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EBD wrote:

There’s massive rods , huge schlongs, large penises and then there are colossal cocks and they do not get much bigger the extra big dick on Jessie Alan at this week. Now 22, even at 12, he already knew he was packin more in his underoos than the average school boy; a bit of foreshadowing since his boy pecker would one day grow up to be an extra thick 9″ plus uncut fuck stick. His main tattoo across his navel that reads “Thug Love” crowns the impressive sight just beneath it. Jessie’s rock hard python is at full mast as he jacks that meat slowly. He takes his time so we get a close up view of his monster meat and those weighty nuts of his as they dangle below. He sits back and bites his lower lip as he concentrates on that monster dick he’s taking care of as he switches up his stroking using different techniques to keep his cock rock hard. His breathing begins to deepen as his fist goes into a flurry. His heavy balls are now tight up against his cock base! and he’s seconds from exploding. He grunts aloud as his thick meat sends volley after volley of thick cum all over his navel and happy trail. Now that’s what we call a BIG finish. :)

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  • bonerboy

    “Thug Love”? Who is he supposed to be, a white 2Pac?
    Anyway, he looks old for 22.

    • You don’t know what dude has been through in his life, so lets not pass judgment on his tattoos. Now I will agree with you that he does not look 22. I’d say he’s gettin’ to 30 or he’s just turned it.

      Still hawtness nonetheless. Haha.

  • Riley

    A Hell Yea for me Tatts and all. YUM!!! ;) Loving the Bad Bois!!! ;)

  • phunky

    Holy fuck! Amazing! 10/10! Look at that cock. Yum. I’d love to get that in my mouth!

  • Established One

    Yes he has a nice big thick long dick which I love. The “Thug Love” motto speaks for himself. He is thuggish for sure and that brings out the sexy in him. Says he is 22, which I can beleive if he has live much of his life on the street which make him a thug and have street smarts. Let’s face it, he can and will do some serious damage with that dick he is packing. It’s a YES for me!

    • RBBoyXavier

      YES YES YES!

  • sophomore

    The producers have to bill him as a 22 year old because in the gay world you’re over the hill at 30. LOL!

    • RBBoyXavier

      He looks 22 to me. . .

  • moondoggy

    His dick is big, but not appealing to me. At least they got a guy on that site who really is “extra big” — I’m usually underwhelmed.

  • Grant Urwish

    I have already discovered how much pain something that long and beautiful can cause. What I remember is him saying do you want me to stop and I answered shut up and fuck, oh shit. Now Jessie Alan would be welcome up my butt anytime, I just want to be sober this time to see if something that big really hurts so wonderfully.

  • RBBoyXavier

    I WANT HIM TO MARRY ME! (OMG) THIS MUST BE THE SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH! Sign Him On Contract Make Him Exclusive Do What Ever You Gotta Do! He’s Perfect!

  • WrapitupNOW

    For one, he hasn’t had a hard life “on the streets”…he’s a normal white boy from the suburbs. Two he is positive and still has sex with other men unprotected. It’s only been recently you can see him in porns actually using a condom. Three, if you are still really wanting this tainted piece of trash…find him in Tampa/St Pete, Florida.

  • ThomT

    Love the dick but can’t get past the trash tattoos … can’t imagine how drunk you’d have to be to agree to that much ugly ink.

    • jessie alan

      ok for anyone that wants to talk down on me… get a life .and yes i am positive. ill say that shit. and for most wrapitupnow . who the hell are you ? alot of people like to talk like little hoes and that goes for u. im far from being like anyone eles i am me. if you dont like what you see ..dont look trick bitch. but i gusse i most be doing something right… becuase people are talking alot