CockyBoys: Travis Kane Jerks Off

Travis Kane Jerks Off at

Travis Kane Jerks Off at

Travis Kane Jerks Off at

Travis Kane Jerks Off at

Travis Kane Jerks Off at

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CockyBoys wrote:

If you like bad boys then you’re gonna dig Travis Kane. Nipple rings, tats, and a nice fat cock – could it get any better? Travis starts off on his couch rubbing his dick through his blue jeans. After it’s nice and hard he pulls down his jeans and goes to town on his dick – working the entire shaft up and down. Then he bends over to show off his hot ass for the camera before flipping back over to blow his load all over himself. After he shoots he raises his hand to his mouth to lick up his own cum. Dirrrty and HOT. Check it.

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  • von schlomo

    AKA BrokeStraightBoys & StraightFraternity Lane & BangBros Nick Crew (Can He Score? update: “Kiera And The King Of Cheezy Pick Up Lines” Added: Friday, August 14, 2009 Models in update: Kiera King)

    He’s full of swagger and himself. lol Will he be back? Depends on how hungry he is.

  • Riley

    HELL YAY!!!!!!!!! Nothing like a HOT SWEATY Bad BOI JO DAMN I want HIM and his Tatts Smokin :) He better be back for more!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • LA Clergy

    Nasty tats there. He seems to have no neck at all there. I definitely pass on this one.

  • kewl0420

    I wish they would stop plucking their fucking eyebrows!

    • Roget2

      So true kewl. It hard to be taken seriously as a bad boy when you have eyebrows like batgirl.

  • Daniel

    HELL YEAH! I’d love me some thug boy.

  • Established One

    Insanely hot! This guy is sexy, hot and rocks. It’s a 100% YES for me!

  • Grant Urwish

    Man, I sure would love to tangle with a hogwild country boy, especially one as sexy as Travis.

  • Possible

    I Wait to see Travis Get Fuck :)

  • Pennywise

    Was totally hot for this slutty boy till I read the eyebrows comment then totally lost my boner. Eek@!

  • KSaguaro

    he’s sweaty, bloated, covered in trashy tattoos and his asshole looks like ground turkey.