JakeCruise: Jasun Massages Max Blake (Jake For A Day)

Jasun Massages Max Blake (Jake for a Day) at Jake Cruise

Jasun Massages Max Blake (Jake for a Day) at Jake Cruise

Jasun Massages Max Blake (Jake for a Day) at Jake Cruise

Jasun Massages Max Blake (Jake for a Day) at Jake Cruise

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Jasun wrote:

Ok, so the story behind this is that Max Blake was here for his massage scene and Jake wasn’t able to do it ( he was sick at home). He called me and asked if I thought Max was hot. I told him that yes, I thought Max was a big and beefy slab of happiness and that his furry chest, thick good ol’ boy accent, hairy ass and handsome face (not to mention his twisted sense of humor) were a complete package for me.

Then Jake asked me to do something I didn’t think he’d ever ask me to do. He asked if I’d like to step in for him and be “Jake For A Day.” I was a bit surprised at first but 5 minutes later I was in the studio getting ready to be in my first-ever on camera appearance for Max is a total stud and although he was a bit ticklish there was no way I was gonna do that scene and not bury my face in his ass crack. He squirmed and squealed a little but I don’t take “no” for an answer. He and I laughed a lot and had a great time. After we were done he looked at me and said “I can’t believe y’all licked my ‘tater hole.”

  • J-Williams


    • Riley

      Agreed!!! ;)

  • Fireball

    If I had to be Jake Cruise for a day, I would probs kill myself.

    • KSaguaro


  • Established One

    I’m in agreement with you all…. Maybe we have seen the last of Jake! You think?

  • clusterfuck

    Jake Cruise is Rush Limbaugh!!!!!

  • alias74

    TATER HOLE?!?!!? Uh…ok…

    Agreed…Jasun Mark is something fiercely SEXY!!!!!

  • blobalbob

    great highs shame about the sides

    • blobalbob

      or even thighs!

  • ThomT

    good lord, call him anything but Jake Cruise for a day … that in itself would be enough to turn off most guys I know …

  • Daniel

    HAHA he already has a regretful look on his face in the first pic loooollll

  • Redboy70

    Facial hair trimmed all wrong, body hair even worse. A hot body ruined by too much grooming, bordering on drag.