ActiveDuty: Daytona

Daytona at ActiveDuty

Daytona at ActiveDuty

Daytona at ActiveDuty

Daytona at ActiveDuty

There’s something super sexy about Daytona. Maybe it’s those gorgeous lips that an Iraqi soldier pointed out while he was deployed. Daytona just returned from Iraq and has tons of stories to tell about his time in the sandbox. The Major gets him to share a few with us and that’s when we learn that he was told by an Iraqi man that he had sexy lips.

Daytona says he jerked off sometimes as many as eight times a day while he was deployed. He got the name Daytona because of the car he drives so other Marines started calling him that. The Major is eager to have Daytona get his gun out and leaves him be for a bit to get things going. Daytona strips down to reveal a nice, smooth chest and a really hot cock. He’s wearing those hot ass green PT shorts beneath his desert cammies. The Major gives us a nice touch by having Daytona leave on his socks and boots and his bonnie cap for the duration of his hot solo. Daytona bends over the ottoman and gives a great long look at that devil dog ass he’s sporting and what a fine piece of ass it is with the blonde hair just lightly covering the trail.


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Redboy70 says:

Totally yummy white boy. Lose the hat.

Ryder25 says:

Agreed. Completely scruptuous! What an ass! Yum. Lose the hat and boots and come to my bedroom NOW.

Riley says:

He’s Delish I want HIM out of that uniform and in my BED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

DAMMIT NOW I HAVE A HANKERIN’ FOR SOLIDERS!!!!! Oh Well Now 2 find ONE!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
His lips not the only things that’s gorgeous with those low-hangers and nice backside!!!!!!!!! ;)

Established One says:

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say YES.

blobalbob says:

pale white skin, grrrr