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BelAmiOnline wrote:

We are happy to welcome Kris back in front of the camera with this experimental photoset. ‘Snapshots’ are aimed at giving you a closer and more intimate experience with the model, and Kris, with his outgoing and exhibitionist personality, was the ideal model to try this out with. None of these images are retouched. They show Kris as he really is, and in a some cases, it is Kris actually taking the pictures of himself. Some of the pictures as a result may be a little out of focus, or a little out of frame, but they all add up to provide us with this interesting portrait of a very stunning model. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to reading you comments on both Kris, and this new experiment in presenting a model to you.

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  • evan

    don’t care for uncut at all — but otherwise, he’s got a hot face, chest and body (plus his low hanging nuts are a real turn on)

  • baz

    First horse in the Bel Ami stable I’ve found hot in a long time! I’ll be keeping up with this one.

  • TexGuy

    Wow this guy is a GOD. He is amazing looking. I bet his is a sweet heart of a guy. I love his smile, eyes, lips, chest, cock….. well I just love all of him.

    When I was his age I could shoot my load over my head just like that. haha that was a few years ago.

  • Established One

    No doubt that he is HOT! Nice lean and slim body, cute face, sexy body and nice uncut cock. It’s a YES for me!

  • tommy

    He is faboulus!! :)

  • manu

    I haven’t cared for a Bel Ami model since the Lukas Ridgeston era but this one is awesome!!very cute face and inviting butt:)

  • br boy

    cute, but don’t all eastern european guys look the same?

  • jason

    I agree with TexGuy–I was thinking the same thing, this guy is like a God. He looks like hes over 6 ft tall and has nice feet.

  • DonLakeside

    Absolutely gorgeous! Talk about the desire to worship someone!

  • Blah!

    Really quality stuff here. A great model, great lighting, and good camerawork. If you’ve got something negative to say about this scene you’re a bitter old queen. Kudos!

  • MM

    1.isn’t fucking a retarded guy rape?2.this special olympics reject is a total turn off.3.the face scares me.4.sharon stone wants her boobs back.5.nice ass (see #1).can’t wait to see connor,lucas,dylan and jared tear into that ass.

  • moondoggy

    The first full-frontal pic (arms akimbo) reminds me of a guy at my gym, whose equipment looks EXACTLY like that. And that guy at my gym NEVER wears a towel in the locker room. There’s a long walk from the lockers to the showers, and he always just carries his towel, leaving that big fleshy basket out there for the world to see. Sometimes I want to just walk over to him out of the blue and say, “I don’t blame you one fucking bit — if I had junk like that, I’d even go to church naked!”

  • Rusty

    I like this one. I don’t mind the lazy eye he is cute. His bod is to die for. I would love to see him bottoming. This one is def a keeper

    • ag

      wow big cock.

  • phunky

    DAMN! So hot! Love his body, big floppy balls, and big uncut cock. And that cumshot! Yummy!

  • Kyle Ryan

    Frankenstein face.

  • mountii

    LOL @moondoggy

    but yeah he is a butterface

    STILL HAWT though

  • zz

    Nice look and good cock!

  • axi

    Love BelAmi Love Slovakia

  • john

    Kris is by far the best I have seen for some time and boy can he shoot a big load love to have his juice all over me and boy what a beautiful cock and star he has :-)

  • adrianallison

    I adore Kris. He is the god Antonius come alive. I am glad he is coming to terms with what he wants. It is a difficult to be yourself when you are assaulted on all sides by brain washing from those who do not share your sexuality. You are a beautiful male, Kris, with a huge organ and balls which swing freely so awesomely. You have a perfect bottom with wonderful cheeks and a luscious hole. I can see why they want to slip their cocks past those cheeks and penetrate that hole. I love your big manly cock and swinging balls and the way you use it to fuck those eager holes. I love when you come and spray those holes with your cum and you are a perfect kisser. Your body is like the god Antonitus. I would love to see you in full Scottish highland dress and fantasize about you commando style with your cock and balls swinging freely beneath. Hungarian men are beautiful so manly and dominant. Andrassy had beautiful eyes which entranced the Kaiserin Elizabeth who adored Hungarians. Wishing you were mine, Adrian xxx

  • L. T.

    Oh, my God, look at how much smaller and younger Kris is on here! He’s so cute!