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CocksureMen: Bo, Dane & Brock (Locker Room Knockout)

Bo, Dane & Brock (Locker Room Knockout) at

Bo, Dane & Brock (Locker Room Knockout) at

Bo, Dane & Brock (Locker Room Knockout) at

Bo, Dane & Brock (Locker Room Knockout) at

Bo, Dane & Brock (Locker Room Knockout) at

Watch Bo, Dane & Brock at

CSM wrote:

Bo Dean is pounding away on a heavy-bag but it’s flying all over the place. Brock offers to steady the bag and Bo winds up clocking him on the chin, laying him out on the bench! Dane doesn’t miss a beat and quickly begins to administer CPR while Bo compresses Brock’s chest. Brock comes to, cracks a smile and says he wasn’t really knocked out. Just for that, Dane shoves his cock in Brock’s mouth and the action begins. Done pounding the heavy-bag Bo pounds Dane’s ass while he’s 69’ing Brock. Then, it’s all aboard the fuck train! Bo gives it to Dane while Dane gives it to Brock. The last stop brings them back to where they started with Brock laid out on the bench, getting fucked until all three guys pop all over him. ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: And the winner by unanimous decision is…you!

  • Prancer

    Idk I guess I would have to see it first..

  • DVNO

    Too Fucking Hot. Bo Dean is sex on a stick.

  • Established One

    Yeah it is hot for these pushing 40s guys.

  • woodest

    maybe the hottest scene i’ve ever seen, I’d say.

  • oh boy

    Pushing 40? Bo wouldn’t be, and anyway, guys over 30 are hot, simple, I’d rather a mature manly man who’s kept himself in good shape rather than some shaven twinky girly boy who hasn’t even become a man yet….just my opinion.

    Good to see Bo with some body hair, just another few weeks and it would be supreme, he is 110% hotness!

  • MM

    tatooed freak.didn’t 1 of those guys give jake cruise his birthday gift of used cock?if you think this garbage is hot you ain’t gay.what a waste of tape.burn it.

  • Nadur

    Now THAT is what man to man sex is supposed to be like. None of this “ooo… I’m straight but you can suck my dick” shit. Those are real men having hot, sweaty sex. Apparently there’s too much testosterone in there for a few of you.

  • Blah!

    I like Bo Dean because he looks like he genuinely enjoys having sex with other guys. The other two guys in this scene are sub par.

  • Von Schlomo

    If it weren’t for Bo Dean, this scene wouldn’t be blogged here. As for the other two guys, wtf?

  • Vanhelsing

    @nadur: no, not really… Bo has no chance to really show his usual ruggedness and power in this one… Check out the one with him and Dak Ramsey, that comes much closer to it…
    @oh boy: Fully agree, 27-30 is where a real man starts. But just why do these great studs always end up in contracts humilitate themselves by getting publicly abused by such fat-bellied old men like this JC lust-killer orca, instead of doing hot sex with guys that really match up with them? It’s so annoying.
    Why do most guys shave their body hair beyond the big pond? There is nothing more virile and hot than pubes and armpits can dive in when having sex…

  • dave hern

    That what you call real men at work. All hot and got me jaking off on it.