EnglishLads: Matt Hughes, Kai Ford & Tom Nash

Matt Hughes, Kai Ford & Tom Nash at

Matt Hughes, Kai Ford & Tom Nash at

Matt Hughes, Kai Ford & Tom Nash at

Watch Matt, Kai & Tom at

EnglishLads wrote:

Big Matt and his 1 foot cock is very turned on today, just look at his bulge his boxers are fully loaded as Matt has a good semi on before his pants are even off! Tom not having seen Matt before looses the ability to speak when Matt flops out his massive meat. He watches Kai give Matt head and worried he won’t be able to open his jaw enough he quickly shows Kai how to suck massive cock quickly sliding most the way down the 1 footer! The lads suck each other off, Matt now enjoying cock it’s hard to get him away, though Kai legs in the air on the table is not hard to resist! Matt slams into Kai who so winded he cant whine loud enough to slow down Matt! Though once Kai’s ass has dislocated he loves being pumped by such a massively long and fat cock! Kai then takes a break and fucks Tom who sucks Matt and then they switch round and Matt again fucks Kai who explodes a nice load quickly followed by Tom then Matt. Kai is covered, all three shot massive loads and Kai is covered in the lot!

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  • LA Clergy

    I wish they had shown Matts’ soft dick and hard too. 12 inchers are rare.

  • oh boy

    That guy in the middle, 1st pic, the hairy one, needs to eat some food, anyone can abs if they starve themselves. If he’s the one with the 12inch cock, maybe he needs to have some muscle removed from his oversized schlong and stick it in his arms.

  • Established One

    A shame that they don’t show more beef than they did. I’mn curious to see that 12-incher he’s carrying around 24/7.

  • Dolphin777

    Talk about needing some on their bones. Too skinny for my taste. :(

  • D

    Don’t Matt and his big weiner ever get tired? I can’t think of a more overused guy in porn these days. A big dick doesn’t automatically make for great porn, and he proves this, because his sex scenes are never that hot.

  • Ike

    Matt tells the truth in his first vid… “just” 8″ folks. Just the same, he’s the most beautiful man in porn today and will make a fine future husband.

  • AL

    Sunny weather like that is so rare in England that when it happens they go berserk and tear their clothes off.

  • MM

    you want his schlong like i do so shut the fuck up.matt is a hot number and i want to see this video stat.

  • Bleugh

    Yuk x 3. Go back to the council estates you were dragged from and eat chips. Gross.

  • MM

    leave them alone.they are cute.look in the mirror-I love english lads & blake mason.

  • AL

    Three English Lads on a spree are we
    Nude as three English Lads can be
    Filled to the brim with juice that’s free
    Three English Lads are we

    Every dick is a source of fun
    No one’s is safe so you’d better run
    Life is a stroke that’s just begun
    Three English Lads are we
    Three English LADS are we!