JakeCruise: Max Blake Serviced

Max Blake Serviced at JakeCruise

Max Blake Serviced at JakeCruise

Max Blake Serviced at JakeCruise

Max Blake Serviced at JakeCruise

Max Blake Serviced at JakeCruise

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Jake wrote:

Jasun Mark managed to get his paws on Max first for a massage. Now I’m normally not the jealous type, but Jasun did a great job and Max is one hairy hunk! I just HAD to get my chance to swallow this Southern charmers cock too. Max has that bad boy look about him, but he’s a teddy bear as you’ll see. Even though he trimmed, Max is still super-furry. I can’t stop running my hands through his fur the whole time. I love hairy guys and making them cum; and man does he. Max EXPLODES all over his chest in a cum-shot for the ages.

  • sliderboi

    finally a really good match for Orca. both are hideously ugly tubs of lard.

  • Ryder25

    Agreed sliderboi. These creeps are just unbearably nasty. I honestly can’t believe anyone would actually pay good money to see that shit!

  • brad323

    Orca is starting to look sick. His eyes are sort of bugging out. There’s no telling what crawling around in his blood.

  • Daniel

    I don’t know who is uglier.

    But then again, why choose?

  • Established One

    Dull and boring….Orca has yet reeled in another victim.

    • sliderboi

      the only victims in this shoot are the viewers.

  • Redboy70

    Lots of complaints from people who hate Jake and his models but still look at every post!

  • Fazz

    I feel sorry for JC in this one. The guy he’s blowing is i.m.o. more disgusting than JC is. Revolting in fact.

  • Bradster

    They’re both equally as hideous. This site hits a new low with this update.

  • slakan

    is somebody forcing screaming queens to watch & inform us

    • sliderboi

      yes. i’m tied up and whipped until i watch & inform.

    • slakan

      I’m not a fan of JakeCruise, but really like Max Blake

  • BladeX

    I agree that Max Blake is very yummy!! Granted I do not like the piercing and tattoos, but other than that he looks quite delicious. Fat and hideous? Really? He may not be cut, but he certainly is not fat. Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder and I find him very attractive.

    I never have the hate for Jake the so many have concerning his looks. I agree that unprotected sex is foolish and should not be “promoted”. I actually liked Jake when he was a little heavier. I hope his significant weight lose is for health reasons like high blood pressure and/ or diabetes and not because he is truly sick. No one should die because of sex. Sex certainly is not worth suffering from some loathsome disease..