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CockyBoys: The Peters Twins Fuck Bobby Clark

The Peters Twins Fuck Bobby Clark at

The Peters Twins Fuck Bobby Clark at

The Peters Twins Fuck Bobby Clark at

The Peters Twins Fuck Bobby Clark at

Watch Elijah & Milo Peters fuck Bobby Clark at

CockyBoys wrote:

That Bobby Clark is one lucky S.O.B. Aside from getting to fly to Amsterdam to shoot some seriously hot scenes with numerous Bel Ami beauties for our upcoming Cockyboys/Bel-Ami DVD, he hit the jack pot and got to film a scene with those scandalous Bel Ami twins Elijah and Milo Peters. After meeting up on Bike, Bobby invites the twins over to his place to give them a foot massage. Well, the massage last for about 15 seconds before the twins are on top of Bobby, peeling off his clothes and kissing his body all over. Pretty soon all three are naked and Bobby’s getting his dick sucked by one twin while the other makes out with him (My apologies to the twins for not being able to tell them apart). Things heat up when Bobby gets down on his knees and blows the twins – going back and forth between their hot cocks. Then Bobby 69’s with one of the twins while the other eats out his ass. HOT! But the real action begins when the twins spit roast Bobby. One of them drills his ass while the other fucks his face. Then they switch places! With a stiff cock still up his ass, it isn’t long before Bobby is shooting his load…right into one of the twins open waiting mouth! The twins finish things off by shooting their loads all over Bobby’s hot tight body. I’ll say it again…Bobby Clark is one lucky S.O.B! Check it!

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  • What’s the matter, did fucking each other get boring for the Psycho…(I mean Peters)…twins?

  • RodneyC

    I’m not really into the whole. “brothers having sex together” thing, but everytime I see these twins I want to cut carbs, work out, and go tanning. They have amazing bodies (too bad about those faces, OH!) Haha, and that little Bobby is no slouch either.

  • Riley

    Agreed HELL NOW I DEF. HAVE TO step up my gym routine. At least this collabo. didn’t/doesn’t have as many hard on problems as the recent failabo CF/BA shameful. Can’t wait for this dvd hopefully it won’t be so high assed priced that I can’t afford it :9 Oh Yea this is HOT!!!

  • Established One

    Looks hot! I say YES!

  • sliderboi

    what?!? they come here to amsterdam and they didn’t even call me?

    • sliderboi

      and judging by the foliage, boats and sunlight, i’d say this was filmed last fall, or even last spring. so much for ‘recent’ updates…

  • Daniel


  • Delian07

    This is a big NO for me. Bobby is really hot, but the twins are definitely not. Their torsos are pretty nice (a bit too cut for me), but their faces are a complete turn-off for me. It’s a shame, since Bobby’s so hot.

  • Redboy70

    Guess the twins only fuck each other on special occasions.

  • ThomT

    sort of anti-climatic once you’ve seen the brother do each other …

  • von schlomo

    Definitely tuning in just to see Bobby get fucked. He’s best at bottom, by far, IMO. It’s too bad that the P Twins are butter faces. Even after watching what must be nearly an hour of documentary footage of their trip to the US, I’m not any more interested.

    Ya’ll should read what the Belamistas say on BAO. Except for the rather large delegation that is made sick by the notion of incest, they love them! Brothers are hot, twins even better and identical twins are the bomb, but they have to be cute!

  • Bradster

    Nice bodies don’t make up for the ass ugly faces on these twins.

  • Ew! incest twins! Yuck!

  • jhon

    que chicos

  • tyler

    a better scene than i thought. i approve totally of incestuous identical twins. nothing more narcissistic than that! and yeah- that kid Bobby is damn lucky!

    • JDS

      Tyler, you’re still hot. And we both dig the brother thing.. is that really your picture?