ChaosMen: Spike ‘Serviced’

Spike 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Spike 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Spike 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Spike 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

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Chaosmen wrote:

Well well well. I was surprised when Spike called me up for blow job video.

Once again it was one of those “I wrecked my car and I need money NOW!” kind of things.

So no time to have one of the other guys do it. I was a bit worried about working with him again. He was pretty intense and quiet during his solo.

He did better this time out, and if you like the theme of the straight guy not being in disbelief that he is getting a blow job from a guy, then this one is right to your liking.

He’s was fun to work with. An easy guy to make nut, though he was not happy about the ass eating. Straight boys!

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  • Ptolymy


  • Brandon 88

    2nd, and this guy is not worth it. Average everything and dreadful and dumb tattoos.

  • Ethan


  • Topher

    Doing CM a favor by allowing his dick to get sucked by a guy, and not happy about having his butt eaten? When Spike called saying he needed money NOW, CM should have said after Spike’s dismal solo performance, and only passable looks, that the only thing they’ll pay for is him bottoming. I bet that he would have spread butt to get his car fixed. People like Spike, and Matt at SC, who can’t hide their distain for gay porn acts, are not erotic. They are irritating. Matt might be able to get away with constantly talking about work and pay (notice how many times he uses the word WORK in the actual video and the BTS video), and have a look of disgust when bottoming is mentioned, because he has looks. What Matt says, and the way he acts, in his BTS SC video, when he grudgingly shows spread butt, makes him a turn off to me. Spike isn’t hot enough to set any rules. He’s lucky that CM agreed to the shoot, because his body, ugly tattoos, face, and attitude aren’t worth wasting video tape. Porn is supposed to be hot erotic fantasy. My hot erotic fantasies don’t include guys who make it apparent that they do not want to be where they are and doing what they’re doing…

  • Sophomore

    I have to agree with Topher on this one. Also, what’s not to enjoy about having your butt eaten? Lame.

  • TC

    The tattoo on his left arm, does he knows what it means? It means “coffin guy”,was he in the cemetery business? And the 4 leaf clover tattoo on his left nipple, is that his lucky nipple or something like that?
    I know it’s none of my business, but i’m just curious. LOL

  • LA Clergy

    Topher is right on. That is why it bothers me when these sites keep telling us tha t their models are straight as if we all like straight guys. Sex with straight fellows is exactly what we saw here. They do the bear minimum and think that we were so lucky to get that little from them.
    I much rather watch gay guys and get on with gay guys only. Leave the straight folks to their thing and us to ours.

  • Earl

    TC: Spike is originally from a city in Colorado called Estes. Tiny town. He is in the Military (or was) and the coffin thing has something to do with his passage in Iraq. The Chinese and the town name tatoo I knew from before the other one must be brand new.
    He is straight and very cocky.

  • Topher

    Earl, about your comment “He is straight and very cocky.”: Maybe that WAS true in the past. But, a guy who has had his cock sucked, and butt eaten by another guy is no longer considered straight by most of society. A totally straight male would be mentally and physically unable to do those things with another guy. As for Spike being “very cocky,” it will be very difficult for him to be cocky, after it becomes known that he did a gay sex video, when people who know him find out. Trust me, they will. You did!!! Remember what happened to FRATMEN’s Cal (not his real name). It just takes one person stumbling upon the video, an ad for it, or a blog mention with an image, and the word will spread. Have you told anyone yet? That one video will eventually effect all aspects of Spike’s life. Being a known prostitute who had gay sex for money in a video that’s being circulated globally on the Internet will kill Spike’s (or whatever his real name is) image of being “straight and very cocky.” Kurt Wild was fired from his low paying job at a SUBWAY franchise when one of the customers informed management that he did Internet gay porn. This will follow Spike for the rest of his life…

  • Anton

    As usual Topher hits it out of the park!

  • Nick

    Topher, you’re demented. You seem to WANT negative things to happen to him. And for all your protestations about the “homophobia” of sites like SC and CF you seem to have more than a bit of self-loathing going on yourself. If these sites bother you so much why do you CONTINUALLY pen novels on every single update? Can’t you start your own blog? One dedicated to taking down these “homophobic” porn sites maybe? It would be a better use of your time.

  • nycsexguy

    Even though I agree with Topher’s comments, I for one do not always believe these write-ups on the models anyway. I think ChaosMen, just like SC and CF, makes up a lot of these profiles in order to sell the fantasy that this is a straight guy engaging in gay sex, something I personally just don’t really buy (as someone else stated, I just don’t think a straight guy would ever do that, no more than I’d be willing to have sex with a woman, even for money). But on the off chance the site’s introduction is true, then yes, this guy sounds like a major douche.

  • chipp

    didn’t read the write up; haven’t – the guy is sexy sexy sexy. i’d love to be bryan suckin that guy off.

  • Topher

    Nick: You have me confused with another poster who’s always commenting about SC/CF homophobia. The most I’ve said about the bios is that they’re usually laughable, that I don’t take them seriously, and that it’s obvious that many of the “str8” first time being fucked guys have obviously had cock in their butts prior to THIS “first time.” I like this forum, and the sites that are discussed here. My opinions are just my objective opinions. I have written many positive posts about many hot videos and many hot guys. Unfortunately, there is not anything positive to write about Spike. I don’t take any pleasure in negative things happening to people. I don’t belive that I am demented. I am just a logical person. When a guy does publicized gay sex videos on the Internet it’s almost a certainty that it will not lead to a happy str8 life. It also limits career propects and life opportunities. After only one day, someone who already knows Spike has posted. Others WILL know about his gay video, and his “straight, very cocky guy” life will never be the same. That’s not me being demented, it’s logic. If you find my posts offensive, feel free to scroll past them…

  • jakeg

    You guys are lame….. you people are so critical on these “models”…. your not the one paying them so why do you get so upset…. y’all make me laugh…. get a life

  • rlyan

    actually if we subscribe to the site we ARE the ones paying the models – I too pretty much agree with Topher on this one but I NEVER believe the back stories on these sites – they are fantasy in every sense of the word and they seem to dumber and dumber – I’ll give the guy a pass on the “straight” thing until he comes back and ends up with a dick in his mouth and/or ass …

  • jj

    Well, a voice of dissent here.
    1-I hate having my ass eaten, it grosses me out.
    2-I think this guy is extremely sexy in spite of the idiotic tattoos, but I think ALL tattoos are idiotic, these just happen to be worse than most
    3-Finally, I agree that he seems like a bit of a bitch, I’d fuck the straight out of him

  • Nate

    Right on jj. Everyone doesnt like thesame things in bed. I personally don’t like getting a bj as much as I like giving one. Same thing with rimming. I don’t find it weird that some people don’t like or enjoy it.

    But yeah if you are getting paid o show off and get an audience j/o or watever rules are different but what turns you on isnt going to necessarily change because of a paycheck.

  • Dave

    get rid of the tattoos…

  • Mike

    Straight, don’t insult my intelligence. The guy is clearly overcompensating with the straight macho attitude as he is having a crisis of sexuality.

    There are thousands of real straight men who are currently unemployed, though they do not run to gay porn sites and do homosexual acts. Why, because they are straight.

  • Get ‘Em

    Straight ???? I don’t think so………….

  • Zuck

    Well, despite the STUPID tats, it’s a lot better than all the recent Chaosmen updates. Gives me a taste of the old Rocco & Wayne days.

  • abu

    Topher is correct.

    this guy bores me.

    let me see Sean Cody’s MATT (str8 acting but still quite hawttttt) flip flop with CHaos Men’s TEO, or perhaps Corbin’s DEREK drill the fuck out of both of them….

    Then we can sit down and tawk……

    so many hotttt men

    why do these sites not know how to maximize the erotic potential from their hunks………

    i don’t get it……