CorbinFisher: Josh’s First Time

Josh's First Time at CorbinFisher

Josh's First Time at CorbinFisher

Josh's First Time at CorbinFisher

Josh's First Time at CorbinFisher

Josh's First Time at CorbinFisher

Josh's First Time at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

While the title of this video is “Josh’s First Time” and that is a pretty descriptive one seeing as it is indeed Josh’s first time with a guy, I could almost get away with the equally accurate and descriptive title, “Battle of the Boyishly Charming”, as these two are totally bursting with that charm. That title and description would cease to be the least bit accurate once the action here has begun, though, as the action here becomes some of the absolute hottest and most intense I’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing on camera.

To say that the requests to see blond, ripped, young and hung Josh in some guy/guy action has been coming in pretty steadily would be a tremendous understatement. When he appeared in his initial solo here at ACM, people were immediately calling to see him do more. When he appeared in his first action video over on ACS, that inspired even more interest in seeing him take a step further with a guy. When he appeared in his second video over on ACS, I almost had to go into hiding because people were certain they’d never get to see him with a guy and they were not at all happy about that!

I certainly wasn’t content to have that be the extent of things, either, despite how hot those vids were. I spent quite a fair amount of time talking to him about giving it a shot and seeing if he’d be interested in trying it out at all. Whereas at the outset he was only interested in girls and more than eager to stick to doing scenes with them only, I think he ended up intrigued not just by the money, but by the prospect of a new and interesting experience itself.

Well, here he is and if there was ever anyone more suited to break Josh in and be his first all-male fuck, it’s Travis! Don’t let either of these guys innocent demeanor fool you – they are both horny and love sex and it shows here.

I suspect we’ll have a few members that don’t make it past the early part of this video where Travis leans in to kiss Josh. Seeing Josh kiss another guy for the first time was hot enough, but they also make the act so damn cute between the two of them in the way Josh is clearly nervous about it, yet goes along, and Travis is ever his shy and quiet self, while at the same time obviously interested in and having fun with being the first guy to do all these things with Josh.

After the kissing and after Travis slowly undresses Josh and reveals more and more of his wonderfully ripped body, he gets down to sucking on Josh’s cock and getting it as big and as hard as we have long known it’s capable of getting! It wouldn’t be any other way with Travis, as he occasionally pauses to make some funny or cute comment while at the same time totally loving what he’s getting to do.

Eventually, it’s time for these two to fuck and we know that taking on a big dick is something Travis is extremely good at. He’s got Josh fully warmed up, rock hard, and ready and then these guys have another funny, albeit quick, exchange once it comes time for Travis to lower himself on to Josh’s dick – and you know Travis could hardly wait for that moment! Seeing Travis’ cock bounce up and down – fully hard and straining – while he rides Josh’ big dick is a hot image for sure, but seeing Josh showing a bit of a smile and coming to the realization that it feels pretty good is also hot!

Travis is the perfect guy to break someone into topping, as he takes command and totally fucks himself on Josh’s dick. Josh doesn’t have to do much but lay back and enjoy the sensations, and he definitely enjoys them! He can’t help but occasionally look down to see what it is that’s making him feel so good.

Just how good did Josh’s dick feel in Travis’ ass? Just how great did Travis’ ass feel wrapped around Josh’s thick cock? Well, once Josh gets Travis bent over and starts fucking him from behind, things began working their way to something we’ve never seen before in all the hundreds upon hundreds of videos shot here at CF. With all the countless pairings and seemingly infinite number of times guys have gotten fucked here at CF, I’d thought I’d seen it all! But Josh and Travis had a surprise in store for me – and experienced something that was thoroughly surprising for both of them, as well!

While bent over the bed, getting drilled by Josh’s big dick and moaning and groaning like wild, begging Josh to fuck him harder and blurting out “Oh my God!” over and over, Travis’ cock is is so totally rock hard and Josh’s dick is hitting all the right spots that Travis ends up blasting off what could be the biggest load I’ve ever seen him shoot – hands free and without touching himself!! I’m sorry but I can’t imagine I’ll get to say this much and have never gotten to say it before so… Hands free and without even touching himself!! He is completely and totally on cloud nine and looks like he could pass out at any second as he cums buckets, his load spraying all over the place as Josh fucks it out of him.

Could you blame Josh for having to fire off his own massive load immediately thereafter? Despite being totally overwhelmed by what just happened, Travis still eagerly whips himself around to place his mouth in front of Josh’s dick the instant Josh pulls out and blasts his load into Travis’ mouth, down his throat, and across his face. We know Josh can cum a ton and shoot far, and Travis couldn’t have been happier with that!

I can only imagine just how great that fuck felt for Travis, and what a huge impression it must have made upon Josh to see that his actions and dick could do that to another guy! Thankfully, I know longer have to imagine what it’s like to film as we captured CF’s first ever hands free cumshot!

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  • jupter

    MMMM I can’t wait to see this one. Great pairing of hot boys

  • Riley

    DAMN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot A** job Josh now I wanna see him on the receiving end of a HOT D**K!!!!!!!!

  • Nate

    It was ok. I would have preferred Josh to do more work which means he would have had to switch positions earlier. Travis did the majority of the work riding him most of the film. Which is fine and all but we have seen travis take dick before.
    Josh made Travis come without even touching his dick is another reason I would have preferred to see more of Josh actually taking it to Travis. Oh well i am sure there will be a next time and 30 more after that to fix it.

  • caseypgy

    Holy hell that’s hot! Congrats to Corbin for capturing one of the most erotic scenes I’ve ever seen on his site or any other. Granted, “hands free” cum shots are a huge turn on for me (possibly bordering on a fetish), but this is still a supercharged scene no matter how you slice it. I’ve bad a huge crush on the beautiful Travis for some time now but he really proved himself a fantastic bottom with this video. Hopefully this is not the last hands free we’ll see from Corbin and some of his other bottoms … maybe Derek, Jeff, or even another one from Travis?

    Oh, and Josh is really cute, too! But clearly I’m a Travis man. He’s an amazing boy and Corbin’s lucky to have him.

  • baz

    Wow, I’ve never really seen the big deal about Travis, but I have to admit that he pulled it out for this update. I guess he’s hotter when he has to do all the work. And shoots hands-free.

    Am loving Josh though. Could have done with some missionary as well, but considering how long I’ve waited for Josh to finally stick it to someone, I can wait some more.

  • Yancey

    This whole site is the Stepford Wives of gay porn. It all looks the same to me. It’s a bore.

  • Prancer

    I’m sorry but as much as people may be into this Josh kid, and as overused as Travis is, Travis made this vid..the other kid was just kinda there. So far this is my fav of Travis’s performances.

    Btw..if there gonna have Josh back like Conner they need to stick to using him as a bottom. I dont know how he performed with the girls, but with guys he has already proven to be a boring top….like Conner.

  • John

    I love the fack that the one getting fucked is always got a erection!!!! yummmm yummm!!

  • clusterfuck

    Sandals on the bed? Tsk tsk.

  • The real RJ

    Yes, I wanted to see Josh go gay since the beginning, took a damn long time, at least for CF to show it… Now someone needs to eat that hot ass and fuck it deep, hopefully Brent. Travis shines here being all horny and slutty and eating Josh’s cum. It could have been better, but still, good clip. Now please get some filming lessons, the first kiss is totally ruined because they were only filming from behind.

  • jj9

    What is so great and grand about the blond guy?

  • evan

    totally hawt! both of them, i will take them anyway i can get them

  • Urs Jans

    I have to agree with almost all the comments – I like both guys, Josh has that smug look that I love to hate, and Josh has a nice bod and dick and ass. But Josh was a completely passive top and that really sucked. I also find these scenes incredibly short and programmatic. Why not just turn the camera on and tell them “go have fun.”

  • G

    It’s bad enough that Josh was willing to kiss him. I hope he is never persuaded to sucking dick or getting fucked.

  • baz

    If he’s not going to kiss, suck dick or get fucked then he has no business doing internet porn whatsoever.

  • Ed

    This is THE HOTTEST vid I’ve seen in a long time! I love the way that Josh literaaly fucked the cum out of Travis! Sooooo Hot! Travis has turned into quite the eager little bottom. I wonder was he ever really straight…or has he just discovered that he really likes having sex with men?

    On another note….can anyone tell me how I can see the video of Shay and Diego from Fratmen that I’m hearing so much about?

  • elephunk

    How sad is G? A lonely old homophobic fag.

    Terrible. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

  • elephunk

    I guess everyone is going gaga for Josh since he’s new meat.

  • caseypgy

    Just watched the video again, in its entirety, and can’t stress enough how hot it is. And, I think the hands free cum shot is pretty much the real deal. If there was trick photography used, then great job editing, Corbin! I didn’t notice any obvious cut aways leading up to the sequence before he started cumming.

    And, I’ll say it again, can’t get enough of Travis. I even watched the part at the beginning where he was just talking to Josh and asking him questions! How adorable is he? And just so damn likable! I feel like a total creeper, but what can I say? I’m hot for Travis =)

  • Jace

    IA w/G. The minute these guys submit to performing oral/receiving anal, the milk expires & they’re used goods. Stay aloof. Let them worship & service you like a God, but don’t recipricate. It will keep your retail value high! Just ask Gabe & Cody Cummings.

  • Marvster
  • daniel

    both are very hot guys! travis’s asshole looks like a four-lane tunnel in switzerland that’s had trucks driving in and out regularly, which is why he can maintain an erection while getting fucked (observation, not complaint). erection and especially cumming when getting fucked are such a complete turn-on.

  • clusterfuck

    mmm travis has turned into such a cock whore! luv it! josh has quite the nose.

  • jugde6

    Well at least Josh shows that it is really his first time with a another man and that the thing is a little bit wierd for him.

    8.9 for Josh
    Travis 8.5

  • Fire

    Jace first let me just say to defend a comment like G’s is just plain stupid..nuff said on that. Next, let’s get to how ridiculous your comment is..”let them worship you like a God” tells me there that your one of those sad people who thinks the gay models role is to bow down to the supposed st8 ones.

    Now, Gabe was popular simply because he was hot, and I still think he is the hottest guy CF has ever came across; however, in the end, your little theory doesnt even matter with him, because he is no more, so it was pointless to mention him. Cody Cummings was just an awful choice to bring up. For example, do you see his updates on waybig? No, because no one gives a damn, and the few posts he has had on here I challenge you to find a positive comment about his site.

  • D

    It never ceases to amaze me how many bitter jaded trolls lurk around the boards just waiting to comment.

    Now it’s not that everyone has to love everything, but the overwhelming anger and resentment some show over an internet porn film leaves me to wonder what, if anything, makes them happy. Aside of course from putting others down only to make themselves seem somehow elevated.

  • daniel

    they look really good together (and I don’t by any means just the sex). when is the wedding?

  • Maxx

    Why does’nt CF change the website name to…

  • haha

    when they make up that story, do you think thhey have story board meetings? i am curious the process that goes into ‘straight’ guy first time fiction.

  • ckbud

    Great pics of sex, wish I could have been there!

  • tyrone

    personally I like both guys and think the shoot was way hot … now, how long until Josh’s “next” time?

  • windy

    Josh’s constant smirk needs to be dick-slapped off his face with the biggest dildo one can find!

  • sittight

    That hands free cum shot was awesome. The most erotic scene i’ve seen for the longest time. God that fuck must’ve really felt so fucking great! Shit!

  • Fish

    Now Josh knows men taste better than women.

  • Edward

    Fish, that depends on what Travis ate. Josh is really cute but his hair was better before.

  • MEME

    Haha. This isn’t “Josh”s first time with a guy. Before he launched his Corbin Fisher career, he had an account on and (they have since been deleted) and I actually talked with him more than a few times (Yahoo messenger) and he told me that he’s a bottom and has bottomed more than a few times. So yah, this aint his first but Im pretty sure you guys all knew that already :) His next video, theyre gonna sell “Josh”s first cock in his ass…thats bull :)

  • Jax

    1st time, 100th could carelessit isn’t like anyone is going to CF for the bios, so they color some of the guys backstory “Gasp”. Next thing you’ll be telling me that CF isn’t an actual college, the names of the guy’s are fakes too and you can’t graduate with a valid degree in fucking/getting fucked.
    The vid was hot and the boy had staying power He managed to ‘sell’ his 1st time well. He did powerfuck quiet nicely without doing that frantic rabbit pounding Dawson and Lucas are so fond of.
    Travis for his part can’t do no wrong. As for whoever stated that Josh should get the smirk dickslapped off totally with you on that.

  • car

    muy bueno disculpen si escribo en español pero ingles no se muy bien besos muy buen video

  • Travis02

    this guy has an amazing ass lets get it fucked cf.