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ChaosMen: Vance ‘Serviced’

Vance 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Vance 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Vance 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Vance 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Watch Vance at

Chaosmen wrote:

I actually hadn’t planned on doing a Serviced video with Vance.

I pretty much “save” the Serviced videos as a way for the nervous straight guys to have an intro to the whole process of filming and the guy-on-guy thang. Vance is definitely at the head of the class, and didn’t need any easy in to it all. A few of the gay guys suggest, I think in large part they are curious as to what it would be like.

But we had been exchanging a lot of texts back and forth, discussing projects and his limits, when he brought up the whole “Serviced” video thing he had seen on the site. He totally suggested that he would be down with that, and how soon could we shoot?

I have no illusions that he thought my cock sucking skills had preceeded me. The boy was in need of money and was trying to find as many videos he could do as quick as possible.

So it was easy to setup and he was pleased we could shoot right away. I am afterall, easier to schedule.

Most models are in it for the money, no doubt. And Vance is in it to make quick money, but he does want to have a good time, and he DOES want you you enjoy the stuff.

I think he had fun. We had a few close calls with him almost cumming. His dick is a clone of mine so it was like playing with my own!

Ohhhhh..and that ass! He sure did like being rimmed!

So in summary, yeah, I know, no new ground for Vance, but I’ve got him lined-up with some new guys and I am totally psyched to have in playing on the team!

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  • pubert

    How lame, “Vance”. And that’s the smallest, most pathetic load I’ve ever seen.

  • RJ

    Never liked him really, not in SC, RB or this… I like the more honest text about how he just wants to get into more clips so he can get more money, at least Bryan or whathisname enjoyed his cock, LOL. Agree with the pathetic load ^^

  • steveuk

    why, oh why, did he shave his chest! such a shame :(

  • brad


  • moondoggy

    Geez, I hate that he shaved too, but “fugly”? “Pathetic”? “Lame”? You guys are entitled to your opinions, but he *is* still muscular and hung, and I for one think he’s cute. Am I in a Twilight Zone episode, or do some people still like those things? :-)

  • Get’Em

    Ya know, I like him. He’s got a man’s body and he loves sex… kind of guy. I wish he’d cum visit me down here in Florida for about …just one week end. Sorry I can’t hold onto my ankles for more than three day’s.

  • touch

    So now we know Bryan has a small dick.

  • whoa


  • maberarc

    Gage has crashed, big time… :'(

  • Tobias

    As a long-time fan of Texas lad Gage/Vance, I’m saddened by the loss of the chest hair, but what really saddens me is the admission – in the poorly-written commentary – that he needs money.

    This fact tells you all that you need to know how some, not all, but some of these guys are used and then tossed aside once they are no longer a hot flavor on one site or don’t get more money that they asked for or even get homesick. (Chaos is in Austin where Texan “Vance” returned after his stint in California.

    I’m not sure I understand why Gage needed the name change – we all know who he is. What’s written also tells us this: we can safely assume that the “body-building contest” thing about which we’ve read is a crock. I worry that Gage is adrift, perhaps a lonely guy, in over his head, with no skills upon which to fall back. He has to know that there are plenty of men with money who would love to help him out. The trouble, I fear, is that he’s caught in a cycle from which he may not see an opening, and I’m saddened by this.

  • Gay All Day

    Please spare us all from that bane of homosexuality – the size queen. As dangerous, demeaning, and degrading as any nutball, right wing enemy.

  • skywalker

    Tobias is so very right in most aspects. While some of the guys are “tossed aside” by studios, keep in mind that Gage (er, Vance) worked for a long time on Sean Cody, then did several scenes on Randy Blue. It’s obvious that he’s blown through all of that money (both studios pay extremely well) and has sunk so low as to have to crawl on over to Chaos Men which does NOT pay on the same level as the majors. He did 13 scenes at Sean Cody whereupon he earned anywhere from $3000-$4000 per scene (RB pays the same). That’s a lot of money to go through so quickly.

    Too bad that Gage, er, Vance, didn’t acquire proper guidance so that he wouldn’t have to take low-paying gigs like Chaos.

  • Trav

    This comment pool is composed of some uppity homosexuals so sad. No doubt these idiots above except for a few would wish to look at least half as decent as these models they ridicule. small load? big deal. someone ate em moron

  • cg4eu

    Well as a quick reply to the last some people just want porn, treat it like a product and move on. Have some sort of customer satisfaction that they feel entitled to otherwise they feel ripped off. I’m not that way, and I’m not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing, but I completely understand their reasonings for being vocal.

    But yeah, I’m not really that way, I don’t see myself ever being that harsh a critic. Tobias and skywalker are big captain bringdowns though, lol. I love gage, I wasn’t really a fan of him when I was a couple years younger on SC, but now I think he’s hot. I wish he kept his fur, but he didn’t shave everything. So I was happy to see more of him, seeing their comments struck a cord that it’s probably true that he probably doesn’t handle his money as well as he could, or maybe he just doesn’t want to do other types of jobs right now until he eventually finishes what ever schooling all these sites claim he’s doing (I thought they said med school). lol, a complete downer cause now I can’t look at him the same way, lol!