Fratmen.TV: Dax (Naked College Frat Boy)

Dax (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Dax (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Dax (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Dax (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Another classic frat boy. Welcome Fratmen Dax.

Watch Dax at Fratmen.TV

  • LA Clergy

    I wish he had a bit more of a butt but overall I really like it.

    • von schlomo

      yeah, I think his ass is the weakest link. He’s alright tho.

  • Dave

    He makes me miss college.

    • i don’t know about college, but he’d certainly make me miss classes if i had him in my bed ;-)

      or is Miss College your drag name?

  • Guy

    Adorable and sexy. A definite yes from me!!!

  • KSaguaro

    Really hot!
    Interesting face, good tattoos (for once – I’ve been seeing lots of shit tats lately) and really awesome nipples.

    would fuck him all day err day!

  • Established One

    I don’t knw where Fratmen TV find these guys, but this guy is really hot and sexy. A YES for me!

  • Riley

    Yum!!!!!!!!!! I wanna ride HIM A LONG TIME!!!!!! :)

  • Damn he’s cute and that dick with those beautiful eyes … *swoon*

  • TK2

    Great dick, great nips… the tats and the hair/face aren’t exactly a match, but, as tats go, they’re not bad. Too young for me to touch but certainly not too young to objectify! :-)

  • Derp Derp

    FratMen kinda peaked for me a few months back, then started slipping. Horsefaced McHorsecock a couple of weeks ago was pretty bad.

    This guy is…good. I’m pleasantly surprised that FratMen hasn’t run out of cute boys with nice penises. Body’s nice, too.

  • moondoggy

    Too twinky for me. I expect bigger and better (not cockwise, obviously) from fratmen. He belongs with “YouLoveJack.”

  • custard

    He’s hot.

    It’s a yes!

  • stevie nowonder

    Fratmen has ultra nice guys but the videos are so boring and predictable.Yawn…

  • ChadCronin

    Wow, even this site has given in and let guys with stupid tattoos pose for them. It is so out of hand. Once a site posts a clean cut naked men site, then maybe I will shell out money again. Not paying for a ruined body!

  • Daniel

    HOT! Look at those beautiful eyes… and cock.

  • Memyself

    He looks like Billy from Sean Cody !