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MenOver30: Alex Slater

Alex Slater at MenOver30

Alex Slater at MenOver30

Alex Slater at MenOver30

Alex Slater at MenOver30

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MenOver30 wrote:

This week, brings visions of Moorish turrets, sand dunes and swarthy manliness come to mind; when you first lay eyes on the exotic delicacy that is Alex Slater. This sexy stud is 30 years old and originally from Queens, New York. His background is French Lebanese which is what gives him that sexy, Mediterranean charm.

He first had sex at 16 with his best friend. She bet him his cock was bigger than her boyfriends. She ended up getting his cock and poor Alex walked away thinking “he” won the bet—sucker! It’s all good with Alex who has a major sex drive. He needs to get that cock off constantly. Well we’re always happy to facilitate that. Alex starts off on the couch in jeans and a tee. He licks those luscious lips as his hands start to roam over his muscled frame. He lifts his arm up and shows off his hairy pits. His cock is growing by the second and it isn’t long before he’s poppin’ a tent in them there briefs. He jacks that dick quickly as he lifts his other arm behind his head. Once there he indulges himself as his tongue starts to taste as much of his furry pit as he can. HOT! His balls are a naturally smooth oasis surrounded by nothing but sexy body hair.

Alex then decides to give us a view of the rest of his sexy self. That hairy hole is winking at you as he strokes that cock underhanded taking his time so that you get a good view at that muscular ass you’d rather be inside of. He then starts to tease that hole which makes his cock that much harder. He rubs and teases that sweet ass as he continues tugging on his pole. Alex then lies back on the couch and goes to work on that sexy cock and gives it the attention it deserves. “Aww I’m getting close” he mutters under his breath a few seconds before he starts to cum. His cock throbs as it unloads sending his sweet cream all over his furry abs and navel. Now we need to clean this hot boy up—any takers?

  • moondoggy

    It has been a sea of white boys on this board lately — finally we get back to some variety, or at least the appearance of it. He’s at least not as Nordic as the guys in almost every other post this week!

  • He was sexy untill i scrolled. Damn!

    • Daniel

      HAHAHA true that!

  • Ted

    Alex Slater is hot, but I’ve never been a fan of older men dressing like college frat brothers, it’s kind-a weird… to me… but still I don’t think I’d kick him out of the bed!

  • Vic

    FINALLY! Someone I’d like to lick from head to toe & bury my face in all that warm & delicious fur. BIG thumbs up for me!!! Nice to see a real man. Not worried about the clothes. I’d have them off him too soon to notice.

  • Established One

    Nice…..but ditch the boy briefs.

  • slakan

    Cute. Like him. Men

  • Dz

    YES! Hairy, exotic, sexy.

  • Aaron

    Was getting excited until the small reveal…. sorry don’t think I would feel what he has!

  • johnsobe

    I love Alex Slater. I find no fault with his body. His body hair is exceptional. The first two photos of him clothed and terribly sexy. Look at his eyes! Goodness!!!!