MM

    1 mike is high. 2 he has been fucked be 4. 3 hes about as str8 as jake is hot. Anybody want to takes bets…..there will be 75 comments this week about this one. um hon so far it’s 24 including this 1.Raven: He’s actually a good lookin guy. hon u need a pair of thick glasses-here borrow mine. jake is SO FUCKING UGLY!

  • Reginald

    It is amazing what a meth addict will do when Jake holds a few hundred dollars in front of their face.

  • Hugh

    I don’t even think Jake is that unattractive, no, my problem is him is that he’s so lecherous. Like he’s picking up these guys off a park bench and offering them food and shelter for a quick fuck. It’s unappealing. And I LOVE chubby guys, loved them, love older guys too but he’s just…really disgusting.

  • jetz

    Yuck, Don’t do drugs!

  • Meyer

    We need to save these young guys from Jakes evil clutches. Who wants to have sex with an old, fat, ugly scumbag like Jake? Even for money?

  • Jose Zapata

    WOW its amazing the way that Jake Cruise fucks handsome and muscular guys but this one Mike roberts is great I really love when he fuck him because show to me that the mature guys are the best lovers because thry know how to make happy all the guys around. I pray for be one of these lucky guys that Jake fucks.

  • Blah!

    There is not one facial expression that says “I’m happy” from Mike Roberts in any of these pics.

  • steve b

    That fat old man is disgusting and grotesque. I think he’s a head case for forcing us to watch him have sex with these hot young guys. These disgusting pictures are all over the web. I hate it. He should have the decency to do it in private without forcing everyone to look at it.

  • owen

    ENVY… this is the only reason why u guys giving JAKE bad remarks. Too bad, you don’t have the $$$ to afford this young guys to cimb in ur How pathetic that could be??? Like the old cliche goes…NO MONEY – NO HONEY,bb… sorry!

  • Jay

    Yeah, that’s right, poor steve b. Jake is absolutely forcing you to watch his adult work.

    You like most fags, are an idiot.

  • Mitchel

    I bet if one of Jake’s boys will appear in front of you – You guys will be breathing hard with your tounge
    out like a dog!!! Wanna bet??? hahahaha… I know I would!!! At least, I am not hrpocrite like you people!!

  • duranggo

    OH YEAH!!! MOST FAGS ARE IDIOTS…. STEVE B. AND U(Jay) are one of them!!! How’s that??? grrrrr

  • graham

    Mike Roberts what was he thinkin? wow will he do this again some one let me know boy is hot get hard seein him everytime

  • S_T_F_U_

    Just stop looking at the Jake Cruise updates or do it without comment – 100 times is enough to hear about how gross and old you think Jake is. Get over it already. Most of you making the comments probably do not even look good enough for Jake to pay you any attention, and it eats you alive that he can have these younger guys – Many of them hot – Whether or not he has to pay for them is immaterial – you still cannot stand the has them and you do not. Dry up queens – your shit is OLD.

  • Jay

    yes duranggo i am an idiot too… but not at the level of some of those making comments about jake cruise and the porn he creates and those who work with him.

    jake creates porn. he hires men to do this. they know exactly what the deal is, they don’t care and people shouldn’t get worked up over it. so your favorite porn actor worked with jake, don’t look. is it that hard?

    do people really need to insinuate that everyone doing porn with jake is: on meth, has gambling debts, is having a horrible time, needs to be rescued, etc?

    bullshit. it’s idiocy. and the gay men posting here are overwhelmingly stupid about sex workers and what the real world is like.

    let go of your dick and open your eyes to what’s real.

    oh and duranggo, you’re an idiot too.

  • JT

    And Jake isn’t even that bad looking.

    Jay on June 20, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

    What are you fucking BLIND! He’s fat, ugly, old, bald, and has an odd little dick.

    What do you mean he’s not bad looking? It looks like someone worked him over with an ugly stick. Jake Cruise would have to give me 10 grand and two Viagra chased with a fifth of vodka to get my dick hard.

  • Jasper

    @ JT
    You are a moron. If Mike Roberts is willing to take a few hundred dollars to have Jake fuck him in his ass, what makes you think you deserve more than him?

    Mike Roberts must either need the money very badly and have no other ability to make money, or else he has no sense of self-worth.

  • seecritagent


    It is quite obvious that most of you are disgusted with “The Cruise”. It’s a given. Okay…so let’s be honest with ourselves here,

    Numero 1. Mike has been fucked before(trust me, someone has tapped that already, just not on film or on unreleased footage, if that’s the case)

    Numero 2. This was an obvious PR stunt, apparently financially driven.

    And finally…numero 3. Don’t you guys think, out of all the fine, not to mention willing young male souls out there to be the one to pop Mike’s cherry(which was broken prior to the release of this footage), Jake was the chosen one? NOT A COINCIDENCE.

    The moral of the story is…you can continue to rip and rant all you want, but at the end of the day it will always be known that Jake Cruise was the first guy to be shown fucking Mike Roberts.


    -yours truly

  • JT

    @ JT
    You are a moron. If Mike Roberts is willing to take a few hundred dollars to have Jake fuck him in his ass, what makes you think you deserve more than him?

    Jasper on June 21, 2008 @ 8:38 pm

    A) I have no idea how much these guys are paid.

    B) I was being sarcastic due to the fact that someone said Jake was good looking. Ew….no….How do these guys get erections around him, especially the ones who are supposed to be straight?

    C) You’re an imbecile.

    That about sums it up.

  • Jay

    God… I can’t wait for the next Jake update. So much fun. I hope he takes Jude’s “cherry” next. LOL.

  • TR

    It is gay pride month, you know, could it be that Mr. Roberts has chosen this”way” of coming out? way too much kissing with out a cunt and a strap on.

  • David

    Hilarious. I skipped anything else–anything that might have been arousing–and went right to this, and the comments. What–do you think other porn actors are performing for you? They do it for money. And, when their partner is attractive, for pleasure even. This is all so silly. But amusing. I’ve come to believe that half these anti-Jake comments are phony, just a stunt. Part of Jake’s PR machine. Working you boys into such a state!

  • jku

    Ah seriously, it is Mike’s lifestyle to get paid for sex… there will always be an agreeable price for porn stars, and obviously Jake met it. Let’s all be happy though that Mike had the intelligence to make Jake wrap it the fuck up for once.

  • stonex363

    Jake cruise must be millionaire to fuck with so much hotties!!!

  • gator

    Mike ifya didn’t get at least $10K ya wasted your butt!

  • Raven

    so why do y’all even bother to look at jake cruise site at all, if y’all are so disgusted by the guy and the sorry ass men he has the fortune of fuckin and suckin…dreamin they could be yours? yeah right, a bunch of broke ass fags lookin at free porn

  • Terpmaniac

    Jake reminds me of the typical “lockeroom” troll. Old. Fat. Ugly. Tiny dick. I cannot believe there is a market for this kind of porn. Maybe old-fat-trolls like Jake buy his stuff so they can fantasize, but for the love of god, his movies truly make me want to PUKE!

  • Jay

    Goddamnit, then go fucking have an ana moment Terp. Don’t waste time holding it in to type a comment. Go fuckin’ puke! :)

  • Jasper

    @ stonex363

    Why do you think Jake has to be so wealthy to get these guys in his videos? They are all the same, since they have no other ability to make a living for themselves, they take the few hundred dollars that are offered for a couple of hours of their time.

    It’s not like these guys have a lot of other options when it comes to earning income. They’ll take whatever Jake offers, and they’re happy they can pay their rent for the month.

  • chrisrocks

    It never ceases to ammaze me when I dare to look at the lecherous J.C. and his latest Meth head or down on his luck young dude in need of a few quick bucks, just how turned off I get. I feel sick to my gut, I feel like I should go wash my eyes out with Holy Water and disinfect my computer screen from the inside out!
    PLEASE Stop giving Jake aka, “Fat, Ugly as home made sin, little peep of a pecker with Zero charm or attractivness,” air time.

    This website “Way Big,” was once one of my favorite places to check out the latest and greatest in gay porn. Now it looks like the rest of the blogs and some, like this site do have old fat, hairy hogs.

  • Reginald

    I could not disagree with the above comment from “chrisrocks” enough.

    The comments in the Jake Cruise postings are some of the funniest stuff I have read on this site. They also generate more responses than almost any other posts on Waybig, so Jake is certainly getting publicity from this site.

    So to Waybig, don’t change a thing!

  • Tobias

    Jake Cruise rocks. I hope he’s getting laid well into his 80s.

  • fuckoff

    i cant believe mike gave his cherry to jake. fuck off. i bet this isnt his first time!

  • fuckoff

    i mean, first time bottoming

  • Richard

    I keep reading these comments about Jake and his latest victim and wonder why the writers keep clicking on anything that says Jake Cruise. Do they believe that Jake is going to get younger, thinner, smooth and a full head of hair? Its like rubbernecking at the car accident on the freeway and then going EWWW. What did you expect was going to be there? Seems to be there is a lot of projection going on here about the ‘victim’ and the evil rich old fat disgusting Jake.

  • wave the red cape

    HOT HOT HOT!!! But Jakey, what’s with the rubber?

  • obi von

    More power to Jake for being able to pay for sex with whom ever he pleases, but how is this even appealing? i used to think Mike was very HOT and respected the fact that he never btmed, although secretly i wished he did. I was jacking off to some porn site when i came upon this video of Jake fucking Mike and believe you me my rock hard dick has never gone down so fast and refuse to go hard again after i saw this. As much as i want to, i cant bring myself to blame Jake for this. I will no longer look at Mike as an object of my erections but more as a 2 dollar whore who will sleep with anyone or anything for money. DAMN, i have to invest in Viagra after this cuz my dick has gone into coma.

  • jose

    i had the pleasure of bottoming for Mike ROberts one night when he showed up at the Power Exchange in San Francisco when it was still gay friendly…I am not out and had no idea who he was until I started watching porn off the net. It was an honor for me to take his cock unprotected up my ass and to taste his dick in my mouth. I also got to rim him which is the main reason that I remembered who he was. I know you may not beleive me but it is true. He fucked me hard before pulling out and shooting on the floor. I hate this old fat bastard and everything he stands for…Mike why did you do it with that slob?

  • pietro

    Wow, I would like to fuck Jack’s mouth !

  • mark

    Jake cruise is a gross old man . Anybody who pays to view his websites is responsible for helping to fund his gross porn . Jake is a predatory old fag and hes UGLY and OLD …….why the hell is this shit even classed as porn anyway ? ….its horrible !

  • Criss Strokes

    its not so bad…

  • No_No_No_Yes

    OMFG. I just Forest Gumped my way across this. Poor Mike, the boy looked utterly mortified as this slobbering old lech pawed and slobbered on him. I can’t imagine the assload of cash it would take to make me let this fucking old fool touch me let alone put his nasty dick in me. These guys must have nightmares about this shit forever after. GROSS.